World 3 Progress Report 1

Hopefully this is the first in a series of progress reports on World 3. I know I never post as much info about the development of World 3 as I’d like to, so I’m going to make an effort to consistently post updates on development. Hopefully I’ll be able to make these on a weekly basis.

To start off, we have:

– Advanced pencil combat and movement techniques.
– What exists so far of the sword fighting pirate baddie.
– Combat with flying enemy concept
– First video of Squiggleville 🙂

Next video should be much more interesting, got a few things I’m working on that hopefully everyone will like.

View the video from YouTube to watch it in HD!

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  1. DrNeroCF

    Yeah I have no idea what’s going on. Thing is, Flash is pretty awful, but people have done some amazing things with it with a lot of time and talent (Adam Phillips, especially). Works the same way for pretty much any media, though. I’ve seen some amazing gifs, Flash animations, flipbook animations, even Flipnote Studio animations, but I’ve never seen a Pivot animation that has impressed me in the slightest (and I’ve looked).

    But anyways, we’re at GDC right now, I’ll be posting another update when I get back, though.

  2. gheith

    it’s hard to believe that fancy pants doesn’t have a girl, or at least an admirer. NAW JUST KIDDING!

    doesn’t fancy pants have some kind of cool backround story? a long lost partner? the son of the most coolest father and mother in the entire world? escaped in a magical pants from an exploding planet krypanton? or maybe at least went into the woods one day, found a magical wizard, and was given a duty to protect the world, and a pair of pants? fancy pants is just to awesome to have no backround stroy! what lays in the unknown past of fancy?

  3. Slugminni

    @Gheith: On the contrary, Fancy Pants Man is too awesome to have a backstory. Besides, he already has a sister, new to World 3.

    @Junner: I thought you would have the sense to stop that talk.

  4. Electron

    Ok, John. Listen carefully, (or read carefully or whatever) cause I’m about to tell you what we’ve all been trying to tell you this whole time.

    Flash is a program.
    Pivot is also a program.
    They are both used for animation.
    Flash is a much more highly developed program.
    That is why pivot is free, and flash can cost more than a thousand dollars.
    When you animate, you aren’t restricted to animating anything in particular.
    For instance, in pivot, people alway animate stick figures killing each other. But you could also make an animation of stick figures shaking hands.
    Flash is not violent because a program cannot be violent.
    You can animate anything in flash, including violent things, but, as I pointed out, the same goes for pivot.
    Here is a very good example of what a professional (the great Adam Phillips) can do:

    Here are some other facts about flash and pivot.
    Flash can make games as well as animations.
    Fancy Pants Man was made in flash.
    Games are much more difficult to make, because games require animation (Well, there are some exceptions to this one, lol) as well as code.
    Now, pivot cannot make games. This is because there is no way to implement code into pivot. Therefore, (This was your original argument)Fancy Pants Man could not possibly have been made in pivot.

    Now that I’ve explained this, let’s never speak of it again.
    Sound good? Good.
    Instead maybe we can still talk about animation, just not pivot, ’cause animation is still pretty cool.

    Speaking of which, ah made me a flash animation too!!

  5. Slugminni

    Junner, what that link showcases has nothing to do with what we were just talking about. You are being ridiculous. Stop talking about you-know-what. Brad, are you seeing this? He’s completely crazy.

  6. Wallross

    If he is a spammer, then he’s an extremely bad one. He could at least bother to spell some of his words correctly.

    I dont think that he had even heard of flash before we mentioned it.

  7. Slugminni

    @Electron: Oh cool, that’s a good idea. 🙂

    @Everyone: Wasn’t Brad supposed to release another status report every week? The week is almost over…

  8. hyz

    Why can’t there be a secret spy agency for fancy pants where you have to show your identity card to get in and if a spider is chasing you you quickly hide in the spy agency until he’s gone.
    I can’t wait to play Fancy Pants 3!! I hope there is another post soon or tomorrow. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  9. Wallross

    @Hyz: Just a tip, All good things come in time, and maybe Brad meeting some awesome people at GDC might be good for World Three, so don’t spam.
    A double comment is bad, but five times is shocking.

    Please, next time, don’t hit that submit button until all of your ideas are out there.

  10. jesus_minime

    @slugminni ok, honestly…. nvm…. i need not say anything more about your crappy animation

    @electron ok, first of all, your awesome… and and really ummmmm, funny-ish…

    @hyz please…. the post will come in time! stop spamming!

