Alright guys, there’s not all that much new in this build, to be honest. I just want to stress test the code, and I’m anticipating a lot going wrong, this engine is more complex than the demo, and far more complex than World 1. I’ll try to keep this build updated as I update the engine.

To report bugs, I’ve set up an email address, or you can go ahead and leave comments on this post.

Click the link below to launch the game. And apologies for the barren page, I know pretty much nothing about HTML…


Look out for bugs, of course, but tell me what you think about killing spiders, the look of the level, the new animations, stuff like that.

Oh, I made jumping on baddies while holding jump versus letting go of jump before you hit them feel much different from the other than before.

And YES, I know his hair disappears sometimes, it’s because I haven’t animated it yet in those areas.

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  1. ryanrab1

    brad I forgot to take a screen shot

    but in the first part of the first level after you shoot throught the cannon there is this collection of 4 ropes

    I went to grab one made it then missed the next one

    so I tried it again

    I tried to grab the first rope but I went right through it

    then fancy pants man kept the same animation on himself as when he grabs a rope

    a fell to the bottom went through the ground and then the screen went black and I died

    then the level started over for me

    I will try to do It again and get screenshots

  2. Hawkaris

    After the stunned spider recovered over on the purple block, I ran into him and he died. I can’s seem to replicate it, though, so I don’t believe it actually happened.
    Playing around on the reduced-friction platform (where I discovered your very nifty hold-down-while-sliding-off-a-platform-to-grab-on animation) I noticed two things. While sliding and attempting to run backwards, he still slows down, but his legs don’t seem to do anything. Try as I might, he just wouldn’t moonwalk.
    Also on that platform, I discovered that holding down after any jump with any non-zero forward momentum (even imperceptible amounts) results in a fast slide forward. Quite often, significant inertia is gained. That’s a physics engine thing, though, rather than a bug, methinks.
    Oh, and one spider flattened out and then vanished while I was jumping on multiple overlapping spiders. But I believe you already knew that.

  3. ryanrab1

    ok brad I figured it out
    when you shoot the cannon if you try to grab the rope this happens ( make sure not to hit the platform by the ropes or it won’t work)

    o and I forgot to get a picture right at the beginning

  4. educkface

    lol ryan, same thing happened to me when you left, I was waiting for brad to get on aim to tell him 🙂 seems like it is a pretty popular glitch because it happened to me twice… I got a screenshot the second time 🙂

  5. Romora

    i found a bug… if you kick the snailshell high enough where there are squggiles it will collect them as if you are collecting them

  6. ryanrab1

    brad it looks like it happens for all the ropes

    so it’s not the cannon’s fault

    it is something with the grab movement code that is buggy

  7. educkface

    I just found a new one. When you drop from a high point and hold down when you land, you get a slide boost forward even if you were dropping straight down. Plus, I think this might have been said earlier but if you die and the same spider hits you like 3 times during the dieing music and animation, you end up back alive and the spider becomes a ramp…

  8. Maleik123

    i saw a bug . fancy pants looses his hair when you go through a door. and no i am not just posting this to be in the credits i just wanted to in form you to make the game better. oh and the art in this beta demo was the best man ok thats all i needed to say about this

  9. styxtwo

    i posted this before but it seems to have slipped through or you just don’t think its a good idea…

    more of a question then a comment here:
    when you hit a spider while sliding or rolling why do you jump up and lose all your speed?
    when you slide it is ok but when you roll it doesnt really feel right

    your comments on this please =)

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