Pencil Teaser!

Remember, it’s just a teaser! There’s no baddies yet that actually take advantage of the combat, and very limited audio, but I wanted you guys to be able to check out the bunch of animation I’ve been working on for way too long now.

Sometimes you just gotta go a-stompin’…


Video Q&A (to make this easier on me, gonna try and answer the more general questions here):

How does sheathing the pencil work?

– He does it automatically during normal levels, after running a bit, or jumping. No separate button, but for now, ducking forces a sheath.

Does this mean that old levels are getting redone for World 3

– Maybe, maybe not, I just still like the first level of the first world of FPA, haha. Soooo much better with the newer physics, too.

Should FPA carrying the pencil on his back instead of it disappearing?

– Probably, I’ll have to do some tests, as long as it’s not distracting.

Is there a separate key for using the pencil?

– Yeah, it’s A or D right now. All the moves are done by either tapping or holding one of them. So it’s only one button, just set to either of those right now.

Can the ricochet scratches hit other enemies?

– They better, would be a wasted opportunity if they didn’t ๐Ÿ˜€ Might have to fiddle with the trajectory to make that easier.

Parts that take specific advantage of the pencil? / Many baddie sections

– Absolutely.

Bring back those hideous and terribly drawn flying dog / dragon things from World 1!

– I really should, huh? Man, those were embarrassing…

Will there be a running attack?

– There certainly should be, there isn’t one animated now, though.

XBox Live and/or PSN?

– I’d sure love to. But yeah, that’s a full port there. Regardless, I want World 3 to be as good if not better than most games that come out on either of those services ๐Ÿ˜€

Separate post on pencil fencing?

– Nope! Hence the magic of the edit button! Love you honey! ; )

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  1. Wallross

    Wow Brad, this is amzing,and right now I just cannot wait for World Three!!. I love the way you can bat away the squiggle-bullets(if thats what theyre called?). Judging by the level that is in the video either:
    a)The World Three levels are not complete or up to scratch.
    b)You dont want to give too much away.
    Hopefully you can show us some kabootle action soon.(or A release date :D)

  2. DrNeroCF

    Right, the most fundamental idea behind World 3 right now is to add new features that don’t distract from the core game. I’m really happy how it’s turning out right now though, not sure if you can tell from the video, but the movement physics have been reworked again from World 2.

    I liked using this level since you can see that the pencil doesn’t take anything away from the old level, you can continue to run through it at any time, plus, revisiting an old level and bashing up all th baddies in it in an all new way sounded fun to me. And it wad ๐Ÿ˜€

    Kabootle’s going to be quite a project, haha, definitely can’t wait until the grappling is mature enough to show off like the pencil…

  3. DaxterSpeed

    Is it one (or two) levels only?
    Can FPM carry it on his back instead of making it disappear?
    Is this level going to come back in FPM3? (A harder version?)
    Are the pencil a smooth attack to use? It seems like it stops FPM..
    Will you be able to swim with the pencil?
    Is 42 the answer to the question of life?
    Will other levels do comebacks?
    Is FPM the most amazing Flash game character in the universe?

    Answer those questions.

  4. fancypantsfan250

    You’ve borrowed from World 1 to show off the new pencil. Awesome!

    So there’s a separate key for using the pencil. Will there be a key to put it away or whatever?

  5. Nyubis

    That is SO EPIC.
    It seems the pencil isn’t made for rush-style playing but for the second time, when you stand still at parts of the game to examine the level and surroundings.
    I guess it has a pretty smooth use (as would seem from your vid). I assume there will be parts where you can do a cool pencil trick you didn’t know before (like with the snailshell in W2 L1).

    A little question, can you use the pencil for a running attack? I think that would be convenient considering the smooth gameplay of FPA.

  6. Fuzzy OneThree

    I don’t see why you wouldn’t try to release this game on XBLA or PSN. This game is shaping up to be the most professional and polished flash game I’ve ever seen. I really think it would translate well to the consoles.

  7. WJUK

    Haha awesome, playing through a level in World 1. It looks great!

    A dash move would be awesome (maybe he while running he does a lunge into a roll or something).

  8. Electron

    *Drools, whimpers, cries, begs and faints all at the same time*
    Looks awesome, Brad!
    It does look a lil’ glitchy when the pencil hits something against another surface. Is that a physics error, or something else? Huh.

  9. WJUK

    Brad, you failed to answer the most important question!

    When are we going to be able to play it?


    Ok, a more serious question here: Any other items/weapons going to be added?

  10. jesus_minime

    ok, frist of all…. HOLY AWESOME!!!
    seconds, if you look at 45, you can see brad spelled his name on the wall.
    and one more thing… BRAD!
    WHEN THE (insert offensive language here) Is FRASERS RIDE COMING OUT??
    cant you at LEAST give us a demo or something?

  11. Moulinux

    The world 3 will be really more awesome than his predecessors ๐Ÿ˜‰ . The pencil looks cool, my little sister likes Cutie Pants and swimming looks very cool. I’m waiting impatiently for the world 3 more wonderful graphics, pleasant music and delicious levels :-).

    PS: @ DrNeroCF I sent you an email dealing to translate the world 3 in French a while ago (on 27/12/09), you have not readed it, you have not answered me or my antispam bugged ?

  12. john junner

    My favort is the run slash because I like games with sords and so do my frends at shool.Ooooohhh and Moulinux I like the picture.

  13. Slugminni

    I’d REALLY like to see more enemy variety than “spiders with armor”. Maybe dung beetles or bananas (they both have armor, sorta).

  14. Slugminni

    Sorry for double-posting, but I just realized that crabs and lobsters have armor, too. Especially hermit crabs.

    Oh, and turtles.

  15. Slugminni

    Rats are too much like mice, they’re the opposite of creative under the circumstances. And why would they wear something besides suspenders? I just don’t like the idea of the same enemies with armor on them.

    If turtles and crabs are too cliche, I still like my beetles and bananas idea. Or how about an enemy that hides under a cardboard box as armor?

  16. DrNeroCF

    Haha, well I was half kidding with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Got a few that are half done, right now it’s split between baddies that I want to make because they’d be fun to fight, and baddies that will just be there for some diversity (so they more or less act like the spiders). We’ll see how far I get with them, I might post some screens eventually. Still finishing combat for now though.

    Miniboss? Maybe, but bosses take forever to make, so we’ll see if I have time…

  17. jesus_minime

    as3? you can’t POSSIBLY use as3 and still be true Borne Games fan!
    lol, i’m just kiddding, i just use it because its simpler and i didn’y feel like learning as3, although after i’m done this project i’m going to get back into animating again.

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