Big Stupid Hurricane

Case anyone was wondering, there’s a big stupid hurricane approaching my house at the moment. I’ll be driving over to Fairly’s parents’ house with Chuck and Norris and my computer and some other stuff. I’m backing all my Flash stuff up to DVDs at the moment, I’ll try to keep you guys updated…

[4:43 AM] Update: that didn’t go so well, took us 2 and a half hours to drive 10 miles. So we’re back at the house for now, going to try again tomorrow when all lanes are outbound (Hey kids! Today’s word is ‘contraflow’!). I’m fairly positive that the city won’t take a beating that it can’t recover from (I live in Metairie, we were one of the first to bounce back after Katrina), but any damage whatsoever could destroy morale over here and absolutely kill our ecconomy.


I’m sure we could use as many prayers as possible right now.

That, and European levees, I hear those things rock.

God help us…

[Update, Sunday night-ish] The short story is, heading east would have taken forever with the traffic and road closings, so we headed west to stay at an aunt and uncle’s house, so now I’m here, along with Fairly, all the cousins who live here, a smattering of other family members, and everything that I need to stay dry for work.

While the power’s still on, we’ve been playing Brawl and Castle Crashers, major congrats to Tom and Dan on that one, it’s a blast to play with 3 other players.

Poor Chuck and Norris, they’ve been stuck in a cage in the garage, along with two other cats who are just a bit too old to make new friends… (not all in the same cage!)

Funny, though, I don’t really mind the idea of all this blogging stuff right now, guess it’s because I’m not just going about my boring daily life today…

Anyways, hurricane winds should start up in, oh, about 8 hours from now, fun :-/

[Monday morning] Right on time, power’s out. Cell towers feel like they’re overloaded. Bah.

Tree fail:

[Monday night] Syphoned gas for the generator from my uncle’s car after some trouble. Finishing watching Jurassic Park with Jenna and the family on VHS on my 40 inch LCD I plugged into a backup generator: Serious Business.

For the record, my friend and I played Starcraft on backup power in our college library after Katina hit 3 years ago. Also Serious Business.

Fun fact: The days we got off from school after Katina hit was the first time I started seriously working on FPA.

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