super quick progress report

Re-animated the ‘going in a door’ sprite, I figure if I’m going to make you guys look at it over and over it might as well look nice. I’ve also been drawing the infamous Level 5 (my favorite level in the game). I’ve been trying to shove little goofy things into all the levels, even more so than I did in the first World. There were a lot of little things that I threw in there as a nod to the old platformers (and some people actually called me out on some of those tribute bits as evidence that the game was a direct rip of old Sonic and Mario, like those two games play anything alike, right?).

But either way, I thought this was neat:


Okay, okay, I admit it. That little bit of level plays out exactly like a cross between Mario and Sonic.

In the very least, the art is much better than in World 1…

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