Beta .07

I’m going to give you guys a bit of debugging power with this one. Try and get those spiders to stop responding or floating or whatever, if they do, click on them and post what words pop up in the top right of the screen, what they spider should be doing, and if you can, what you did to make him like that.

– Spider crawling on your body and getting knocked out, completely fixed, definitely. Should fix other things with the spiders too.
– Snailshell going through you, being knocked away even when behind you
– I think some other stuff but I don’t remember…

– Play around with kicking the shell and knocked out spiders, did something new there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tell me if you like it.

Shell should be tweaked a lot to deal with the added feature.

Beta .07c

[edit again: slide into the shell (the letting go of the arrows slide) to ‘dribble’ it on the ground, tell me if that helps with the ‘can’t hit it lightly’ problem]

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  1. styxtwo

    another buggy found(you must get so sick of me now ;))

    when you kick a spider that has stars it becomes ‘dead’, now when you hit the dead spider with the shell, it goed back to the ‘stars state’.

  2. DrNeroCF

    Yeah I don’t know if I want to leave that in there or not. I guess the shell shouldn’t put the spider in that state if it’s dead.

    So what you think of the kicking?

  3. styxtwo

    the kicking looks great :D, it does however seem that you can’t kick the shell softly anymore. but i don’t think that is a big problem.

    and for the deadspider shell thing, i think you should keep the spiders dead when they get hit by the shell because, well they are dead….(unless the shell has magical powers;))

  4. gbuch

    Why can’t you pause while on air or hanging?

    Also, I saw this being asked before, but I didn’t find an answer: why does he lose his speed and jump backwards after sliding and hitting an enemy?

    And why does he start sliding if I press down after falling on the ground?

    Finally, why does he do some weird stuff when he falls with his head on the green floor, but not when he falls in the purple one (I pressed shift to see the colors)?

  5. UFOboy

    There should be a punt button. =P Since i can’t exactly kick the shell softly anymore.
    It made me think of something my friend made after he played played fancy pants and watched 300. He also doesn’t like how you slide for no reason when you hold down and land, said FP should do the splits or something. Also he didn’t like how the acceleration is so quick.

    The floor still turns to ice on that one platform that you use the cannon pointing full left to get to. It might be on purpose, i don’t know.

  6. Nintendo-pie

    Hello, I just joined today (yay for me!). Anyway, I found a bug, don’t know if you know of it yet, but if the shell is below the cannon just right, and you fire, you fly out of the cannon and kick the shell, loosing all speed and height, like you’ve just kicked the shell normally instead of being fired out of a cannon at great speed. Anyway, the game looks great!

  7. foodmansam

    the cannon thing didn’t happen for me, instead, if the shell was touching the cannon, there was also a kicking sound, but the shell didn’t move. Although, i got the shell close enough to the center of the cannon once, and it got kicked, but i didn’t loose speed or height. I never noticed that before…

  8. DrNeroCF

    I might go through and tighten up the kicking the same way I did for the jumping on baddies, actually, yeah, that should help a lot… just takes a bit longer to code, should be more efficient, though…

  9. gbuch

    UFOboy, since they’re ignoring us :(, I’ll at least try to answer about the “ice” floor.

    I don’t think it is a bug. There’s something quite similar in world 1, though it actually seems like oil there (the floor is black).
    Also, if you press shift, you’ll see that this floor is not exactly like the others.

  10. styxtwo

    very very very very small bug:

    ok here it comes:P

    when you open a door, the hair dissapears( you know that already but thats not my point) right before it dissapears it still has a grapic right? well whenn you enter the door while running the hair grapic changes to the ‘runhair’ grapic making it look weard.

    as i said, not very big bug, but hey it is a bug still ^^

  11. DrNeroCF

    gbuch – to pause the game I have to stop every bit animation on the screen. When FPM is in the air, a lot of his animation is nested. Same with the slide this time around. Don’t be suprised if you can’t pause while sliding in the final game, since I have to go through and stop or start his specific clips based on what frame he’s at. Pausing in flash games is a complete pain in the butt to program.

    He gets knocked back because sliding through 5 bad guys seemed a bit too simple to me. Try holding down when you land to shoot forward into the next baddie. Which leads me to…

    Think if it as him hitting the ground and redirecting his momentum into the slide. You know how you can duck and press jump in megaman and shoot forward? Its kinda like that only it takes more effort. I always do it when I land to get more speed.

    And finally, the platforms and ground both act extremely different from one another. If I can figure out a wqy to get him to land on his head while landing onto a platform, but not if he just jumps up to it (since he can pass through from underneath) or when you’re head is passing through but you’re feet haven’t landed on top of it… Remember, it’s not a surface, its just a point, that cares nothing about which direction you’re going in. I can’t have FPM ‘hanging’ from a platform by his head, after all.

    Haha, that’s longer than most posts. You better read all of that! And enjoy every second of it! heh.

