Nope, not dead.

I think that title about sums it up… Funny how I choose to make a blog style site and never actually update the blog posts on it. Funny, too, because I have a tendency to rant about anything related to video games and the industry. I suppose I should try and actually make blog posts from now on…

First off, soon I’m going to work on those guides for the game. Sure World 2’s been out for a bit now, but I’m still getting emails asking where trophies are and how to unlock colors. For those who already have everything, I’ll try and throw in a bit of commentary for the fun of it, so who knows, the videos might still be worth watching.

Also in the pipeline, I’m working on a few games at once again now that World 2 is out, and I’d like to update you guys on the progress of my games. Nothing that’s as large as World 2, but a few things that I’ve definitely excited about. Specifically, I’m working with a new style, and I’d definitely like to get some feedback on it.

Now that that’s out of the way… Smash Bros. Brawl, eh? Can’t wait. Going to be epic win, period. Haven’t really been playing Wii much lately, but I know that that’s going to change come next month. Lately, though, I’ve been playing MotoStorm and StarDust HD. Haven’t really been using the ps3 much after buying it for Uncharted, but it’s been getting some more use now that I’ve downloaded StarDust. The system itself, though, ugh, it’s awful. The controller is still terrible (seriously, Sony, everyone uses the analog stick now, put it where my thumb goes, like all the other controllers!), no rumble FTL, and the only game I used the tilt with was MotoStorm, since it’s more fun like that, but the joystick is more accurate, especially with lighter vehicles. Oh yeah, and something that I didn’t know until I bought the system: you have to install demos after downloading them. Installing is one of the reasons I’m not really fond of gaming on my computer. The 360 doesn’t do it, so why does the ps3? Oh yeah, and the menu is pretty bad, too.

So yeah, the ps3 is pretty terrible, doesn’t do anything the 360 can’t, and I vastly prefer the 360 controller, so that’s the system I’d buy any multiplatform games on.

Let’s see, what else… Got a lot of plans for the future, hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more fun stuff soon, like about those shirts and what’s going on with future Fancy Pants Adventures (though I still say I could use the Wii remote better than any developer has yet πŸ˜‰ ).

Oh yeah, I also want to post how you guys can play my games with different controllers (Wii remote, Classic Controller, 360 controller, USB gamepad). FPA is definitely much more fun like that, and that’s how I do extended testing sessions. Anyone interested in playing World 2 on your computer with a Wii Classic Controller?

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  1. Nyubis

    I tried.
    I failed.
    I didn’t gave up.
    I got frustrated.
    I tried once aigan.
    I smashed my head aiganst my pc cursed the guy who decided that as had to be so goddamn difficult.

    WTF is wrong with this script? why wont it work? (and why does my head hurt?)

    //set fullscreen
    fscommand(fullscreen, true);
    //fireball control
    if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)){
    duplicateMovieClip (fireball, fbd, 2)
    copied = true;
    if (copied == true) {
    fbd._x += 75;
    fbd._y += 75;
    copied = false;
    fbd._x += 10;
    if (fbd._x>850) {

  2. Nyubis

    Flash Master, we need your help in here.

    I worked at this piece only for 3 hours, and yet it doesnt work.
    blowing fireballs cant be that hard?
    Wich little but fatal mistake did i make?

  3. DrNeroCF

    Use attach movie instead of duplicate, it’s good habit to use getNextHighestDepth() when specifying depth. You might also want to specify _x and _y in the attachMovie, by doing , {_x:whatever, _y:whatever} ), oh, and put your variable names in quotes. Something more like…

    i = getNextHighestDepth()
    attachMovie(“fireball”, “fbd”+i, i, {_x:char._x, _y:char._y} )

    And, you know, set the clips for export by right clicking them in the library and clicking linkage… Duplicate is just so sloppy…

  4. Nyubis

    OK, it didn’t work.
    I’ve got flash mx, and it says that it has never heard of getnexthighestdepth().

    So i’ve decided that there’s only one way to make a good game of it:
    get the AS-code of fpa world 2

    I’m only one step away of it.
    I have the swf-file:
    I only need to turn it into a .fla
    I noticed a file named swfextractor.exe on the flash mx cd-rom.
    That could be the chance of the world.
    There is 1 problem: World 2 was made with flash cs3!!!!!!!!!

    so i should get that.
    For free, since i have no money.

    The plan:
    1.Download trial version
    2.Use Date Cracker 2000
    Oh crap, that’s for educational purposes only.
    Well i’m gonna learn the code of world 2, so i guess thats educational.
    3.Get the code.

