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I’m gonna be gone for the weekend, but something came up in the comments of the last post that I thought deserved it’s own topic.

What features from Mirror’s Edge 2D do you think should be carried over to World 3? Any of the new moves? Time Trials? Replays?

On a completely unrelated note, the new Doves CD is out and it’s quite awesome.

Check it out here.

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  • hey brad, could u make cutie pants girl ride on her kitten?
    it would be awesome like super mario wolrd mario rides on top of yoshi.

  • I agree with alejo, that would be EPIC! :D

    TIME TRIALS ARE A MUST!!! I love a good race!
    Wait, Brad! “Race” just gave me a good idea: VEHICLES!

    But anyways, I don’t think wallrunning should be in, but the wallclimbing function might be a good addition! Same with the highjump and ziplines!

  • I agree with alejo, that would be EPIC! :D

    TIME TRIALS ARE A MUST!!! I love a good race!
    Wait, Brad! “Race” just gave me a good idea: VEHICLES!

    But anyways, I don’t think wallrunning should be in, but the wallclimbing function might be a good addition! Same with the highjump and ziplines!

  • Image embedding failed. Well, here’s the link. And edit button still won’ work :’(

  • Haha FPM riding a velociraptor would be just awesome.

  • By one or the other, I meant the “vehicles”.

    As far as the wallrunning/wallclimbing thing, though, maybe wallclimbing WOULD overpower FPM, but wallrunning seems specific to ME. We should invent something new for FPM if he won’t have wallclimbing. I suggested crawling in the comments of the last post, but that doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe that PLUS the vehicle idea will suffice?

  • Maybe, WJUK. He can already change the direction, so why not?

    Vehicles are still a good idea, though. How do you go faster in FPA? By hitching a ride on a rocket-powered mine cart, of course!

  • what about fpm’s cat you know th one he got for christmas ok here is the link

  • ohh my god i went check nyubis blog and guess what he saids he quit doing it.i was liked pissed of becuz of it.nyubis is so funny and he ende up his great career right i want nyubis to keep working on it i liked all his stories the april fool was just hilarous so nyubis please continue or i’m sorry i have to go there(SREW YOU)sigh i am just joking but please do i also checked your devienart and it is really cool.

  • dude i’m loving the rocket car idea.. but, i also agree that there should be some machanics changes

  • Right then I meant a mine cart with rockets strapped to it, but a rocket car is still AWESOME! These ideas ROCK!

    I still can’t think of a good new move, though. The items and vehicles are good ideas, but those aren’t really moves. How ’bout some new attacks, assuming there will be some stronger enemies this time around?

  • I agree that running up walls would be overpowering for FPA, and wallrunning feels too ME.

    I think I’ll have vehicles taken care of, but that’s something that I wouldn’t show off until they’re working in the engine.

    Cutie Pants riding Kabootle? Haha, I actually considered that, still not sure about it, though.

    There will be at least one major addition to the moves, but it’s going to be environmental based, I guess like the ink, but far more important. Probably something else that I won’t show off until it’s up and running.

    Man, posting YouTube videos will be awesome once I get some of this stuff running. Speaking if which, I was looking over some animators’ motion sketchs on YouTube, I love that sort of thing, I was wondering how much you guys would like to see of the behind the scenes of animating for World 3, reference video, rough sketch animations, stuff like that.

  • YES YES YES!! pleez!
    and trampolines sounnds awsome ! i second the motion to add them!

  • OMGYESPLOX! that would be the awesomeness! And can’t you give little (perhaps cryptical) hint about that new environement move?

  • Well, that solves our new move conundrum! I wonder what this environmental move IS exactly, though. Hmmm…

    That plus vehicles fills out his repertoire nicely, methinks! Will you be bringing back any of the W2 environmental moves, though, like ink surfing and cannons? And what about the ME2D ziplines?

    In any case, Youtube videos would be a major bonus for me!

  • How about expanding the CPG riding Kabootle idea? Essentially, she can’t ride Kabootle but maybe Kabootle can transform into a lion/tiger or something where it’s faster, jumps higher etc. After a certain time, Kabootle transforms back. Or something to that effect?

    I’m really looking forward to the Youtube videos. Some BtS would be amazing, just make sure it doesn’t get priority over actually making the game. XD

  • Were-Kabootle? REALLY?

    I think just having CPG ride Kabootle would be enough, but what about that jumprope? If it can be used to make vines out of Kabootle, it should be able to do other stuff.

  • Haha were-Kabootle. Brad’s going to get a kick out of that… mainly because of Sonic’s recent outing.

  • lol, fancy pants makes sonic look gay!

  • Brad, I thought you said “oh noez no WARThogs” for a sec.
    Not like the vehicle, like the actual pig. LOL.

    But even if you can’t give us cryptic hints, can you at least confirm the return of cannons, please? They don’t seem to be a very important part if FPA anyways.

  • But what? That doesn’t seem to be a question I can answer.

  • the replays is a great idea.

    i know how to make them, Brad, just in case you are wondering!

    yes hi brad it is me Julian!

  • I dont understand what you are talking about but, PLease add to ME 2D wall flip.Like when you do something while climbing wall you will flip backwards.I dont mean it like in fancy pants because its not realistic but just little realistic flip

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