World 3 Report 3

Woot! We’re 3 for 3! This one went pretty well on the first go, so I didn’t have to redub this, hopefully it sounds a little more natural than the first 2, and hopefully that that’s actually a good thing.

A little less to show off in this one, I’m more looking for feedback this time around, so fire away!

(by feedback I mean what you think of everything in video, not new ideas, trust me I have too many ideas as it is :P)

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  1. FairlyObvious

    Ehhh close but not quite J_M . . . You got the basic facts down but Brad and my Good Friday consisted of going to church, veneration of the cross, and stations of the cross. Basically the service takes you through the crucifixion of Jesus then we offer prayers up for the poor, sick, etc. We also fast so eating a lot of food doesn’t apply to us either. It’s actually a very solemn day for us.
    Brad did not have time to do a progress report because he was observing the Easter Triuudum. I’d appreciate if y’all would respect that and not make him feel guilty for doing so. He felt bad enough about it already.

  2. wallross

    @ Rehyzi: Fairly just said that you had to respect Brads wishes. You just insulted a lot of Christians by saying those things.

    By insulting Brads beliefs you insult your own, even if you aren’t Christian.

    Have a little bit more respect, please!

  3. jesus_minime

    @H_S: goof, yeah you’re right, he was BORN about 3 AD, and dies about 30 years later.. looks like next time i write an essay about historical facts i should research first :P.

    @FO: the thing I don’t understand is why people go to church at ALL on good Friday/easter Sunday if they’re not going to commit. you go up there and confess for all your “evil ways” and then go right back out and continue being the same person you were before. its just like someone giving you an evaluable gift, and you completely reject it. then once a a year, you go back, say you’re sorry for not excepting it, and reject it again.
    it just doesn’t make sense. why apologize for something you’re not willing to put forth the effort to fix?

    EDIT: oh and electron, i found pretty much everything you’ve said on this site funny so far, but please don’t ever do that again.. not funny

    • FairlyObvious

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean J_M, can you phrase the question differently? I want to make sure I know exactly what you’re asking. 🙂
      It kind of sounds like you’re saying Easter Sunday and Good Friday are the same thing, am I misreading that? I’m being serious, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m patronizing you :-/

  4. wallross

    @Electron: That is seriously not funny. Grow a brain why don’t you. Imagine if someone insulted you by saying stuff like that about your beliefs (if you have enough brain cells to have one).

    So what if you think that religion is pointless and dumb, and that it is untrue. It maybe, but you still need to respect the wishes of some other people here. (hope that didn’t sound bad)
    As I said before, If you insult the Christian religion, you insult every single religion out there, and even your own…

    Maybe someone should go and blow your head off with a shotgun.

  5. electron

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to make fun of anyone. I think religion is perfectly rational, just trying to be funny. Really sorry if I offended you. You guys had started arguing, and I was simply trying to lighten the mood with a joke. Apparently it didn’t work, and I sincerely apologize.

  6. arman

    @electron:Its all right,as long as ur sorry(and by that i mean sincerely)

    Edit: woww right after I typed that jesus came up on tv ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,ill just go play world 2,verrryy slowly……..

  7. Pieman

    I don’t think it’s possible to go into more detail than that, seriously, if I turn that in for my Theology essay I would get an A+ for the rest of the school year. And please don’t take that as a challenge.

  8. hamcheese362

    why must we talk about religion in the prescence of FPM? problems always arouse in these religeous arguments… please, let us be friends…

  9. jesus_minime

    it is quite possible to go into more detail, but thanks for the compliment anyway. 😛

    is it not possible to be “religious” as you say, and be friends at the same time?
    theological discussions are very healthy for the mind. i like healthy minds, nom nom nom!

  10. VideoGuy

    Sandwich Man has a point about religious discussions on the internet, they don’t usually end well. There hasn’t been any serious flaming here, but I’m hoping it doesn’t end up like that.

  11. jesus_minime


    you may very well be right, i personally am a pentecostal. sometimes i get mixed up with all other “versions” of Christianity. can you tell me what exactly the roman catholic people believe?

    P.S. why don’t we continue this discussion on the “religion… again.” topic?

  12. arman

    could you just please not talk about religion,and roman catholism and stuff like on this site,i mean you could chat on facebook or something

