Surprise New Game: Tokyo Fury!

Wolverine Runs on the Rooftops of Tokyo Slicing Up Ninjas and Yakuza

If you don’t think that sounds like the most amazing thing ever, I don’t know what to tell you.

Check the game out and let me know if I’ve done the concept justice!


11 Responses to “Surprise New Game: Tokyo Fury!”

  • it’s late, so I only played a little bit, but the bit that I played reminded me a bit of Mark of the Ninja if it were a flash sequel to mirrors edge 2d.

  • It’s a bit ME2D plus NES Ninja Gaiden to me, but I still need to play Mark of the Ninja…

    Oooor should it have been called Wolverine Simulator 2013??

  • Not bad, not bad. The orange bad guys made me laugh. I’m gonna slice you with a sword and its gonna make an explosion!!! I’m gonna punch you so hard with my fist, it’s gonna make stuff exploooode!!!

  • Had a lot of fun with the game! Smashing up ninjas as Wolverine is as satisfying as one would expect.

  • .. Aaaaand that folks, is how you make a flash game. superb game Brad, I enjoyed it alot. :D

  • Running on the rooftops of Tokyo slicing up Ninjas and Yakuza seems pretty cool. But I think being a stick figure with triangular pants and spiky hair and running after a rabbit that stole your ice cream is still better. ;)

  • can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase put a fancy pants 4 on oh and cutie pants games tooooooooooo pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssse

  • What has happened to you? Why are there no more updates?

  • Haha, well, to be fair, most companies contact me specifically because of FPA. I try to make sure other games are different enough, there’s definitely pretty similar priorities for me in each, though. Focus on making navigation fun, sense of weight… I didn’t design most of the levels, though, which I think makes it feel a bit more diverse, also.

    I know you don’t mean it as an insult, but I do put a lot of time into attempting to make games feel unique. Haha, sorry if I come off as defensive of the whole matter! I guess I start thinking if there’s anything I should have done differently to make the game play differently.

    Then again, some people think that FPA is a pitch perfect rip off of Sonic, so…

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