The colors!

Okay, so a few things had to be left out of the initial release of World 2, but there is one feature that made it in that I thought you guys especially would enjoy.

On every level, there is a snail, and somewhere else on that level is a golfball hole. Sink the shell, your pants turn the same color as the flag at the hole. Surprise surprise, the hole in level 3 is based on the little challenge that this site created while playing the beta!

Post screens of Fancy Pants Man sporting different shades of fancy! How many can you earn? Who can get all 6 first?

On a sidenote, the Fancy Golfball challenge was created in direct respose to anyone who said that World 1 was too easy ๐Ÿ˜›

And guys, please, no spamming up this thread like the others…

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  1. ted5610

    i found a bug! on the grassy, oily ramp typed lvl i was walking bak up the ramp because something went rong at the end and; i accidentaliy stepped THROUGH the ramp into thin air. cost me a life aswell ๐Ÿ™

  2. ted5610

    @ foodmansam: id have to disagree on a few of those as it might make the game too complicated too quickly. one of my disagreements is the sugestion of multi player and another is wepons and vehicles. can u see fancy pants man driving a jeep on one of these lvls? or brandishing an ak47? i personally think NOT. i think the fight with the giant pencil sounds great tho and the power up pants sound even better. flying pants invincible pants and swimming pants spring to mind…?

  3. WJUK

    Personally, I think the formula right now works great. And hey, don’t fix what’s not broken right? Another lesson learned from Nintendo. Obviously it would have to have improvements.

    Multiplayer sounds like an amazing idea, think of it as Contra Fancy Pants Style, oh and easier.

    And pencil-wielding FP sounds soooo bad-ass… yea I’m needing sleep it’s like 2AM now… ยฌยฌ

  4. foodmansam

    I cant see fancy pants with a ak47, or in a jeep, but i definitely see him with a bug exterminator gun, and i MOST definitely see him riding on a eraser on top of the ocean!!! that would be awesome. also, there needs to be a level editor. But i dont think he should pile it on, he should add on little things here and there. slowly make it more! but i think he should mostly focus on replayability, if not anything else. Sorry for ranting!

  5. WJUK

    If there is going to be a level editor I think it should be separate to the game as to not take up loading space. Take for example, FPA2 now when you first load up it takes a LONG while to load. Ok sure, Brad hasn’t optimized it yet etc. but I don’t want to be waiting quite a few minutes for a flash game to load.

  6. WJUK

    @foodmansam: Yay! I think this calls for a celebratory jump hug! And looking at Brad’s track record for FPA games I’d give it a year and a half. Although I’m pretty sure he will continue the series. If he doesn’t it would be a real shame…


  7. foodmansam

    Hey, im bored so for the second time in awhile i’d proudly like to state ive seen every futurama 4 times or more!!!!!! YAY!!!! ive also seen ALMOST every simpsons. And almost every scrubs. BUT I WUV FUTURAMA!!!!!! 10 to go til’ 100 posts!!! ICE CWEAM GEEET!!!

  8. educkface

    ok, Brad, after going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with negativeOne’s level, I think I finally figured it out with the help of your post on armor games.

    your post: “In the snow place (negativeOne’s level), use the cannon to shoot to the left, from there, drop down to a platform with a door and a sign on it. That door is the exit.”

    this led me to believe that the door isn’t suppose to lead you to the dead end door that it does right now, but that still had me confused why the sign right next to that door said the level is the other way.
    On the first sign in the room, it describes the fancy golf ball extra, I am guessing that that is the sign that should say the level is the other way.
    Currently, the only way to get out of the level is to hit the spikes and leave out the door you came in from, I have no idea why the dead end door is in the level though :/

  9. Nyubis

    Aw my head. I just spent way too many time finding cameo levels.
    Got em all, except for swain’s one (blockhead style?) .

    And i wanted 2 say : Adam Phillips’ level is awesome.
    really like brackenwood.
    For world 3 : please make another level like this.
    there are people making trouble that you couldn’t see the hittest area always, but that was just making it fun (and a realistic whirl).

    Keep up the good work !

  10. The Fancypantsinator

    Okay, you’re gonna laugh at me for this, but the underground cave with pipes level is so difficult.
    who finished it?