  13. Hugh-Studios

    In all honesty none of this matters xD just repent and stay close to god, because this world goes to shit (yes, bad language) in two years. If any of you actually DO the research (I have spent a good three years of my life doing this) you will know that 2012 might be the end of the world… now before you call me crazy, I ask you to do the research… and dont take any of that damn movie (the movie 2012) as fact, the crust would NEVER move like that, its to f’in big, ok? Now here is a link to a site my father always visits. One day I copied the url and decided to match up some of my research with catholic prophecies… i was like HOLY SH*T. God says no man shall know the end of the world. Thats because the aliens (maybe? eh?) told the Ancient Hearths (first civilizations) and other later civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptian, Sumerian.. ALL THOSE GUYS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!! They found out either spiritually or via extra terrestrial contact (YEAH?) Anyone read the last book of the bible? IT IS STUFFED WITH HEBREW NUMEROLOGY!!! ESPECIALLY THE NUMBERS 13 AND 7… 13 tribes, beast with seven heads ( and ten horns?) anyways, they got it all right! Now has anyone heard of the ancient civilization of the Nazca? they lived in Peru, google “Nazca Lines” most of these line up with the stars and celestial bodies during the winter solstice. ALL OF THEM BREDICT THE END OF TIME TO BE 2012… yeah now in the movie in says the end happens something like every 640,000 years… NOW in my research, and in the catholic bible, ther are four periods, a cow, a man, and two other things I cant remember until I check my research. But its like first is prosecution because of belief (HAPPENED) the second (cant remember but it HAPPENED… something about progression in technology?) and third is economic collapse… (HAPPENING NOW) and fourth (FOUR IN HEBREW NUMEROLOGY IS A NUMBER FOR DEATH… AND SOME OTHER COINCIDENTAL STUFF) but yeah… the forth is death… OK, NOW i wish i had my old papers but i do rememeber that after every (I CANT FIND MY DATA) years there is change in the cycle (FOUR CYCLES) so now this third cycle is coming to an end and the fourth will start on 2012… now it might not all happen at once, it might be like the plagues in egypt… or it could happen really fast in which case I pray like no tomorrow (get it?) anyways this is only half my research, if i wrote all my research I would have a book or ten (you should see my house) but yeah… everything points to this, 2012, end of the world as WE know it.

    Here are some links to the website i got from my father and some earthquake info:

  14. Hugh-Studios

    J_M have you done the research? NO yeah, ok? Now like religion has anything to do with W3 so shut it (ouch), now the thing about y2k was that WE had thought WE had screwed up with our new computers. Jesus isnt coming back, got that? It’s just something to keep people acting good. (thats what I think) now DUH y2k was our prediction, but 2012 most likely ISNT ours. Just do your research before you go saying 2012 isnt the end, I am pretty sure I know way more about this than you do, eh?

    another thing, in the bible codes (LOOK EM UP) that said bad things will happen in 2000, along with like 2003, 1995, none of it came true as WE thought… gah i dont know how to explain it… something about progression in technology… idk id have to find my stuff and look at it but yeah… the bible has been wrong before, but thats becuase we look at everything wrong. If you add up the numerology just right, you get some surprising stuff… i suggest you look into it

  15. wallross

    @JM & Hugh: Everyone took Y2K way too far…
    Supposedly, due to the three zeros in the clock, all computers were gonna have a hardware malfunction.
    If you’ve ever seen Live Free Or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0) then you’ll know what happens if there are no computers.

    But they noticed what was gonna happen, so in time they fixed the glitch.

    (Dont flame me for the off topicness)

  16. Pieman

    Perfect. What happens when a discussion lasts too long? We start talking about the end of the world. Now I know that everyone has to die at some point, but you don’t have to keep reminding them by saying: “YOU’RE GONNA DIE! IT’S TOO LATE! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END BEFORE YOU HIT PUBERTY!” Can’t we just talk about something that doesn’t have to do with complete destruction? Like how nice it is outside or…..something.

    Sorry if you still want to talk about the Apocalypse, but I just hate it when I have to listen to a discussion about the end of humanity.

  17. Pieman

    Dude, Brad must be having the time of his life playing world 3. That’s one of the good things you get for making a game, getting to be the first one to play it while everyone else has to wait.

  18. Pieman

    Well…..It’s a good thing Brad loves animating. Because if I was the creator of FPM I wouldn’t have NEARLY enough patience to finish a simple animation, much less an entire game.

  19. Brad

    Well, if I hated playing World 3 already, we’d have a problem, heh. I’m still creating new actual content, so whenever I get completely bored of the game I make something new to play around with (new walljump was last, pencil before that…). When the end nears, though, and I’m just playing through the game over and over and over again, that’s when it gets miserable… Hurray for beta testing.

    Report 4’s rendering right now, gonna have to do some light editing to it (I’m getting better at recording these in one take, woot!). Hope you guys aren’t disappointed by the lack of new content, but considering how many questions have been going around the site lately… I’m in a new level, but it’s a simple one, most of the time FPM is asleep and I’m talking, I must be boring :/

  20. Brad

    I’ve been working on some backbone stuff, background stuff that I need to get working for new features and content, but doesn’t give me much to show off. There’s a few new moves, but mostly I’ve been fixing bugs and creating systems for better cutscenes, which doesn’t leave me with much content for a video.

    We’ll see how everyone likes me talking about gameplay philosophy vs hay look new contents!

  21. Brad

    Heh, yeah I’m a jerk.

    Ugh, huge apology, I accidentally reset my router trying to unplug a USB cable I thought was in from it. The upload’s going to take an hour now, wanted to let you know in case you don’t want to stay up that long…

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