Bonus Post 8/7!

There’s been some terrible accusations that Cutie Pants might just be a reskinning of Fancy Pants Man!

In fact, they won’t control a thing alike. She won’t run nearly as fast, she might not even be able to run up half pipes like FPM can!

So to make up for that slight shortcoming…

With a little help from Kabootle, she shouldn’t have any problem getting through levels…


Just no one tell PETA, k? 😉

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  1. tallwhitey

    are you open to naming suggestions? as FarilyObvious pointed out, she doesn’t actually have pants.

    so what about throwing some kicks on her and then renaming her (Lil’ or Miss) Cutie Shoes.

  2. username6

    Thats some pretty hardcore stuff right there, swinging from a cat… You should have to unlock Fancy Pants Man’s little sis by rescuing her on a level or somthing.

    And in other matters, what prize shall our fancy-pantsy hero be after in this game? A bannana? A popsicle? or will he just go on a quest to Pwn a toothpick ninja sensei?

  3. Gazzo

    I like Kabootle. He looks like an interesting little feller (fellerette?)

    Looking forward to World 3, Frasier’s Ride, and whatever else you have planned, Mr. Borne.

  4. VideoGuy

    Brad, have you been playing Final Ninja? 😉

    If you do implement this in the game, PLEASE do not require mouse controls for it. I can’t use the mouse and keyboard at the same time. Or at least have the option to use the mouse or keyboard.

  5. Moony Suan

    Ohmygosh, I have an idea (that everyone probably already thought of, but still).
    I’ve been wishing there could be a 2-player FPA for a while, but it wouldn’t really make any sense. But now with CPG I think it could work.
    I’t might have to be separate from the main game though since FPA was always a 1-player game and it probably isn’t the greatest idea to shut out anyone from playing who doesn’t have a friend on hand. It also seems that an AI of either character could really work very well, given the nature of the game. So possibly a mini game that you unlock or just 2 player bonus levels.

  6. xtrem

    i think you should make a little animation of cutie pant girl like fancy pants man on top with all the doors for a short will be so cool

  7. DaxterSpeed

    You should make the start menu into FPM’s home. You can walk around in it as FPM and go into his room to change pants color and watch his trophies. But there should be a room where CPG sits on a chair playing computer games. When you walk passed her you switch to her and Kabootle comes running, and when you go into “FPM” room you come too her room. (Where you can change dress color?) I just think that that would be a cool feature.

  8. imbored

    Like MoonySuan said there should be a side multiplayer game. It could consist of minigames like racing or shell golf. Or maybe you attack each other with shells. You would probably need more than 2 characters in the game though. I don’t know, I was just brainstorming… But it would be fun!

  9. WJUK

    That’s an interesting prospect. Seeing as the main menu is basically a hub already, if Brad decorates it a little to make it look like a house it’d be done.

  10. Nyubis

    No edit button yet? 🙁
    Anyway, I think a credits song would be a good idea for World III.
    It worked in Portal and You Have To Burn The Rope, so why won’t it wotk in Fancy Pants? You can have the major of Squigleville or someone else with a mouth sing it, and have FPM think the lyrics in a “mind-cloud” so we can start randomly singing it on the forums when we’ve been on-topic too long. 😛

  11. DavidAnimatedGamer

    Oh, I forgot.

    Anyone wanna guess whats Fancy’s next ability?
    I mean, in FPA 1 there was a preview of wall jumpin’.
    In FPA 2, you really needed it.
    I think Fancy’s Pants should become a parachute or something.
    You know. To cushion him when he falls from high places.

  12. Slugminni

    Well, since the walljump was technically in World 1, it doesn’t really count as a new ability in World 2. I say there’s more new stuff like the ropes, ink and cannons that were added. And maybe more cannons thrown in this time.

  13. nichaey

    Maybe he’ll incorporate more physicsy things. Like cannoning into the top of a tall enemy to knock him over, or…. Fancy-bowling?

  14. DrNeroCF

    DavidAnimatedGamer: The new ability in World 2 was sliding. There’s going to be a bunch of new things, though the list isn’t final. Hopefully there will be more interacting with the level.

  15. DrNeroCF

    xtrem: Yes the mayor will make an appearance, but won’t be like, the only good guy in the entire game this time around.

    No edit button yet? I see them, you guys don’t? They should be timed…

  16. Slugminni

    YES! The Mayor is in!

    Hmmm… I wonder what those “new things” will be.
    Glad to see there will hopefully be more level interaction.
    *cough*Cannon level.*cough*

  17. jesus_minime

    i think you should make the mirrors edge girl as a secret unlockable charactor.. unless of corse you plan to use a different physics engine fir fpmw3 than mirrors edge..
    it’s an idea at least

  18. xtrem

    thank you brad so much.(yes the mayor is back baby)
    i think cutie pants is so cute.
    when will be the next post on the website cuz i’m bored

  19. Slugminni

    Really, though, will there be different level paths, one for FPM and one for CPG? Because their abilities seem suited to different paths…

  20. Slugminni

    Oh, OK. Ya, I wasn’t expecting all-out different levels.

    Anyways, maybe someone should make a theme song.
    Brad, would you accept a fanmade one if it’s good enough?

  21. DavidAnimatedGamer

    Oh, and the game really needs NPCs.
    And the Main Menu, like other people suggested, should be a house.
    Cause that would be better than a plain Main Menu.
    To be unique. And I have a question,
    Where did Fancy’s Pants come from anyway?

  22. Slugminni

    Well, I know a Theme Song Guru, which is why I asked. I’m sure he could come up with a radical one.

    Oh, and the main menu house idea is a good one.

  23. Moony Suan

    I was flipping through TommyLM’s website and it had some of the music that he made for world 2 but you couldn’t use for whatever reason. Maybe you could use some of those in world 3?

  24. Slugminni

    I sorta agree with WJUK, lyrics would work better in the credits.

    And wall-running doesn’t seem like FPM’s vibe, it’s a little too out of the way. FPA is all about doing things on the go. Maybe something new, like grab-and-go items? Items are cool.

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