A call to arms!

Addicting games is having a contest, and Fancy Pants Man is up for the most Courageous Stick Figure Stunt award! And if you don’t believe that traveling to the depths of a cave to wake up the sleeping Angry Penguin isn’t the most courageous stunt that you can think of (besides maybe getting his tasty ice cream cone back from the Angry Rabbit), what you doing on my internets??


Being Courageous, Serious Business!

Woot an official badge thing!

Click the badge, click VOTE 😀

Vote and then check out the action on Nickalodeon on June 27th, 5pm (PST)!

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  1. Niksterino


    I think Brad knows that and he’s just doing this for who’mever doesn’t go on the forum ( a.k.a the crazy ones ).Or the people who are as blind as a bat and didn’t see the topic….. Whichever =D

  2. fancypantsfan250

    Already voted for FPA. Let’s hope he wins.

    In the robot category thing I casted my vote for Chronotron. It’s not so much about robots as it is about time travel. And it’s done very well.

  3. negativeinfinity

    dangflippit! I voted for the wrong game on accident!
    …sigh. I guess I should at least play “porta-pusher” now.
    lousy… Why can’t you unvote?

  4. WJUK

    Out of interest, how many hits do you actually get a day?

    Judging by the comments, it’s not a particularly large amount but comments aren’t exactly proportional to page views.

  5. WJUK

    That’s an impressive amount. It’s expected that ME2D gets the most views as it’s tied to a franchise.

    But I’m sure traffic will increase when World 3 is released. Especially if you link to your blog in the game like in World 2.

  6. VideoGuy

    @liphttam: I know what you mean. They used to have good stuff, but now most of the games are just crap.

    Be sure that you actually make the link to here easy to get to in World 3, unlike World 2 where it was practically impossible.

  7. WJUK

    @Nik: It’s like that. Since many people probably come from Google (a lot of the time from Google Image) and only pop in to have a quick gander and then leave. Very rarely do they stop, comment or check out forums etc.
    This is more evident on YT. You can see the number of views a video has, compare this to ratings and comments. You’ll quickly find the majority of people just watch a video and that’s it.

    @VG: It wasn’t that hard to find in World 2. Ok sure, it wasn’t exactly on the main menu but it wasn’t practically impossible.

  8. VideoGuy

    Well, you could find the spring for it, but even then you would have to disable your pop-up blocker and reload the game in order to find the site. World 3 should have a clickable link instead.

  9. WJUK

    We had a talk about the main hub in the forum, and we came across this suggestion where it was basically FPM’s home. And it sounded a good idea then, as it does now.

  10. WJUK

    It depends how it’s implemented. Usually underwater sequences are frustrating more than anything. When I first played the 2D Sonic games nothing scared me more than hearing that all-too-familiar YOU’RE-ABOUT-TO-DIE-GET-TO-THE-SURFACE-OR-BREATHE-IN-A-BUBBLE-QUICK sound.

  11. liphttam1


    Ok no underwater but I still think swimming is fine as long your swimming fancy! Running on water perhaps? If you stop running you fall in and have to swim to the shore.

  12. WJUK

    Maybe you can copy all those games where water seems to kill everyone, including superheroes!
    Yes, I’m looking at you: pretty much every open-world game out there except a select few.

    Running on water sounds like a good idea, maybe that could be a defining feature that could separate FPM and CPG. FPM is faster so he can run across water, but CPG has to swing over (or take another route).

    But judging by Brad’s response, he’s thought of it already. M’rite?

  13. Kratospie

    Hey, this is my first post.

    When I heared about this contest, I went to the site just to check it out and when I saw Fancy Pants Man I voted right away.

    I really hope FPM wins!

  14. WJUK

    I’ve noticed you’ve added me too liphttam, maybe we can play a game together sometime.

    Too bad I don’t have Nickalodeon, or I’d watch it… or something.

  15. coolman1081


    he’s going to win in his catagory
    i know it

  16. educkface

    @ liphttam1
    I find it kind of funny that you despise addicting games and speak horribly about it, yet you go to mofunzone. have you ever typed in armourgames.com? Did you notice that mofunzone stole ME2d before it was released to websites, which used up mirrorsedge2d.com’s bandwith? I am not trying to support addicting games or anything, but I think they are way better and honest than mofunzone.

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