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FPA on consoles is 2 years old! I thought it would be fun to go back and take a peak at where World 3 first materialized. In a notebook, of course! Check out the Facebook Album, and Like / Share / Comment if you want to see more!

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Album 1:

Album 2:


Album 3:


Album 4:


- Brad

16 Responses to “Fancy Pants Sketches”

  • I saw all sketches on facebook, those were some cool ideas, especially the bowling mice! :mrgreen:
    I also noticed some vague remains of a sketch behind the homing missile mice (the one where fancy pants is pulling something out of his pocket with a pill drawn on a piece of paper next to him), what was that supposed to mean? :P

  • this is awesome!
    (when is the fancybox gonna be updated?)

    • I don’t know, this weekend and week so far have been way too crazy :( I think the next big updates will happen when I start working on World 4, but who knows when that will be.

      I’ve started converting some of the engine to AS3, but that’s been a slow and torturous process so far. Once that gets further, though, there might be some new interesting things, but who knows…

  • Very cool! Many times I had wondered if you started with sketches or computer animation, of course sketches would make more sense. So is world four already in the works or are you brainstorming it up? I also agree on the video reports.

    • It’s a bit of both, really. My poses tend to be stronger on paper, and of course, being able to lie around anywhere is wonderful, but I really miss the undo button. I actually did a lot of sketches for EA on the computer, I’ll have to dig through those also. I think things I draw on the Cintiq usually end up looking a lot better, but it’s not as fun as sketching around on paper.

      I’m currently brainstorming, but a lot of the game is going to depend on if it’s another Flash or console release, or both again.

  • hello I’m from Brazil you can make a version in Portuguese?

  • squiggleinator3000

    And I also would like to see the 5th level of World 2 sketch that sockeye mentioned :fpm:

  • return of the bowling ball :shock:

  • Secrets? Must… unveil them!! My two wild guesses are:
    1. The pill is an idea for a powerup for fancy pants as eating the pill will lead to some sort of effect (druggie pants!), or..
    2. The ‘pill’ or whatever it is, is actually hollow and that fancy pants is pulling out a matching object to insert in it to activate maybe a door or something… I doubt it’s the latter though as keys and keyholes were already implemented to world 3 ;)

  • ..or 3: Teleports. Because I like teleports and I also remember that you said you were considering adding teleports to world 4 :)

    by the way, have you heard about a game called guacamelee? it’s a ps3 2d platformer based on mexican culture and has a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics you might take note of when making a new fancy pants game! Higly recommend looking at it if you havn’t since its been getting tons of good reviews :)

  • Oh, yes, it was! I have no idea which notebook that was done in, though, I’ll have to dig through things…

  • Teleports would most likely be done by the boxes like in the Fancy Box right now.

    It’s definitely a type of item that you would use, but I have no idea if items are going to make it into World 4…

    And yeah, I really enjoyed Guacamelee, beat it on the Vita. The colored blocks and shields were a little contrived, but the special moves were a lot of fun and worked really well. It’s funny because I thought it felt a slight bit like FPA (maybe just the wall jumping), but it was definitely a great game to get inspiration from, I especially think that secondary special attacks are a great mechanic (was also great in Muramasa on Wii), but I have no idea what’s going to be in World 4 at this point.

    I played it at GDC and met one of the freelance animators who worked on it, apparently he was a big fan of FPA’s animations. That sort of blew my mind, since Guacamelee looks gorgeous.

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