  5. Nyubis

    I guess i’ll skip that then.
    Well there isn’t a code for firebreath in it anyway + Brad dosnt want poople to see his code + dad doesnt wants me to install flash CS3

  6. WJUK

    It shouldn’t be too hard to make a dragon breath fire. I could probably make a simple thing like that in VB code. Believe it or not.

    @styxtwo: as3? as2?

    Are we talking about the same things here?

  7. DrNeroCF

    Nyubis, hacking other people’s swf files is pretty much a big no-no for Flash devs, especially when you could just ask them for simple code like that πŸ˜›

    But here, and no it’s not the code to world 2 πŸ˜›

    In anything less than CS3, it doesn’t show up as blue, I believe. And make sure you get the capitalization right.

  8. WJUK

    There isn’t an explicit rule, it’s more of one of those “unwritten law” things. Like how you don’t rat out friends at school etc.

    And when you do want code for something, it is ALWAYS better to ask first. Sometimes they might be kind enough to give it to you, and then you’d save a lot of time and effort! Not to mention that they may give you some tips (if you ask really nicely) that may turn out to help you.

  9. WJUK

    I’ve been thinking, you know. (Yes, I know it’s rare πŸ˜› )
    But about the control scheme thing that we were talking about earlier (scroll up if you have no idea what I’m rambling about) and you, Brad, should try and get Fancy Pants on XBox Live Arcade or WiiWare.


    Especially WiiWare, since I heard it doesn’t cost as much and it would be awesome to play on the Wii. A ton of flash games are making the jump to consoles, Line Rider is coming to the Wii & DS; N made the jump to the DS; Fl0W went to PSN etc.

    You could even make a DS game! XD

  10. styxtwo

    haha yea that was my point of making three posts xD we wouldnt want an uberimplodingsuper (yes i totally made that word up just now πŸ˜› ) post eating the bornegames site πŸ˜›

  11. DrNeroCF

    WJUK: I’d be an idiot if I wasn’t looking into WiiWare and XBLA, haha. Especially the way all the ‘casual games’ are hitting commercial space nowadays (remind me to make a blog post on why I hate the term ‘casual games’ so much…).

  12. Rob

    Just for the record, I e-mailed you back a response to the one you sent moi, Brad. I have no idea if it went through but it updated it in my inbox. Either I sent it to myself, or this is just the way gmail works. I have no idea, seeing as this is actually the first time I ever bothered using this particular address. :/

  13. DrNeroCF

    Zymn: Haha, you can ask Rob, I haven’t even gotten back to his email. (Which I will do… tomorrow…).

    WJUK: I can at least confirm that I want to, and I’m trying, haha.

  14. WJUK

    @Nyubis: Not all HTML works in WordPress. Just basic html, like bold, italic, strike-through etc. Nothing too fancy. Unless the author of the blog allows full HTML (I’m not sure how though).

    @DrNero: Trying? You better try harder! Playing it on WiiWare will be amazing. Although I think if you do get a deal, it’s about time you assembled some sort of team. If it was just you again I think we’d be waiting until the next generation of consoles. XD

    I volunteer for creative team! πŸ˜€

  15. Rob

    Eh? Somebody needs to ask moi something? Well somebody direct the question in my way, I’m too lazy to dig through this mess to find it myself, haha. And no, WJUK, I’m not a flash game designer. I’ve never messed with ActionScript.

    I’m a computer programmer with the course of game development being my main choice and C++ being my main programming language. I have a small amateur team of friends with no website because the server had a DoS attack and damage to the hardware is around $1,000.

    It’s slowly supposedly being fixed, however. I would move to somewhere else, except this person is a friend and the deal is quite a good one.

  16. TehFPser

    @WJUK: im confused about this, clue me in, does brad hav an account name in here? and can he talk to us? If he alredy is which account is he?

  17. WJUK

    @Rob: I was close… ish. I knew you was a programmer/designer or something, it was 50/50 really. I actually have been meaning to learn C++ (and HTML & Javascript properly…) but never got round to it. Currently in college I’m learning VB code though.

    And ouch, DoS attack. Those suck. I don’t get why people do things like this.

    @TehFPser: All answer your questions in order.
    >Yes… well… we can read the text he types.


  18. DrNeroCF

    Heh, nah I just meant that Rob is having a hell of a time just getting me to respond to his email, I don’t think you want me working on a project right now, heh.

  19. Pittsburgh


    I agree with you. I would love to talk to Brad. I want to ask him how he would make the game more fun and harder, but will benefit him enough so that we would play the game more.

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