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  • The game looks great so far! Are you allowed to give away a hint, of what the BOSS will be like?

  • Boss isn’t finalized yet, but I’ve been posting a bunch of new characters for awhile now… (hint hint)

  • fancypantsfan250

    That kinda looks like a pencil to me, though it looks like he’s holding it at the wrong end. o_o

  • Well it looks fine in motion, but this post is making me thing it should be a little larger…

  • The pencil, that is, it’s definitely a pencil :P

  • Um, when I said “Pan” there I meant “Pant,” lol.

  • Wow! Brad this new feature could be amazing. I’d like to ask, would the pencil be a pickup item or something that FPM will always carry around with him?(I prefer if it was a pickup)
    Also, is the “A” key going to be the action button as you stated in an earlier post?
    Will CPG use a pencil, or will she just have Kabootle?
    You say that it looks better in motion. Does that mean you could release some footage!

    Sorry for dogging you with alot of questions.

  • Oh God, this is epic win.
    This opens up a new range of possibilities, can’t wait to see some footage of this.

    Keep the good work up Brad, you’re awesome.

  • Will you have a demo sometime?
    I’t looks like it’s awesome!
    Keep it up.

  • Will the pencil have a bigger role than in World 2?

    Seems like it will…

  • Nice! As long as it’s only controlled by the keyboard, I’m happy.

    Since you say it looks better animated, could you copy just this animation into an FLA and post it here (well, post the SWF, you know what I mean), just so we could see the animation in full form?

  • posted using wii internet: awesome!!!

  • @VG: Or, alternatively, take a quick video. Use Bing or something and get it up quickly.

  • I wonder if we could draw temporary platforms with it. If it’s a pickup item, that is.

  • Very win. And darth mauls idea sound cool :D

  • can’t wait to play this game, really need a demo!;)

  • Thats so awsome!!!!!!!!!!
    But is thar a botten to push to get the pensole sword
    is it (A) or (D):)

  • im picturing, hold down while running and press a to pole valt, hahahaha

  • I’d actually rather a new button WASN’T added. It’s just that it would affect the simplicity of the game somewhat. Maybe it could be like the early Mario or Sonic, where you hit the item and automatically get the power until its lost.

  • Hello!
    sorry for the language, but I am French, so I use a translator!

    I hope that the pencil will have better one utility than in 2!
    Est-ce-qu’il will have some there takes(brings) out new movements has the help(assistant) of the pencil?

    And one last one question, have you a date planned for the exit(release) of this magnificent game(set,play) that fancy pants is?

    Thank you in advance for the answers mike!


  • It’s still very awsome and cool.;)

  • and is the pic supposed to be animated? i dont think so but i wuz just wondering

  • maybe there could be a button that makes him throw the pencil and it flies back to him in an arc like a lightsaber! i’ve always liked star wars!

  • will FPM have a hat much like the christmas version of the game? that hat was epic, made him look like he was running around in pyjamas.

  • I’m still loveing the idea of Mr.fance pants to have a pencel
    for a sword:-B

  • Hi my name is Philip, the moment I have 12 years, and I’m Brazilian when I found the game Fancy Pants I loved it, much more fun than funny mario and sonic,
    I trained the design of Fancy souls to his comic books,
    if you allow because I do not want to be sued because of copyright.
    I’m very anxious for the new game. If you have time to answer me,
    my email is here: filipekriok_@hotmail.com
    I loved your blog!

  • I got to tip this in relly fast so hare it gose fance pants man is the most awsomeste chatachtor in the entier world.

  • @Fan of Fancy: Take it easy! Brad isn’t going to sue you for any copyright legal issues. Not ever. (As long as you don’t steal his game and call it your own. Or well, steal anything from him, and call it your own.)

    You should probably contact Brad again though. He should really remove your e-mail address. So you don’t encounter massive spam.
    The best way to contact Brad is through his e-mail.
    brad at bornegames dot com
    ["at" = "@" "dot" = "."]

  • Woow that’s so awsome and the resone i sead on my last comment wos because my charger wosant in and i had to horry tipin my comment=H

  • @ Brad: You never did answer my question about the music on fpa. So can you upload it somewhere where we can download it or no?

  • oh and wat happened to fraser’s ride? it seems dead or something…

  • How dose it look wene fance pants man slisis the spiders or stabes the spiders you shoud relly make a video showing what hapens Brad.

  • @Electron: It does now just because that’s the easiest way to animate it, inside of FPM’s movie clip. I could take it out when I’m finished with it, but we’ll see, might look cool to have the pencil change with your pants.

    @Wallross: A bit of both, you’ll have to wait and see how… A key, yeah, right now it’s A or D, it’ll probably customizable. QTP just has Kabootle. Still undecided as to his complete role, though, but I’m leaning towards him being able to be used to as QTP’s version of the pencil, also.

    @Slugminni: That’s how I’m building the code and animation right now, so sure, anything is possible at this point, haha.

    @WJUK: How could it not have a bigger role than in World 2, haha.

    @fan187: I have a few things in mind that should fit the bill :D

    @fan187: Definitely something that I’m being careful of. I think I’ve about got the balance down, though. World 3 has ninjas and pirates. You do the math on that one :D

    @Slugminni: Don’t confuse accessibility with simplicity. Pencil’s still only on one button, and I have a few tricks to keep everything simple that you’ll just have to wait and see. The first thing that I don’t want to do is make World 3 too complicated.

    @LDAF: Wow, how have I not played that… *takes a break from answering questions* *back* Wow. Awesome game.

    @DisarrayPhreak: No midiclorians here, move along folks :P

    @fan of fancy: I won’t sue or be mad as long as they’re fan projects and you’re not selling anything, heh.

    @DisarrayPhreak: Need to get in touch with TommyLM again, he tends to disappear a lot, doesn’t help that we’re on such different time zones… Sad because I found a build of FR recently and still think it’s fun and needs to get released :(

    Keep your eyes open, gonna be posting something soon that should answer a lot of those other questions ;)

  • I have never seen someone say that anything is the first thing they don’t want to do. Usually, they just says that it’s the last thing they want to do. I guess you really don’t want to over-complicate things in this game, huh?

  • Is it an updat Brad.

  • FancyPantsFan854

    When is Fancypants World 3 coming out
    plz reply!!!!

  • When do we get to see the cat.

  • okay I’m reaaaaly wanting FPM3 to come outtttt!!! Please hurry up with it!!

  • the question now is, sabre, epée or foil?

  • Why do I think that the comments in this blog are more useful nowadays? :|

  • Brad, when is World 4 coming out? Please reply.

  • Oh, and what’s your e-mail address? I have a few questions.

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