Announcing Flappy Pants Stupid One Button Infinite Runner Joyride Chronicles!

Whelp, since Flappy Bird was downloaded slightly more times than Fancy Snowboarding (approximately eleventy billion if my math is correct) so to claim my much deserved cashy money, World 4 will be reengineered into yet another One Button Infinite Runner that the gaming populous clearly has an insatiable appetite for!


MMMMM! Betcha can’t wait to mash your meaty digits all over your science fiction device of choice to cause your character to jump… and nothing else! Muwhahahaha!

How I animate on a DS

Apparently this is how I animate on a DS. With a Cintiq pen and a miniature schnauzer perched on my shoulder.


On a more serious note, anyone play NyxQuest on WiiWare? Very excellent game, multitasking with Wii pointer controls just feels so natural and awesome on a 2D platformer.

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