Flash 10.1

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Need some feedback, guys! No, not about the pirate!

This might be premature, but it looks like Adobe might have finally fixed a bunch of my performance problems with the Flash plugin… Currently I have to run a ton of goofy code that basically hangs up your CPU in order to get FPA running smoothly. I’ll need to post some tests fore everyone to try out later, but here’s a few things you guys can do and get back to me on:

- How ‘smooth’ Nuclear Eagle feels (it doesn’t use separate smoothing code, it should run using very little CPU, but even then it still didn’t feel as smooth in the browser as it did in the standalone player).

- Same thing with this site’s banner, I’m not using the code since it would be using up too much CPU for just a banner.

- The World 2 demo might be a good test, I know I’m not smoothing it, though I might have updated World 1 on Newgrounds, though you can try that one too…

I just need you guys to judge how those games feel before updating Flash, then how they feel after updating Flash. CPU usage too, if you know how to do that easily. Oh, and what OS you’re using.

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