/\ Might be a pretty good way to keep you guys updated on a tiny bit of the progress of a tiny bit of World 3, no?

(you might have to clear your cache if nothing’s different)

Easter Weekend!

Sorry guys, Easter weekend and all that, just wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know that the official seven posts will continue Monday. Might make a quick post of I get a chance, but it/they won’t count as one of the seven.

New posts!

Alright guys, I know I don’t update this thing as much as I should, to help remedy that, my fiancĂ©e has been making posts under ‘Fairly’s Corner,’ but now that the Flash Gaming Summit and Game Developer’s Conference are over, I want to try and do something special and post something new every day for a week.

That’s right, 7 updates in 7 days. Compared to my usual ‘whenever’ update schedule, that number is pretty mind boggling. On the last day, I’ll have some cool news and concept art for World 3 to finish the new post flood with.

World 2 at FGS

So to start off the barrage, The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 won the indie game category at the Mochi award show! Most of you have probably read about it, but still, I think it’s way awesome, and just had to say it myself.

The Mochis Winners

Sadly, there was some computer trouble, so there’s no video saved from the ‘what makes a game a hit’ panel that I was on :(

But wait, there’s more!!! Click below to read the reset of the post!

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iPhone / Too Human

So I just downloaded the WordPress app for my (pre 3G) iPhone, testing it out…

Playing the Too Human demo at the moment, haven’t really heard any buzz about it on the Internet (the demo, I mean, the Internet won’t shut up about the actual game).

Wow, it’s awful. Really, really bad. I’ll have to go into it a bit more once I’m back on the computer (that is, if you guys care), but all I keep hearing about is how much better the game gets every time the press sees it again. If that’s true, then the first versions must have been absolutely atrocious…

Maybe I should make a list of all the things wrong with the game and see if any of them get fixed…

Q&A pt 2, site updates

Alrighty then, so I finally got around to posting the second part of the Q&A session I recorded a few months ago. Yeah, I know, trust me, I’m still dealing with a lot of post World 2 release stuff. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff brewing in the background, though, I’m trying to set up a lot of stuff that FPA fans should like. Either way, check out the ‘videos’ tab under World 2 to view part 2. I think these questions are actually pretty interesting.

While on a ‘taking care of things that I should have done a long time ago’ kick, I updated a lot of the placeholder pages to the right. Game pages now have short little blurbs about them, and links to the game if there wasn’t one before. I still need to post images and stuff like that, but it’s better.

Also, and Fairly’s been bugging me about this one, I went and put some stuff up on the About Me pages, some info, a few pictures, if there’s anything else you guys think should be up there, go ahead and yell at me in the comments.

I’m going to try to get a few new shots up of Fraser’s Ride up, also.


Starting small on this one, there’s now a little art button under World 2 in the usual spot. Nothing too spectacular, but it’s a start. I figured I should leave it open to you guys to tell me what you like that’s there, or want to see/download, suggestions for desktop wallpapers or drawings, stuff like that. Go ahead and leave monitor resolutions while you’re at it, I’m running at 1920×1200, so that’s what the first wallpaper is set to, but I can make them smaller or non-widescreen if you guys need.

Update, other stuff


Nope… update’s not ready yet, sorry…

Basically, the deal with the update is, I’m both lazy and extremely picky about my games, I’m sure you all know that by now… So it should be no surprise that I keep finding new things that I want to fix in World 2. I think I have it locked down now, so there’s really not that much more to do… you guys should be glad, though. If it was merely a bunch of bug fixes, you wouldn’t really have much of a reason to replay it. The biggest addition is the 2 more transitional levels, added after Level 3 and Level 4. I’m trying to be creative with these two, since they’re so small, I figure more thought should go into them, right? Nothing mind-blowingly amazing or anything, of course, but new content is new content, right?

There’s a few additions to the backgrounds, in Level 5 and Level 4 mostly, that I’d say are worth checking out. And don’t forget the timer… oh, and what some people would probably consider the best additions, if you hold a button while at the title menu or dialogue, it’ll speed them up. Definitely a plus if you play the game more than once.

