New Characters

I’ve been frequently asked about a ‘girl Fancy Pants Man,’ and I said that I wouldn’t make one unless it really made sense for the series, but for World 3, I’d like to introduce you to FPM’s little sister, Cutie Pants!


Her bestest friend and partner in crime is her overly tolerant pet cat, Kitten Kabootle:


Cutie Pants has a few moves of her own, with the help of Kabootle, of course.


Cutie Pants Preview (no grapple cat footage yet, sorry!):

Captain Rainbow Beard:


Rainbow Beard is perpetually angry because of his beard that’s far too pretty to ever find itself on a pirate’s face, and is on a quest to be taken seriously by the rest of pirate-kind.

Final Rainbow Beard Design (much better, I’d say):


Toothpick Ninjas:

A Toothpick Ninja

These little guys don’t play nearly as big of a role in World 3 as the Rainbow Beard and his band of misguided pirates, but a pirate whose pirate ship has a tiny ninja infestation is no laughing matter!

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