The colors!

Okay, so a few things had to be left out of the initial release of World 2, but there is one feature that made it in that I thought you guys especially would enjoy.

On every level, there is a snail, and somewhere else on that level is a golfball hole. Sink the shell, your pants turn the same color as the flag at the hole. Surprise surprise, the hole in level 3 is based on the little challenge that this site created while playing the beta!

Post screens of Fancy Pants Man sporting different shades of fancy! How many can you earn? Who can get all 6 first?

On a sidenote, the Fancy Golfball challenge was created in direct respose to anyone who said that World 1 was too easy πŸ˜›

And guys, please, no spamming up this thread like the others…

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  1. styxtwo

    the monty hall problem is actually quite clear if you change it a bit:

    lets say that you have 1000 doors, only one has the icecream and all the others have bad evil things behind it.

    you choose a door when all the doors are closed.

    now someone opens all doors except one and the one you chose.

    it seems obvious now that the chance that you picked right the first time is a lot smaller then if you chose the second door.

    i hope it is understandable now ^^

  2. Nyubis

    allright: WJUK was the first one to find it.
    now he gets the prize (well, he would get it if there was a prize)

    for those who don’t uderstand it yet, let me explain.
    let’s assume that Door 1 is leading to the squigly room.
    since there are three doors, there are three possible scenes:

    -you first pick door 1. then you change and fail.

    -you first pick door 2. then the rabbit opens door 3, you switch to door 1(wich is the only door left) and win.

    -you first pick door 3. then the rabbit opens door 2, you switch to door 1(wich is the only door left) and win.

    So, when you switch you have 2/3 chance of winning.

  3. Nyubis

    how ’bout an an anagram contest?
    where someone says a word/sentence and the other people gotta find a (funny) anagram of it.

    mother-in-law…………..woman Hitler
    eleven plus two…………twelve plus one

  4. Nyubis


    Judging at your angry reaction, you didn’t realise that
    “Nonverbal Jades”
    is an anagram of
    “Brad loves Jenna”

  5. yagamilight39

    hey every1 im new so this might not mean much but go to youtube and type in nightmare the world. if u like the show death note than u should seiriously check this out

  6. DrNeroCF

    The ‘extras’ door is coming next update, though I’m calling it ‘Trophies & Colors,’ a bit more direct…

    The Monty Hall riddle on my internets… don’t think I ever saw that one coming…

  7. Darrell

    gf > world 3

    …So how about Brad makes a fashion line based around Fancy Pants Adventure and has Fairly model? GF + Fancy pants = MEGA WIN

  8. pyro

    im not sure if someone found this out yet, but if you hang on to the wall and hold the button facing the wall, then repeatedly pressing the other button, you will slowly start to go up a wall.

  9. educkface

    ugh, we though that glitch was fixed. Someone found that worked with switching between the left and right buttons, but no one tried holding one and pressing the other :/

  10. pyro

    hmmm… when i did that gbuch, i could jump off of it and my position was that if the dude was sliding down backwards…… anyway, when i ducked, i looked like a falling cannonball in mid-air =p

  11. pyro

    another infinite loop glitch- when you go to start game and talk to the man, you can have a endless jump sequence….. you cling on to the left invisible wall and let go. also works if you jump toward the wall. to end it, move to the left then you will drop….

  12. Bigbaddragondude

    I found one (though it may be my computer) I hit the snailshell to the end of the oil thing and the game freezes for a few secs. Then the snailshell is gone off screen and I am over almost 10 meters away.

  13. Nyubis

    Most of them tell about the same bug , i mean, how many times haven’t we got a post about the hey-room?

    Be Wherever Guys…………Bugs everywhere

  14. styxtwo

    damn missed the 200 πŸ˜‰

    well anyways , on a more serious note:

    The loading time is huge! for me and probably everyone else on this site that doenst matter. but some people may not be as patient. is there any possible way you could lower the loading time? or maybe even a small FP minigame? it will help a lot i think =)

  15. WJUK

    Damn, missed the 200.

    @DrNero: You mean both the bugs I just posted?

    @Nyubis: So much for not spamming. πŸ˜›
    Here’s mine: GAY NINA RAM BUS… Nyubis anagram

  16. marco082

    I just found two bugs in 1.1 I hope they haven’t already been covered. If they have, my apologies.

    #1, in the afro ninja world, when I tried to roll down the tube, it rolled me into the wall between the tube and the beginning of the world. I tried wall jumping my way out, but couldn’t. Eventually it knocked me back to the beginning.

    #2, the elevator in Luis’ world isn’t there anymore. The only way I could finish the world was to exploit the wall climbing bug: (hold one arrow and rapidly press the other arrow to gradually climb the wall.

    Love the colors and the trophies, though.

  17. Nyubis

    The 1.1 version is really awesome (got all trophies except for luis’ since the elevator is gone πŸ™ )

    It’s already been a while, maybe you should finish the sprites for NGR hint:
    make him fight with his pencil (no not that pencil)

    i guess its still possible since hank was added too.

    Hank is from the awesome and absolute not suitable for my age madness combat series

    Beasts Command…………Madness Combat

  18. pyro

    ARGH!!! another bug-
    In the trophy room, if you go on the left ledge and press down, you’ll go straight through the ledge halfway!! then, if you move a little bit to the right, youll end up at an left-ward angle. if you crouch after being at an angle, you’ll do an infinate SUPER FAST rolling position SIDEWAYS. and you have to refresh the page or else your stuck there FOREVER!!!O.O

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