Fancy Pants Public Release

This may be a little late, but I’d figure I should post it anyway. FPA is now released on Newgrounds and Kongregate, among others. I’d like to pretend that I released World 2 on Kongregate in respose to World 1 being knocked off the top 3 on the front page, haha.



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  1. bad-mojo

    Played FPA 1, beat it, loved it, and Saturday my world change, FPA 2 came out.
    Now I have played it, beaten it, and loved it. Took me forever to get some pants colors and the afro pick, but i love these games

    Keep it up!

  2. WJUK

    @foodmansam: Mail them to Brad’s email. Which can be found under contact.

    I would put the email here, but you never know when a bot might spam.

    Btw, about the celebratory pic I was going to make for FP owning the competition… you’ll have to wait a while. I’ve been sorta busy.

  3. fluffyrabbit

    Nice piccys WJUK. Im new here… Doh.

    Oh damn nething that beats Fancy in a competition.
    I’ll break thier necks.
    And who wants to start on Fancy Pants Worlds 1 and 2 for the Wii.
    I no i do.
    If i had a Wii…

  4. Nyubis

    Sounds like a real good idea^^
    But if you make something mmo, you almost will have to make it an rpg (or at least a little) so you can look cool in front of other people because you have a high level 😀

  5. WJUK

    Yea and then there are servers to think about, and the necessity of admins and mods that keep the peace. And (preferably) an elite team of people who crack down on glitches and bugs as soon as they appear.

    MMORPGs are one of the hardest games to make. But if done well it can be amazing and it just rakes in the dough (ala WoW).

  6. marco082

    I don’t know if you would consider it a bug or not, but I’ve noticed a few interesting things with the cannon in level 3.

    #1, I was actually able to land on the shell (when it was stationary) and kick it while getting into the cannon once. I haven’t been able to repeat it, though.

    #2, I was once able to kick the stationary shell as I was being launched out of the cannon. It shot me and I kicked and was standing right next to the cannon.

    #3, I can re-land in the cannon after I have been shot out at a steep trajectory, but am unable to land in the cannon after I have been shot out at a shallow trajectory to the right. When FPman does the front flip and lands with his feet spread, he will not land in the cannon. This one is consistent.

  7. WJUK
  8. gbuch

    I’m wondering when FP will get a card in Kongregate.
    I got my Areas card on the 17th, so the new card should be out today, I guess. Will it be FP already?

  9. As11


    Whatever, it didn’t deserve it’s high score in the first place. Probably took like a day to make to the guy who originally made it.

  10. Nyubis

    FPA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone, dont forget to keep voting 5. (hint: login when you’re gonna vote! you could win $100 and your vote is more worth the higher your lvl is. (my vote is worth 5.12 votes 😉 ))

  11. As11

    I think Tankman is one of those flashes with a lot of art but little inspiration. If you really want something to be funny, don’t make it so extremely well made, it ruins the joke. I’m not saying it’s not funny, I’m just saying it could be better.

  12. WJUK

    @zymn: Tankman is funny, but the guys here are FP fanboys so deal. XD

    @foodmansam: I can spot a few mistakes in the fan-art section… ¬¬

    @As11: Bring well-made doesn’t ruin the joke! Far from it, in fact! There are numerous jokes in FP (“even a fist-shaking as good as that won’t bring it back” etc.) but FP is well-made (except for some glitches that have been -for the most part- ironed out). And you’ve got to cut it some slack, since it’s obvious that it can be better. Hell, everything can be better.

    SMG? Perfect? Nope (but close). I found there were some issues with the camera, among other stuff.

    Sorry if all this sounds angry, I just want to put my opinion across. 🙂

  13. As11

    WJUK — difference is, Fancy Pants is a game, not a full blown cartoon. Those in-jokes are not at all being capitalized on. And letting jokes flow naturally without those ultra-high production values would make stuff much, much better.

  14. WJUK

    @As11: I guess that’s true. But I still think that your statement about ‘bring well-made ruins the joke.’ Tankman looks good on the eyes and it’s animation is fluid too. In my mind: That makes it better. 😀

  15. SuitedCriminal

    i think that you do rely on using too many FP men…its too confusing…

    there should be an easter egg in johnny rocket fingers that lets you play as fancy pants man instead! that would be cool!

  16. Nyubis

    Wow. Brad thanks for putting up the fanart, but there are a couple of mistakes:
    from everything in the second “Nyubis” section, only the underpants one is mine.
    from Wjuk’s section, the one with “possible?” is mine.

    I realize you got a lot of work, so you don’t have to hurry it too much.
    I can wait.

  17. TehFancyPantser

    And, as to my previous comment, in case any of you are wondering, i got 6/6 of colors and trophies, yup, i got the black pants, hard as ever, but i did it 😀

  18. foodmansam

    @Peeves: I like your pics, but i think the head should be smaller. Except for that i really like em, and i like how you made your pants.Good animation also.
    @TehFancypantser: Afro ninja, not affro ninja. I cant have people spelling the greatest pont and click guy ever wrong!!! also, WJUK cant read minds, but he DOES posses the ability to think of the best Chuck Norris jokes faster than the speed of light. And he can fly.

  19. WJUK

    @TFPser: Welcome man I figured your new since I haven’t seen you around before.

    And that flash game you posted was quite fun! And most of us probably know about the abbreviations thing. 😀

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