Road Redemption!

Hey guys, yep, its Brad here finally! Hope you enjoyed Fairly’s post monopoly for a bit, we spend a surprising amount of time discussing / complaining about games, so it’s fun sharing a bit of that with everyone.

Anyways, I had to show some love for a fellow Louisiana dev, who are attempting to make a lot of gamers’ dreams come true and build a new Road Rash styled game themselves.

Road Redemption

What I find mind blowing, though, is if you pay over 800 bucks, you get the ENTIRE SOURCE CODE AND RIGHTS TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO WITH IT. That’s almost as nuts as it is awesome.

Oh, yeah, they want to do a Wii U version, and the Wii U needs more games!

Gimme moar Wii U gamez!!

So at least check the Kickstarter page out, I’d love to see more going on locally, and the footage already looks great.

More hardcore old school games made is always a good thing!

Road Redemption on Kickstarter

3 Responses to “Road Redemption!”

  • Well, lowest tier is only 2 bucks, though 15 and up gets you the game.

    Though, I totally understand :(

  • Yeah no kidding, games are expensive! The trick is to get all your games for 5 bucks on Steam, or just get 10 dollar arcade games like FPA ;)

  • I heard they’re considering the possibility of raising game prices $5-$10 again “just until production costs lower” for next-gen systems too.

    As far as indie and arcade titles go I try to support them but they add up too. $5 here, $10 there, sure it’s a good deal but you gotta be careful.

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