  11. Nyubis

    WHAHAHAHA! that’s just the 1st level… ๐Ÿ˜€
    just play ’till you find a door ๐Ÿ™‚


    100th post!!
    YAY I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Nyubis

    We sure do ๐Ÿ˜€
    As 100th poster and eBil picture creator i wanted to say:

    FPinator, life goes on. CHECK THIS SITE MOAR!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. zymn

    i did that one bug with running on the ceiling. pretty easy.

    oh yeah, i got the blue pants. ๐Ÿ˜›

    FO, u sound like you’re telling the recruiters not to send him back to the army.

  14. Nyubis

    found another bug: in afroninja’s level, when you’re on the very last platform(with the door on) you can run to the right and stan on the gap.
    when you turn left, you fall but fpm grabs onto the platform.

  15. educkface

    heres a little challenge for anyone that wants one, try to beat the rabbit without pressing the jump button at all, it’s harder but still possible.

  16. WJUK

    @educkface: It’s not that much harder. You just slide into the shell to hit the rabbit then slide into the bunny (or running into it works as well when it’s stunned). I utilized the slide function quite a lot in the boss battle as I found it was a quicker way to reach the falling spiders and take them out.

  17. educkface

    heh, when I hit the rabbit for the final time to kill him, I ran and got killed my him while he landed to see what would happen. It played the winning music and dieing music at the same time while fpm got the ice cream. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. DrNeroCF

    Got an update coming prpbably tonight that fixes all that stuff…

    Then you guys can try and break that version! Woo!

    And selectable pants colors are going to be in there, and if you’ve already unlocked a color, unless something goes wrong with the update, they should stay unlocked…

  19. WJUK

    @DrNero: That’s what we’re here for. Breaking Fancy Pants… wait, that sounded so wrong.

    w00t for colours. No-w00t for no patterns! LMFAO. *hint hint* Next game *cough cough*

  20. Gazzo

    weird bug…you may have fixed it, since it’s slightly obvious, but it’s happened multiple times.

    It’s like some of the ink stuff is there. And at times, it even reacts correctly. (I.E., like when you slide, it splatter different than when you run etc…)

  21. Nyubis

    Brad, I’ve got an idea, why don’t you post a “world 3 suggestions” topic, wich we can spam withour ideas while you have a great time toghethter with Jenna.

    And when you’r gonna begin at world 3, you got a topic with thousands of idea’s so you barely gotta do something (except programming and animating).

  22. WJUK

    @Nyubis: I second that idea.

    @DrNero: Hey you would have an endless amount of suggestions of things to add! Think about the possibilities…

    I guess this isn’t a good time to say: ‘Put Chuck Norris in.’ XD lulzzz

  23. Nyubis

    A little riddle for the smart ones:

    You are FP man.
    You are standing in front of 3 doors.
    You know that two of them lead you to a level full of spiders,
    but that one of the three doors has an infinite amount of squiglies in it.

    When you’ve picked a door, the Angry Rabbit comes jumped in and opens another door, where he gets kicked out by the spiders behind it.

    Now, the question is: what is the best?
    staying with your choice or changing to the last door?

  24. foodmansam

    @pyro: # pyro Says:
    January 13th, 2008 at 12:42 am

    hmmm. i noticed 3 more bugs.
    1: when you go into the โ€œHEYโ€ room, there is a invisible block thingy in between the first 2 springs.
    2: still in the โ€œHEYโ€ room, if you charge at the left side of the invisible block, you will reappear right above the door.
    3: when you get to the level select room, too the far right with the bonus stages, if you jump TOWARD the wall, you might cling on to an imaginary ledge. if you get up the ledge, you will be inside the wall and you can die by going to the right or jumping up. you can get out by going off the imaginary ledge.

    These are random bugs i found while playing, and hopefully, ill learn how to use the camera to show it.

    I actually found those a LONG time ago! lol… the world is small…

  25. WJUK

    @Nyubis: I’m sure this was in the GhostBusters cartoon. But whatever. Statistics say (yes, I do Further Maths at College) that due to different probabilities before and after the rabbit opens the other door leading to the spiders that you’d have a better chance if you choose the other door from what you were going to choose before.

    Don’t ask me how to back that up. I have no idea. Is that what you wanted?

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