    @videoguy *gives props*

  11. jesus_minime

    technically, it costs no money whatsoever to operate flash.
    so really he needs no money to make fpa3, but he still needs money to live so if you want to press the magical shiny *donate* button.
    but then again… you’re probably too young to have a credit card anyway… (unless you’re an 18 year old 3rd grade drop-out)

  12. Slugminni

    Jesus, if you insist on insulting my animation (which really isn’t that bad at all), you’re no better than the “third-grade dropout” that you are also putting down. Sure my animation isn’t the best in the world, and sure Junner is being pretty annoying right now, but I would rather not have insults flying around on Borne Games. I know that is not my call, but I don’t think Brad appreciates bad vibes either. If I were less impressed with my animation, I may have even been compelled to stop animating by your comments. I may be exaggerating, but I don’t want that to happen to me or anyone else that posts their animations here.

  13. DrNeroCF

    @Slugminni: I’m not sure I would consider ‘simple’ to be an insult, unless there’s something going on behind the scenes that I’m not seeing…

    I would consider this to be ‘simple’ Flash animation as well:

    The only thing complex about FPA’s animation is that it’s all situational, the code drives the animation and the animation drives the code, but most of the actual raw animation itself is super simple, there’s just a ton of it. Adam Phillips I would consider to be far more complex…

    Actually I just found this:

    Hm, that’s not bad for a Pivot animation, I guess they don’t all look like this: (though most do…).

    Anyways, because of GDC, I don’t have too much to show off, but I’ll have something good for Friday, and hopefully regularly after that, when I can figure out how long it takes me to make something interesting enough to show off (once a week every friday hopefully?).

  14. Wallross

    @John: Pivot is a great tool for people starting out in the animation game, and yes it was how I learned to create poses and learnt frame by frame. But you have to learn that pivot is no where near a proffesional program, and that there is no way possible that Brad would ever use it again, now that he has flash.

  15. Wallross

    I think the comments about Slugminis aniamtion got out of hand.

    I dont think that JM meant anything by it, so I think that this shouldn’t be mentioned again.

    P.S. Slugmini, if you get so upset about what a complete stranger says over the internet, I dont know how youre gonna handle stuff like getting turned down for a job.

  16. FairlyObvious

    In my opinion, with my mod instincts coming out. JM was never in the wrong, I don’t really think he needed to apologize. He said he did not mean to insult the animation, he called it simple that’s it. SM continued to talk about and be insulted, JM got frustrated and came out with “crappy”, I probably would have done the same thing.
    btw there is nothing wrong with animation being simple, it can be a massive compliment.I don’t know why anyone would think it an insult.

  17. FairlyObvious


    Let me know if you ever do anything that’s a full length plot infested animation. I’d like to see the way your style goes.

  18. Wallross

    @FO: Youre right, lots of simple animations are great. You dont need to be Adam Phillips to do some good stuff. If you’ve ever seen Meet Larry youll know that. That had the worlds crappiest drawing and animation, but it had a great message. Thats what made it great.

  19. DaxterSpeed

    @FO: As you’re alive on the blog.

    I have suggested that we on the forum un-sticky the “Wii Friend Codes”. Would you accept that? It’s your topic. But as we’re thinking of filling up a sticky-spot with “Fan Art”…

  20. john junner

    Pivot’s not bad flash is and pivot does not includ flash.:))

    [edit: Pivot is pretty much terrible in all all respects, if you’re a decent animator, it would be easier to to use a more traditional animation method, Flash as a program is awful, but Flash animations have the potential to let an artist’s talent shine through, even though I’m not much a fan of the ‘tween heavy low budget Cartoon Network Flash style. Now please, no more about Pivot 😛 – Brad]

  21. jesus_minime

    UMM! i think thet flsh iss bedur then poster! it hass cool…
    ness… ok, never mind… i’m not putting up a very good argument.
    i’ve never heard of Posre/poser. anyway,
    thanks for being awesome, i feel such love *sniff*

  22. john junner

    I got every-one to comment on this web site yaya look at the comments thing it’s 129 I did that and some one else will put it to 130 sad for me good for them =))

  23. john junner

    Thats not what I ment by saying what I sead.Also con- grajulations tou the 130 person.Wene I first came on this site I saw that people wearn’t posting that much that’s way(-_-)

  24. johnny

    HAHAHAHA I’v bene siting back and waching all of you fight and it looks like j.j was right on all his postes ontel Brad with hes smarts stoped every thing noce Brad,oh and lile john i’m going to us this from now on(-_-) id that K.O with you.

  25. Electron

    Once there was a little proton named J. Little J was in an atom (being a proton). There was also an electron in this atom (hint hint). The poor electron got so fed up with J, he bonded to a new atom and managed to get J into a nuclear power plant. J’s atom got split, and the force of the explosion destroyed the whole place.

    Here’s the moral:
    Some people can become so aggravating that others make up violent and extravagant stories about them.

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