Hopefully around the time the update gets out, I’ll have some fancy standalone players for the game, too, I’ve gotten a few requests for those…


The new forum’s been great, too, so here’s a big thanks to everyone posting and being generally awesome in the forum, and to Fairly who’s taking care of most of the admin functions there. We’re getting 108.765 average posts per day, and 5.529 average topics per day, in 2 weeks. Sounds pretty good to me.

Ah, that reminds me, I still gotta add the Forum door to the banner… but first I have to finish this update, argh.

Check out the topic rofl lmao: currently covered in cats and captions, and I approve. I want to start linking to more topics in the future, but I really haven’t had time to lurk around in my own forum lately…

I’d like to do more topics like this in the future, and build up some sort of collection of tips and how-to’s for making Flash games…

And finally, games I’m currently playing, since it would be too long to post that here…

On a completely unrelated note

You know what I hate? Those hand driers with the sensor on the front with small text that says ‘sanitary touchless’ or something like that. I mean, not once have I not rubbed my hands all over the thing looking for a sensor or button before I actually notice the small sensor in front. And gamers / developers who think online gaming is a replacement for multiplayer gaming in person, I REALLY hate that…

Donations, Forum, and Portal

Well I’m getting sick of how ads work. I’m allowing people to advertise on my site and I’m only getting paid when they actually click a link? Hey, if your product isn’t interesting enough to get people to click on it, it’s your fault, not mine. I guess I could make the same complaint for MochiAds, but so many more people play World 2 than visit my site that it’s not nearly as big of a problem. I also know that those guys are working to get use developers the best deals that they can, so…

So, instead of using ads on the site, I’ve added a Donate button to the sidebar. I’m sure that most of the people who enjoy playing my games aren’t exactly able to donate through Paypal, but… they have parents, right? :D

Also new: What I would consider the next step in expanding the site: a forum! Yep, now you guys get to post off topic comments, and off topic forum posts! (kidding, kidding! you know I love you guys’ ‘creative posting’!). WordPress names carry over to the forum, and yes, I will make a door for them… eventually…

Current categories are:

Brad Borne, Makes games, which will soon be filled with thought provoking questions such as, ‘when is World 3 going to be release?!’

Game Development: I can’t promise I’ll be able to answer everything, but I’m hoping this can turn into some sort of database for the most asked questions.

Your Work: A place to show off your own creative side. Drawings, animations, games, fan art, engine builds, music, whatever. If you made it and want to show it off, you can post it here.

Video Games (current) and Video Games (classic): I’m not too sure if I want this classification yet, not sure if I’ll stick with current and classic, or ‘reviews’ and ‘analysis,’ or something…

Music: I’ve always said that having a good beat in your head is extremely important while animating, so I’ll probably end up ranting about a bunch of bands that I like that you probably haven’t heard of.

Serious Business: There’s a few topics that I would like to talk about, not necessarily related to gaming, that I don’t think would work well as a blog post. I do plan on heavily moderating all threads under this category, but no, I won’t be censoring anyone’s opinion that differs from my own.

Off Topic: Because I know my forum would explode if you guys didn’t have this section ;)

I was going to write on Portal and it’s current seemingly endless influence on any and all online puzzle games… but instead I think I’ll go use my newfangled Forum thing to do that

Sorry Sonic…

Yep, that previous post was an April fools dealio, but since I’m lazy, I didn’t actually post it until late yesterday, so I’m going to leave that post unedited so you can still view it in all it’s splendor. I’ll leave the mock banner up for one more day also…

Figured I’d show you guys what my ‘genius’ sister did to my desktop yesterday. She was quite proud of it…


Song that’s currently stuck in my head: In My Head by Your Vegas. The song’s on their site, ya might wanna check it out. Reminds me of The Stills on a good day (aka Love & Death or Still In Love Song).

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