Beta .09, final (*crosses fingers*)

Alright, this should be the final beta. If something’s not fixed in here, chances are I either wanted it like that, or it would be too much trouble to fix. That doesn’t mean you guys can’t pillage through this version and make sure everything’s fixed, but unless it’s a major issue, I doubt I’m going to take the time to fix it.

My girlfriend’s been helping me on a wrap up page for the Beta, with all the bugs that were found, suggestions given, and what has been changed. Pretty much just a summary of everything that’s been accomplished during the Beta period. Huge thanks to her for all her help.

I’m trying to post this quickly, and I still need to paste all the new code from the working build over to the Beta build, so I’ll make a more official ‘yayz teh Beta is finished!’ when I make that wrapup page.

New features in this build:
– New spider animation, yes the old one looked pretty bad
– Slippery walls… Something I’ve been meaning to program for awhile now so I through some in there. Remember the ‘icy’ floor as someone put it? Well I finally remembered to color the ink over that, and now there’s ‘inky walls.’ This level doesn’t really take advantage of that feature too much, but you can still try it out. Jump at the walls with some upward momentum, no the real laws of gravity have no real effect here! It’s nice for going higher up the walls, or down quickly, as they’re slippery. You can press the direction away from the wall to get off of them quickly, making the section that I added them too able to be ran through even quicker now.

***To those new to the Beta, this is only a single level used for finding bugs in the code, though there’s a few new features to be found if you’re interested. There’s no goal to get the shell to, yet, but a few of the Beta testers have gotten the shell to the top of the level just for fun.***

Beta .09

Also, keep an eye on, they should be running a preview sometime monday, they even have some info that you guys don’t know about yet.

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  1. WJUK

    lmao, you lot took your sweet-ass time. Although repeating that motion doesn’t look right… if you know what I mean.

    Oh and DrNero I’m just wondering: In FPA1 you could change the colour of his pants, any enhancement on that feature for FPA2? Like star patterns or whatever? That would be cool?

    (I do know that asking know is a bit stupid but I only just thought about it. Just a question.)

  2. DrNeroCF

    Patterns wouldn’t work because then I’d have to draw every individual frame with different patterns… not gonna do that…

    You will be able to unlock different pants colors, though.

  3. WJUK

    Damn, so no patterns. Meh, it’s alright as long as the game is awesome.

    And unlockable characters would be nice (e.g. you play through as FP then when you beat the game you can play it all through again as… FP Junior or something. And they react differently and stuff, like one jumps higher etc.)

  4. gbuch

    Maybe you could redraw the image when FP croouchs. As the hair moves, you see that one of his arms is floating, not attached to his body.
    That’s freaky…

    Also, you could rip some mario game, and let us play with mario. Then you wouldn’t need to redraw all the frames, though you might have some trouble with nintendo.

    Not that it is half as troublesome as drawing a couple dozen frames…

  5. foodmansam

    2 things. if you get in the cannon, blast out a bit diagonally, do a backflip in the air, your guy will look the same until you hit the ground. if you aim correctly, you can land on the cannon. the thing is, if you do it right, you just hit the ground, opposed to when you usually get into the cannon. Also, im not sure if anyone noticed this before, but on the top of the hill, if you a backflip on the steepest part of it, you do a awesome, friggin sweet double cannonball backflip! sorry for talking so much…

  6. foodmansam

    i just found a minor bug.
    If you do a double-back-flip on the right side of the hill, hit just to the right of the edge of the curved platform, and you teleport a little bit( probably an inch on my computer screen) to the left.

  7. foodmansam

    found another bug. if you line up the snailshell with the cannon so that it is on the edge of it, if you get in the cannon and point as far in that direction as you can, you’ll shoot out, but you’ll kick the snailshell, and lose all your speed!

  8. atomic1fire

    you could make the game downloadable and add a modding system
    that way you could just create maybe fancy pants and a template char and have everyone else do the rest

  9. WJUK

    That’s a great idea! You could create a simple map location where even users with no experience in modding can drag & drop items on. Simple.


  10. WJUK

    @foodmansam: That’s what I thought. But there definitely will be a World 3, I just know it.

    Maybe you could make it so that 2 players could play together! Or something.

  11. WJUK

    I could see it now… maybe allow people to play together from different computers. Let the 1st player host the match from their PC (like how Halo does it) and he can send a link or something to other players he wants to play with.

    It could be co-operative or battle-royale deathmatch style.

    Or if you don’t use that idea… make 2-player like how Sonic games of old use to do it. Where Sonic was player 1 and player 2 was tails, where tails couldn’t die and would somehow get back on screen if he disappears.
    It would certainly make for a fun game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. foodmansam

    that would be awesome. i love worms, and halo, and old sonic games. so i love all of those ideas, and i think there should be spin-offs of faccy pants man, like a snowboarding game, or a worms style game, or something else cool.

  13. WJUK

    Dude, FP could be huge! Bigger than Sonic! Bigger than Master Chief! Maybe even bigger than Mario!

    … ok, scratch that last part.

    But too many spin-offs will hurt the FP name. But still, I can see it now. FP: The RPG. FP: The Arcade game. FP: The Book!

    There will be nowhere you can hide away from FPs! lol

  14. NinjaCow

    “make 2-player like how Sonic games of old use to do it.”

    Yeah, because he totally wants to give MORE ammunition to the people who say that he ripped off Sonic.

  15. borg453

    Hey Brad

    Props for the quality flash games. Im sure you hear this all the time, but pancy pants is the best flashbased platformer i’ve ever seen. A lot of sites host your game and rather than just snagging the swf, i would like to ask for permission to add it to a site I help running. As a fellow student (and previous amateur game designer [clickteam related], I know you’ve probably got your hands full, but should you be interested in selling sponsored games, we might be able to work something out.

    Please contact me.

    Kind regards from Denmark.
    Daniel Laursen

  16. WJUK

    Agreed. There’s an old chinese proverb that goes something like this (loosely translated):

    ‘Real gold is not afraid of hot furnace fire.’

    It sounds a lot better in Chinese but you get what I’m saying. If you know that you didn’t copy (you may have taken inspiration from it though) then there’s nothing to worry about.

  17. teb121

    i found a bug where you go to the very right of the level pass the cannon up to the cliff. there will be a spider. jump on it. the spider have land on a ground that you could go through it. quickly go under the ground and wall jump up to the spider. the head must touch the spider. you don’t see fp. you are on the cliff. jump off the cliff and continue playing.

  18. WJUK

    Another bug, huh?
    I don’t think all bugs will ever be eradicated, but most major bugs can be gotten rid of.
    I don’t think this bug is that big of a problem, because the chance of you doing that again (accidentally) is really small. I just tried to do it on purpose just then and messed up. Although it may apply to other levels… so it may be better to fix it.

  19. DrNeroCF

    Now that bug I’m pretty sure is the same one that I’ve already fixed..

    Sorry I haven’t updated the
    Beta in awhile, I’ve mostly been drawing levels lately, and there’s one more bug I want to try and fix before I post another build.

  20. WJUK

    Does FP get to fly a plane/helicopter?
    He totally should.

    Anywayz, back on-topic. I don’t think we’ll be able to get rid of all bugs since the probability of our small (in terms of the internet size) community of BETA testers finding all the bugs is not very good. Whereas when it goes global and final, the reality is that there will most probably be some bugs left. But hopefully, due to our efforts the bugs will be minimal and won’t detract from the awesome experience.

    Oh and *gasp* another build?!

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