Christmas World 2 again!

I just uploaded the Christmas build of World 2 back to Mochi, play it here!

I’m pretty sure that that’s the latest build… maybe…

And the original thread with some goofy Christmas art in it!


And be sure to check out Fairly’s review of the first two Professor Layton games below. A pretty good way to understand more about World 3 is to understand how we both feel about the games we play. Remember, I’m just a gamer making games that I would want to play!

some animatings

So Flipnote Studio was just released on the DSi for download, and I like animating so I played around with it a bit:

Of course I go and find a bunch more options that would have helped out more after finishing the thing (a guide layer, particularly), but hey, it’s a fun little program, good for practice. I have to go upload all the pictures from Comic Con somewhere and I’ll make another post soon. Got some new test animation for World 3 that I’ll post after that, heh.

Okami . . .

So this isn’t technically a review, yet. I just finished Okami for the Wii.

Guys, I have never had a game make me feel this absolutely emotionally involved before.

I cried. The friggin game made me cry, it was that beautiful.

I don’t even know how I am going to go about writing this review, it will come soon. Tune in for it guys because I want this review to reflect exactly how I feel about this game.

My Comic Con

Hey guys, Brad will be doing a full wrap up of comic con later (complete with picturez ZOMG!!!) but here is something to hold you over. I actually wrote this on the plane ride home. This is me thinking y’all care what I think again ;-)

As most of you know, I had the pleasure of attending Comic Con 2009 with Brad this year. My apologies for breaking off from my regular gaming reviews, but I hope that some of you would be interested in hearing a little about the experience of Comic Con.

It’s crowded, horribly crowded, and I’m sure the excessive amount of Twilight fans that decided to attend this year didn’t help. You go through over 5000 booths and sometimes you end up lodged inbetween a booth you don’t want to see and another booth you really don’t want to be caught dead even glancing at.

However, the whole experience gave me a strange sort of glimmer of hope. I saw appreciation everywhere, even in those crazy cosplayers, there was just utter appreciation. I’ve never seen any kind of celebrity act as graciously as the ones from the “interwebz”, and there are quite a few big ones. I’m sure there are a few bad seeds every now and then, but I didn’t meet one in my whole experience.

As a 24 year old sometimes it can be a bit disturbing to see what can pass off as art or as animation nowadays. When you are raised on the good ol’ 80s cartoons of yesteryear you tend to cringe at the popularity of things like SpongeBob Squarepants and  . . . well . . . every single CGIed version of a cartoon that hangs around on TV nowadays. You don’t see the same talent and love for smoothness and lines or even for general beauty. It’s slap it on a lunchbox and sell it as soon as possible.

I was sorely disappointed to go to a panel and hear about how they’d released their game on everything except for maybe a box of wheaties and they reveled in it. REVELED in being total sellouts (I’m looking at YOU EpicGames). Even more disturbing were the hordes that worshipped that kind of behavior but I won’t get into that . . .

On the OTHER side of Comic Con I managed to see a completely different side to all of it.

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Delayed flight = missing all subsequent flights = travelling all day = teh suck


They need to update the SkyMall magazine, some of the crazy scams in there are already outdated by crazier, more futuristic sounding scams!

I just realized that there’s an ad on the back of the magazine… Isn’t the whole thing a magazine full of ads…?

A better late than never 4/7

Sorry about the last minute weekend blackout there. Still haven’t gotten back home yet, so this post is quite late, heh.

Anyways, music is a big part of The Fancy Pants Adventures, not just the in game music, but the background music that I listen to while working on it. See, I do a whole lot of sitting and working at the computer (makes up a good majority of my work, really), so to keep sane, I usually have a constant stream of music in the background.

Very gameplay focused animation is extremely rhythm centric, so having something with a solid rhythm in the background helps get my mind into a good state for animating. So in a way, you could consider a good deal of these songs as alternate background music for whatever games I was working on when I listened to them the most.

Gameplay is an art, music is an art. Both can create emotions that can’t be easily conveyed in words, so during production, I usually run into a few songs that I dig that seem to help convey the intangible qualities of gameplay that I’m going for.

Click on for a big ol list of musics!

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Last minute…

So here’s an interesting last minute change of plans. Apparently I’ll be at the Flash Gaming Summit in a few days, as well as most of GDC.

Look Ma! I’m on teh interwebz!

Anyways, from what I hear, everything will be streamed live, once I get some details on that, I’ll update this post.

Anyone who’s going to be at GDC who wants to get in touch with me, shoot me an email. Sorry if I told you that I wasn’t going earlier, this is all super last minute…

Update: Ah, here’s the stream’s channel. Got a spiffy little chat there and everything.

And of course, here’s the programs. The award show and the panel that I’m on are the ones to watch ;) Wish me luck!

Newgrounds 2nd Annual Tank Awards

So, apparently my site’s been down for quite some time and I just now noticed because I don’t have internets at my house for the time being.

Also as a side note, I have a plugin for WordPress that’s half working, if anyone wants to get emailed every time there’s a new post on my site, just send an email to the address on the Contact Me page. If you want to keep it simple, just put ‘add me’ as the subject.

Anyways, figured I’d expand this post a bit, since Newgrounds is a huge part of my Flash games career, maybe even the only reason I ever got into Flash in the first place. So here’s a nice little story for anyone who really cares :D

Click below to read it!

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