A call to arms!

Addicting games is having a contest, and Fancy Pants Man is up for the most Courageous Stick Figure Stunt award! And if you don’t believe that traveling to the depths of a cave to wake up the sleeping Angry Penguin isn’t the most courageous stunt that you can think of (besides maybe getting his tasty ice cream cone back from the Angry Rabbit), what you doing on my internets??


Being Courageous, Serious Business!

Woot an official badge thing!

Click the badge, click VOTE :D

Vote and then check out the action on Nickalodeon on June 27th, 5pm (PST)!

Time Trial

Just a heads up, I put a timer in World 1 on Kongregate for some new badges. Hit T while in game to display the stopwatch. If anyone really cares about it, I might go and add that to World 2…

Anyways: World 1 at Kongregate.com

As for shirts… still working on that… it’s a bit more difficult than uploading an image to cafe press, if you’re gonna do it right, heh. More videos should be coming soon, and that banner, yes I’m going to let you navigate with doors…

Behind the Fancy Pants

Alrighty, here’s one of those videos I’ve been talking about. I dig around on my hard drive for old files from FPA’s creation. Joining me is Paul Downs, original creator of the Penguin, who is mostly there so I wouldn’t just be talking to myself about how terrible all my old stuff is.

I had to cut a lot from this video, so who knows, maybe I’ll post some of that footage one day…

Next up, though, is a multi-part Q & A session with Fairly Obvious / my girlfriend Jenna, once I begin editing that, I can tell you guys which questions we’ll go through in the first part.

Also: yes, I will make the banner navigate the site through different doors, I was planning that all along, but I’m still catching up with a ton of work, so, I’ll do it eventually :P


So here’s a question for all of you.

If I would happen to make some Fancy Pants Man shirts, would you guys buy them?

If you really, really want to sport some FPA gear, here’s your chance to be really loud about it. Telling other people to comment in this thread if they’d want shirts too could also work…

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