  12. gbuch

    Will I get my name in the game for being the one who made you write the longest reply? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, I found a bug that I think hasn’t been mentioned before.

    Here are the steps to repeat it:
    1)Go near the cannon
    2)Hit the spider so as it will hit the wall and come through the cannon
    3)enter the cannon before the spider goes through it
    4)when the spider comes near the cannon, it will die

    On the first time this happened, FP left the cannon, kicked the spider (in a really cool way) and then went back to the cannon, from where he launched without waiting for my comand
    On the second time, the spider just went through the cannon, and through the floor (thus dying), and FP stayed inside the cannon…

  13. Don Golden

    its llooking great, but when you sliding down the hill and hit the spider the spider flips over but u get pushed back, thas no fun it makes the game slower, and your hair dissapears when you go through the door. The snails head also looks stupid but besides that best game ever~!

  14. Don Golden

    also it would be nice if you could hold the snail shell and/or throw it at an angle and/or shoot it out of the cannon, cuz that would be most baller.

  15. maleik123

    yeah this did help the” you cant kick the shell lightly bug”. i just figured that out. i have one question though in the full game we get to change the color of the pants like the first game right? the asking cause i like playing as red pants

  16. FairlyObvious

    haha yeah yeah educk, sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Personally, in regards to the sliding into the spiders and jumping backwards, I like that, I think it presents more of a challenge. It also makes more sense in general When I was playing the first one I thought it was kind of annoying that killing the spiders was so easy. . . the jumping back just makes it more interesting.
    oh and Don Golden, have you ever SEEN a snail?

  17. NinjaCow

    I haven’t found any more bugs… I’m just posting for the hell of it, to prove that making us register will NOT cut down on spam.

  18. truendymion

    Hey thats awesome dood, but I miss sliding down the hill and just plowing through enemies. I love the addition of the kick and that spinning spring jump, I wonder what it would be like if the kick was mapped to the keyboard…

  19. DrNeroCF

    Thanks truendymion, ya know a lot of people ask about the sliding through the enemies thing, I think I should make a new post about that decision, heh.

  20. styxtwo

    yea the kick of mowing down a whole row of spiders(sliding) was really cool in PF world 1 =). maybe you could make a powerup where you can
    1-hit kill spiders.

    @ maleik123

    orange pants FTW !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. DrNeroCF

    Well, if you guys enjoy spider pwning that much, I suppose we should come to some sort of compromise on the slide thing. Right now you bounce off the spiders when sliding into them, and bounce in the air and keep going if you roll into them (slide up a hill and you’ll begin rolling back down, or land holding down while going backwards).

    So would everyone be happy if you could plow through spiders if you’re sliding or rolling fast enough (faster than you can go by just running and hitting duck while on a flat surface)? That way players will at least need to take into account the slant of the ground if they want to take out a line of spiders at once.

  22. styxtwo

    wooohoo, i’d definately wear those ;).

    no but seriously you could make some good money on FP t-shits or something.

    DrNeroCF if you could program in the sliding thing i think that would be amazing (wat am i saying ofcourse you can code that in :p)

  23. styxtwo

    yes it is time again, i have found another bug MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA *ahum*.

    ok here it is:
    when you are standing on the far right (or left) side of the bended platform (i havent tested it on others) it leans out and wiggels a bit right? well after he is standing that way you can’t press any of the other moving buttons anymore (arrowbuttons). to escape from that movement you have to press the jump button.

    and a question:
    is there a way to hang from a bended or non-horizontal platform?

  24. styxtwo

    woops i forgot something:
    when standing on the end of a platform and wiggeling really weard:P you also have to press the ‘down’ button or else you wont be stuck ๐Ÿ˜›

    -stand on the end of the bended platform
    -press down button
    -you can’t walk anymore now, only escape by jumping

  25. styxtwo

    man i found 2 more bugs :O

    first a not very original but worth posting: the rope bug, sometimes when you jump exactly on the side of a rope you get stck on the rope untill you press down or jump.

    second a pause button bug:
    when you are running very fast up the first hill you fly from the top right? well when you press pause the exact moment it leaves the ground the Fp character keeps moving to the side but the camera frame stays in the same place

  26. gbuch

    Completing styxtwo`s bug about the pause function, if you pause, unpause, then pause again really fast while continually pressing one of the running keys, on the second pause FP will stay away from the center of the screen (it takes longer for the screen to unpause, than for FP to continue running, I guess).

    It worsens if you do the pause-unpause sequence more than once.

  27. gbuch

    Another weird pause bug happens if you pause right after you kick the shell (I haven`t tried with spiders, since they`re all DEAD!! HUAHUAHUA):

    Well, the trick is just that:
    1)Wait for the shell to stop, preferentially not on a hill
    2)Run towards the shell
    3)Right when you hit the shell, but before you do the kick-jump-thingy, press space
    3)Wait a sec
    4)You’ll move forward a bit, around the same distance you would if you had done the kick-jump-thingy.

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