Cave Building: Update #2

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Update 2 – 1:

Lots of little bug fixes, mostly. More background work done, should be finished with the frontmost background soon.


First up we have the Caverns background. At least, the beginning of it. Like I said before, I tend to concentrate the most effort into the beginning as I try out new things, but here, you can take a look at my scribbly rough outlines in the rest of the level. That’s just to make sure that everything lines up properly before spending the time drawing decent lines. I also plastered a the color around the temporary background throughout most of the level, just to make sure it looks good everywhere. I keep everything on separate layers, since I tend to make up my mind a few times on the colors as I progress.

For the background, I’m trying out the three tone shading that Over the Top introduced to FPA while working on the console game, to keep the closer backgrounds simple enough to not obscure the player, but not too simple to look flat. I’m actually not sure if I want to make the closest layer less detailed, then move the stalactites back one layer, so the camera doesn’t look so cramped. Whatchy’all think?

I almost hate Googling for real life caves for inspiration, they just look so much better than any level I could ever draw. Real life in is, like, SUPER HD or something :(

Lots of bugs with the baddies should be fixed, I went back through all the code handling player interaction and fixed a bunch of it (some of this code is over 5 years old :O).

I really liked how springy the spiders with hats felt, so I extended that bit of code to work with regular spiders to. They’ll react properly while being slide into and headbutted and kicked and all that now, looks much more dynamic, I think.

Also, gave the Spiders some non-festive headwear, but they’ll need a few more hats to keep things fresh. I’m kinda looking forward to making some level specific hats for them (and no, sorry, W3 Flash won’t have hats for FPM like the console game does :( )

So there it is, keep those bug reports coming, and remember to clear your cache before playing to get the latest version!

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  • Nice ! :D I’m going to find some bugs now :D

  • “Real life in is, like, SUPER HD or something”

    :D So true.

  • @ Brad: The light from the helmets is a cool touch, it allows you to see the spider earlier so that you can charge up your pencil before it comes.

    Anyways, can I PM you a bug report on the forums, or should I just email it to you?

  • You also updated the Micro Trial Music and the Cave Music, which is now like the one in the Console Version (It’s about 5 seconds longer ;))

  • I love the spiders new hats and how the mouse goes all weird when you jump on him, check this out


  • Hey Brad, why is there no fall animation when falling off of ledges that you can’t hang from? like the top right one in the 1st building of squiggle ville. Level4,Door0,0,1×268,0×22,-1×15,0×40,1×9,0×17,-1×3,0×10,-1×2,0×18,-1×4,0×20,-1×2,0×14,-1×3,0×18,-1×2,0×16,-1×3,0×56,-1,0×55,1×5,0×11,1×5,0×8,-1×4,0×16,-1×2,0×14,-1×3,0×17,-1×3,0×16,-1×3,0×18,-1×2,0×18,-1×3,0×116,1×7,0×39,-1×2,0×18,-1×4,0×24,-1×2,0×25,-1×2,0×370,-1×21,0×762,1×2,0×2,1×2,0×2,1×3,0×2,1×3,0,1×3,0×2,1×3,0×2,1×2,0×3,1×2,0×3,1×3,0×2,1×3,0×2,1×3,0×198,1×22,0×43,1×14,0×84,1×3,0×185,1×9,0×21,1×8,0×33,1×6,0×187,1×10,0×20,1×8,0×23,1×6,0×1339

  • @ Brad:

    Errrrr… I was wondering if there could be a level of some sort that never ends/generates random terrains for a race of some sort, with random baddies…

    {Show quoted text}



    The reason why I wrote that question is an excuse of fighting pirates on the run.

  • Hey, where has applewarrior gone? :P

    also, i have a question related to FPM


    @Brad: Is it just me, or have you made FPM even more smoother and faster? im feeling that i can also jump higher, get places faster (in the cavern at least), and also when im running it feels awesome to play.

    • Ah ha! Maybe :) I added some code that lets you jump again after leaving a ledge for a few seconds (can’t remember if I posted about this already :/ Running off a ramp and jumping upward feels WAY better now. I’ve been making a few little tweaks, like being able to jump from a ledge up and tap down to fall from a ledge down, that makes the game much smoother overall, but probably goes unnoticed by most players.

      If that’s what you’re feeling, I’m glad you noticed :D

  • The caves are looking pretty sweet. These updates are getting me excited, keep them coming.

  • and hey what happened to the clip that fpm does when he leans against a wall? now he just stops there.

  • Yea, that mouse dosn’t seem to die with just pencil swipes. you have to bounce on him.

  • I was wondering why can’t you customize Fancy Pants Man? I mean, other games have managed to fully customize characters and still run the same way. You were able to customize the color of the pants in world 2, so I was wondering if you would be able to change anything about FPM in world 3.

  • Please release World 3 on the 4th december! You would make my day! And then you might even select beta testers. If you are searching BT before december, then please select me!

    4th december is my birthday!

  • That would be cool that if in World 3′s online there would be a survival mode in the combat arena, 4 people working together fighting baddies, first the baddies would start out easy and the more you kill the more health they gain and then when all 4 people die its gameover. I think that would be pretty cool

  • HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!! i haven’t been on a computer for a long while but omg misplaced caves is awoseme,BRAD!!!!! love the helmet idea

  • Why is applewarrior so famous?

  • Wait, still? I should have fixed that awhile ago…

    No, he’s working fine for me, make sure you’ve cleared your cache…

  • O I was just mistaken, something you said awhile ago, I thought it was about World 3 but I guess you were referring to the console version.

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