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  • Anger of the lack of reports? I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about! :wink:

  • in complete honesty, i’m not angry at the lack of reports. i’m angry at the lack of reviews lol.

  • fancy pants fiend

    [Edit: What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think that we owe you anything? You jealous because you've never created anything worth waiting for? Fall off the Internet and get off my site. That how you're going to talk to my wife? One more comment like that and I'm blacklisting your IP - Brad]

  • I’m not angry at all, if that helps any. It’s pretty silly for people to get all tied in a knot because you spend time working on world 3 instead of making progress reports.

  • im meen really just because your not posting doesnt meen its not getting done.
    PS: happy birthday mom!

  • I fixed the link, for some reason there was a return in the html. It was weeeird.
    I’ll post a Halo Reach review by the end of the week. I’ll try to do it by Wednesday =P

  • Yaaaay, missed Fairly’s Corner :D I’ve never played any Ace Attorney games yet, I should. :/ Which would also mean I needa get me a DS.

  • Finally, some new post for me to look at. Nahh, don’t misunderstood us Brad, we are not angry. We are just so attracted to your previous reports that we became desperate and wanted World 3 to come out ASAP. ;)

    EDIT: GoNintento? What’s that suppose to be?

  • thing to say NO.1 I am really not angry about the lack of reports.

    thing to say NO.2 What do you mean by “some body out there loves me?, all I got from that link was a blabber of japanese.

    thing to say NO.3 @fancy pants fiend, HOW COULD BE SO RUDE TO BRAD LIKE THAT?!!!!! :O

  • If you have to ask that question Marco Polo, we don’t know each other as well as I thought . . .


  • @Marco polo: If you didn’t catch that, This game is going to be awesome, and Fairly is excited.

    @Fairly (main post): You mean someone other then us, your loyal fans? (And Brad of course.. I mean he kind of married you)

  • @fancy pants fiend :*looks at brad, who is transforming into the Hulk, but ten times bigger*

    Ut oh. Now you’re in trouble, fpf. Big trouble.

    @Fairly: Ahh… The 3D… *drools*

  • Assuming I didn’t misinterpret this completely, you can view an English version here:

    Although I’d have to agree with one of the comments on the video that this looks a lot more like a movie than a video game.

    Also, now I wish I had seen was fpf had written, since I’ve never seen Brad get so angry at a comment (and he’s definitely had reason to before).

  • VesicalThanatos

    Sweetness. I mean, I’ve never played either of those series, and I have yet to watch the actual video, but I understand that YOU are fond of them, so sweetness, lol.

    Man, I agree with VideoGuy, i wish I could read fpf’s original comment so that I could see what pissed Brad off so bad. I’ve never seen Brad anything more than mildly annoyed. I can basically tell what he said by the context, but still, dang.

    @ jm: yeah, just kind of married her. Must be able to stand her somewhat :P

    No Fairly, only the psychos got upset about the lack of reports. The rest of us care more about the actual game than constant updates. They’re just a bonus.

  • @fpf: you *censored*. I bet you’re laughing off your chair, aren’t you?
    Well, I’m certainly looking forward to your review. And about the “Anger”… wouldn’t the reviews like, take away the anger? just a question.

  • FPF, you’ve been an asshole to everyone ever since you first set foot here. Brad doesn’t owe you anything – you’re lucky he’s even making these in the first place.
    Get lost – you don’t deserve these anyway.


    @FPF, go stick your head in a toilet, once its cool down, comeback and apologize. then leave. forever. now. :|

  • HAVEN’T I TOLD EVERYBODY TO STOP BICKERING AT EACH OTHER? Brad isn’t gonna give us progress reports any sooner with us behaving like angry children.

    @Brad – Are we getting a report tomorrow? (friday)


    I don’t think so, Brad has been working on a boss fight.

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