An Important Note from Fairly

Hey guys,

I know I’m not necessarily the one you want to hear from, but I know there will be some rumblings about delays and I feel like I have to speak up a bit.

In February, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, he was given 9 months to live. He made it 6 months, passing away a month ago, August 5th. It was sudden and I had to leave Brad with the boys in order to be with my family. We didn’t expect to lose my father in August. I expected him to live to see Brad release the game. He didn’t.

So please don’t think Brad unprofessional, don’t think he doesn’t care about his fans. He’s doing what he’s doing to make sure he’s making a game that y’all will love. It’s not his game or his work ethic that fell apart. I did.

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  • My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

    No decent person will have any issue with this, you guys well-being is far more important than a game.

  • oh… fairly…

    i’m so sorry.. 2017 has been the worst. forget sfpa.

    stay fancy fairly, sorry for your loss. may he rest in peace.

    heck, my cat’s gonna die soon. that’s not as important as losing a family member though. so yeah, i’m done hoping. my states on fire, people and my cats are dying, blah blah blah.

    yeah. i’m done.

  • well you cant blame yourself for it. life isnt fair.if only brad couldve told us it was bad then things would be different from the community but who cares. family first. i hope your okay. but things are still going well. brads still getting it out really soon from what we can tell from steam so its working out for us. take a break and just try to heal. spend time with your family. hopefully once sfpas out you can spend so much more time with brad. sorry for your loss. cancer is a real *****. unforgiving and doesnt care who. just hope you can heal and improve. sorry for your loss. stay strong. we love you

  • this sucks. i love seeing posts here but this one was different. thank you for speaking about this. it only makes it easier for us understand whats causing the delay.we support the choices youve made.

  • If you’re beating yourself up for this then stop! If you ask me, you didn’t fall apart at all. You got things together. To be able to come out and share your feelings on this situation the way that you did makes you one heck of a guy. I wish the best of luck to you, and Brad. And can’t wait to play the game! :fpm: :woot:

  • Please don’t listen to anyone who might blame you for whatever reason.
    Family comes first, and you did nothing wrong.

  • My grandma died because of cancer and i can feel your pain… Take your Time and stay fancy :pants:

  • My grandma died of same lungs cancer, 20 years ago, then a lot of my other father’s aunts and uncles of different types of cancer, but still it wouldn’t mean the same thing as a father death, the one I got to know better than others that I didn’t even meet, so stay strong and fancy :pants:

  • ohhhhhh…. so thats why..

    So sorry fairly…

    But When Brad realeases his project IM sure you Will be happy for
    a hard working person like Brad

    Stay Fancy! :fpm:

  • I have felt your pain and it tore me apart but its never over. we love you guys.

  • i’m sorry for your loss, and i’m glad the delay wasn’t about something like paperwork, its worth waiting when things like this happen.

  • so sorry for your loss, fairly. cancer is a real jerk; my grandfather was just diagnosed with it a few days ago. remember that we will never get angry with you or brad for things like this, that are out of your control, or things that take a while to heal from.

    we hope you’re doing a little better, at least. take as much time as you need. :pants:

  • Too Sad to hear :sad: He didnt live long enough to see the game… Tough I know it will do a huge difference in you and brad’s Life. Dont worry Fairly. Actually Parents can see thier Childeren From Peace. He Would be proud…

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