Alright guys, there’s not all that much new in this build, to be honest. I just want to stress test the code, and I’m anticipating a lot going wrong, this engine is more complex than the demo, and far more complex than World 1. I’ll try to keep this build updated as I update the engine.

To report bugs, I’ve set up an email address, or you can go ahead and leave comments on this post.

Click the link below to launch the game. And apologies for the barren page, I know pretty much nothing about HTML…


Look out for bugs, of course, but tell me what you think about killing spiders, the look of the level, the new animations, stuff like that.

Oh, I made jumping on baddies while holding jump versus letting go of jump before you hit them feel much different from the other than before.

And YES, I know his hair disappears sometimes, it’s because I haven’t animated it yet in those areas.

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  1. zymn

    um… found some bugs. ok, the hit test is sort of mest up. (i think that’s what it is…) anyways, screenshot:

    as you can see, that’s the point when the game thinks that the shell is hitting fancy pants man. it doesn’t help much when you’re away from a spider and then you get hurt. and, sometimes the shell bounces way to forward when the man is standing still, and once i slid up a hill way to much. that’s about it. oh yeah, i found another glitch wiith the shell. i got to bounce around all messed up when you jump on top of it while it’s bouncing.

    anyways, i like the design, just that the shell has a few glitches. i was playing around with the knocked out spider, playing keep-up. lol

    i like it. a definite win. i like what happens when you jump off a spring. the animations cool. ( the reason why i noticed this stuff is because i spent about 15 minutes on the shell alone.

  2. Sam Mueller

    If you hit the shell so that it bounces on a spider, the spiders body flies up WAY to high!!!
    Also, i don’t know if this is a problem or not, but if you run into a spider from the side, you don’t hear a noise when he gets knocked out.

  3. Foodmansam

    Umm.. im still sam mueller, but i decided to change my name… the websites the same so u know its true. Umm… i found a really good bug… the corpse of the spider after killed is like a snailshell, which is awesome but if you kick that into purple wall, it goes through!

  4. Foodmansam

    plus, if you start a chain of events with the snail-shell, you will still hear the effects as if they are right next to you!! the only reason im saying all this is cuz i really want my name in those credits!

  5. DrNeroCF

    Zymm, a lot of that is collision stuff that I loosened up to make the snailshell easier to hit, not really glitches, but I was planning on trying to get it to look slightly less sloppy…

  6. DrNeroCF

    Haha, Sam, yeah, once the spider is knocked out, hitting it again will just make it fly off the screen like it used to. Anything flying way too much was probably intentional, actually, just because I’m crazy like that… I’ll have to check about those sounds…

  7. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, that’s the collision layer. I figured someone might get a kick out of seeing how the collision works.

    Yeah, the snail is going to bounce off of you even if you’re staying still, it’s a video game thing, though I’ll probably tone it down a bit.

  8. styxtwo

    got something weard: i killed a spider and in some kind of way it fell off a platform and floated in mid air…. don’t know how exactly it happaned and i didn’t take a screen srry :(, but maybe some1 else experienced it to…

  9. Foodmansam

    2 things on dying. 1 is that if you die, while the screen is fading, if a spider touches you, you will reappear hurt, but the screen still fades out.
    the other thing is that if you die, the door which you come through in the beginning is gone.

  10. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, got the dying thing, I’ll fix that soon, the spider floating in the air thing… not really sure what that is either, but I’ve gotten it to do that before.

  11. styxtwo

    more of a question then a comment here:
    when you hit a spider while sliding or rolling why do you jump up and lose all your speed?
    when you slide it is ok but when you roll it doesnt really feel right

  12. zymn

    just found this. if a spider gets hit up on one of the platforms sticking out of the wall on the far right, if he gets up on it and is still alive, when he walks back and forth, part of the leg goes under the wall, and another part is in front of the wall.

  13. Foodmansam

    anyways though, as a side not, the game seems really good. the coolest thing is seeing him being launched w/ the cannon, or jumping of a spider cuz u get to see him do a awesome 360!!

  14. styxtwo

    here some more comments and weard stuff:
    i was playing around with a spider and the shell. i shot the spider up the purple block where you start the game and it ended up on the very right edge of that block, there it just started doing the walkingmotion without moving to right or left :S just stuck there :S.

    and a cool thing:

    stand a half a screen away from the purple block(same purple block^^) with a spider and a shell inbetween you and the block (spider left of the shell)

    when you stand like this the spider will start walking and will hit the shell and they will both start moving, the shell will hit you and bounce back, the spider will hit the wall and bouce back and then they hit eachoter again:P it looks funny and kept me busy for like 10 min xD.

    it actually brings me to another weard thing: when the shell is lying around doing nothing and a spider hit it they will both bounce of very hard, not very natural:P

    now the third thing:

    when you are in one of the rooms with a lot of collectthingies and you climb all the way to the top and jump, you shoot down really fast ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    well thats it for now…. *scary sound* for now … ๐Ÿ˜›

    ps if you need a screenshot of anyithing you don’t understand just say so and ill mkae it, but my connection is going crazy and im already happy that im able to post this ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. styxtwo

    third post:P
    more a sugestion then a flaw but still:
    i was hanging on a platform with a spider on it and i got hit when he came close, but wouldnt it be cooler if you wouldnt be hit if you hung there?

  16. Ultima22

    When you hit a spider with a shell just when you jump on it (at the same time), the spider is suspended in midair, immune to being jumped on.

  17. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, the spiders are pretty buggy, I had to change a lot of the code to add so much different interactivity, and time the jump and the squash perfectly). There’s a few more protections I can put in there to stop the spiders from losing their functions, but if anyone can find a consistent way to get them to stop responding (staying flat, floating in the air, generally not moving) that would be awesome, because it’s been an extremely random thing so far, and that’s a horrible pain to debug for.

    I’m going to do some changes to the spider code, that’ll definitely fix the geting hurt while lying down thing, and that should clean up a bit more problems. I’ll try and make a new post with a 02 beta version probably tomorrow.

    And also, screenshots are super helpful!

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