World 3 Sneak Peek: Swimming!

So here’s a glance at my take on 2d platformer swimming, usually the bane of most gamers’ existences. I’ve also been experimenting with extra background layers for a much cooler parallax effect.

You can click on the video to watch it much larger at

Also, new page for World 3!

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  1. PinkSombrero

    WOW. I… i dont even know. Brad, you are A GOLDEN GOD. That is all.

    Plus, the underwater pushing off walls thing is amazing, and i love the backcrawl ;D Great work.

  2. fan187

    Ouch greatestguy. The video shows fancy swiming. It looks very smooth. Fancy is able to push off of walls and skip across the water aswell.

  3. greatestguy

    ok I will try that site next time brad

    wjuk: my parents have this thing called K9 or something that can block certain categorys and it blocks “open image/video searches” as one of them

    I am at my cousins and here it isn’t blocked so I saw it and dude, it’s totally amazing.

  4. Nyubis

    This is plain stunning. I’ve never seen this good water levels in my life; this really is revolutionary. It’s not slow-paced and boring as most Mario water levels were, the animation is incredible, and the control is perfect. I can’t wait to play this.

    @greatestguy: try or
    They should be able to download the .flv and turn it into the format of your choice.

  5. LDAF

    Hey, I dunno if you heard, but next year, when Flash CS5 comes out, there’ll be an option to port your flash games right to iPhone or iPod Touch, all you need to do is do a little extra programming, and some new controls. Now, I remember in an interview, you said you thought Fancy Pants on iPhone would be fun. I can haz Fancy Pants 3 on iPhone? :3

  6. Frozoth

    Oooooooh… I know this is a weird thing to notice, but I LOVE the way his hair flops down when you land. Nice addition.

    And of course, the swimming is just plain awesome. The backgrounds do a good job of that 3D with 2D thing. Nicely done.

  7. Frozoth

    @Nyubis: Exactly. I wasn’t completely sure what parallax meant, but that’s it. I need to keep up on my super-cool flash game lingo.

  8. fan187

    WHATTTT!?!?!!? FAIRLY GET DEMOS?!!?!? ok…..

    haven’t comented in a while been researching new mickey mouse game. It looks awesome. It’s called epic mickey. And yes, I can just picture an epic swiming w/ pirate ship level.

  9. VideoGuy

    @mon1nis: Not even Brad knows the answer to this.

    This looks like some awesome moves that he can do with water. I’m hoping its as easy to control as the rest of the game?

    Also FO, how much of the game is done/have you played through? Only you can answer this using your insider spy knowledge.

  10. VideoGuy

    I’ve never found it to work very well, especially when the victim’s brain is clean to begin with.

    And I could IM-spam Brad too if I wanted to, but I don’t use AIM anymmore.

  11. jesus_minime

    looking back on world 2 what i would really like to see in world three, is all of the inovative secret levels and art from different flash animators. that was one of my favorite consepts from world 2.

  12. jesus_minime

    hey guys… how can you upload fan videos? i made a fancy flash short… and i mean SHORT… its like 200 frames long… lol

  13. jesus_minime

    @wjuk i love how in the file you found she turns into FPM every time you backflip… and p.s. how the heck did you find it. did brad send it to you for testing?

  14. WJUK

    Brad didn’t send it to me, I found it. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And she turns into FPM because a lot of the animations aren’t done yet – as you’d expect.

    To upload fan art, upload it to any image hosting site (imageshack, photobucket, flickr etc.) than you can post the link here or email it to Brad if you want it on the fan art page.

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