World 3 Report 4

Wow, somehow the video ended up being 16 minutes and I didn’t even realize it… I’ll just have to upload it in two parts…

Part 1:

Part 2:


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  1. wallross

    Give it a little bit of time rehyzi…

    Do you know how many vid’s there are on YouTube? Thats a hell of a lot of bandwidth…

    @Brad: Do you always stay up until 3 in the morning?
    And what screen recorder do you use? That thing is awesome!

  2. rehyzi

    Brad, are there lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and a million more lots more stuff to show off???
    Has it uploaded yet?
    Is cutie pants in it?
    Are there toothpick ninjas in it?
    What colour pants does he have on?
    Do you have answers to my questions?
    And all the other questions?

  3. Brad

    @rehyzi: ZZzzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    @wallross: Yay! …zzzzzz….

    Mmm, initial awful YouTube just uploaded every YouTube video used to look this bad quality. Delicious.

  4. Brad

    Well, ‘part 1’ means that there’s at least one more part, ‘4’ doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a 4.5 (in fact, I would say that it usually does not).

  5. Brad

    @Nyubis: Checks where you’re going to land by by basically doing what you would, only all during a while loop, then easing the camera towards where it should be by the number of steps left to get there. So it doesn’t move with what you’re doing, it moves to where you’re going.

  6. rehyzi

    you told us alot OF COOL INFOMATION THOUGH – if you need any baddie ideas ask………………………………………………………………………………..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



  7. superanna

    WoW! That was, like, 16 minutes of eating chocolate!!! Yummy… but I didn’t eat the video! Trust me. Anyway, what about the seamonster boss? And the space thing. It would be SO AWESOME if you sent Fancy Pants into a door and he went up into space. But you could use the movements for being underwater just in space. Maby that’s too weird… idk. Oh well, it was worth a try.

  8. jesus_minime

    wow brad, that camera idea is genius!
    must have taken quite a long time of thinking before you could even code it, but it looks great!
    and i will be looking forward to your tutorials as well as progress report 5! hope-fully you have some good stuff to show of then.


    LUGARU? Brad you should try this game you might get some pretty good INFO. you can download za demo an FUN STUFF

  10. electron

    More Q&A next report, eh? Well in that case…
    Will CPG be able to swim or use the pencil?
    Will she be able to jump on monsters and squeesh ’em? (cause, you know, she’s lighter)
    What exactly does Kabootle do? I mean, I know he’ll be a grappling hook (poor cat) but anything else?
    Will there be any other changes to the general physics?
    Will there be another Mario-style head-bumping point-getting thing like in W1?
    Any new kinds of stuff Fancy will be able to interact with? sort of like the cannon or even the monkeybar-ness in W2?

  11. FoonySlugminni

    Awesome vid, Brad! I positively love that you debunked everything that probably won’t be in the game (except space levels, I was disappointed), but I love even more that you accepted the “midgame boss” idea! I am really looking forward to that, and the increased diversity of other enemies. Do you need any ideas? Cuz I could suggest some baddies, or show you some pictures of them… Not trying to impose my ideas upon you, I’m just putting that out there. πŸ˜›

    One thing I want to ask is concerning the “new color-changing system”. Does this mean that Fancy Golfball holes have been removed from the game? And does that also mean that snails and snail shells are out? I would doubt this, as you’ve mentioned headbutting before on the site, but what purpose would they serve without Fancy Golfball?

    And another thing, concerning the pencil. You said you probably wouldn’t add new pencil attacks, but are you still tweaking its animations? I would suspect so, seeing as your early animations are usually improved by release time. πŸ™‚

    The very last thing I want to ask is about different modes. You debunked shops, which I agree with, but you also advocated different forms of play. Does this mean you would consider implementing the “race-your-ghost” mode found in ME2D?

  12. TheKomputerGeek

    Hey, just an idea… I know you said no more moves pretty much, but what about a ground pound, and a pencil ground pound?

  13. Chade

    Some tutorials would definitely be awesomesauce Brad. I’ve always wondered how you managed to get such a consistant frame rate. I can’t seem to replicate it =\

  14. greatestguy

    Ok, so I finaly got the videos working, but now I’m on vacation for spring break and the hotel I’m at has SSSLLLOOOWWW internet. The videos load at like 1 second every fifteen real seconds. I’ll have to wait to see it.

  15. Viking

    Nice camera concept, Brad. One thing i noticed, though. About halfway through report three the camera was shaking slightly.

    For a turret- how about a cannon on a pirate ship.

  16. PONTO

    Can’t say I am not a bit disappointed by this progress report, especially considering the delay.
    Kind of bored by all the talk, I mean, besides the initial section, in which actual gameplay took place, it was only about listening to the answers, which you could just as well have written down instead of record. If should at least play as you talk, instead of just standing there.

    I did like the camera thing, I even think it does make the game look somewhat cooler. It may just be my head, though.

    As I already said on the other video, the animations are great and overall very good work so far. Also, did you consider my suggestion of putting FPM on the banner, instead of CPG?

    • FairlyObvious

      @Ponto There was no “delay” for the record. Brad and I both said there would probably not even be a progress report for last week. He did this one bc he hated leaving y’all with nothing so he figured he’d just answer questions and he talks more freely then he types so he recorded himself.

      Disappointment? Ugh.

  17. Hugh-Studios

    @PONGO: Duh? He said in the progress report that he didn’t have to much to show off… in all honesty I was glad we got a prog rep at all xD be happy he even did a prog rep instead of complaining about how all it was was answers… thats kind of all WE (J_M, me, S_M, etc) wanted hokay?

    @Gikk: lawl thats what we thought at first before we saw the pipe v…v

    @Neverwinter: exactly

  18. gheith

    and one more thing i want to say, would it be a good idea if you add the levels of world 1 & 2 of the fancy pants series to fancy pants 3? i always wanted to try out the world 1 levels while playing world 2.

  19. Pieman

    I don’t get whats to complain. It was worth the time it took to make it. Plus, I’m glad that Brad’s working on the baddies. The graphics’ll look WAY better, and I hope he actually puts more baddies in the level, instead of 2 per mile. With more baddies, the game will be harder, then you will actually NEED the squiggles to re-heal you. THIS PLAN IS PERFECT! MUAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha………haha.

  20. Brad

    @Pieman: Also taking into account new baddies with different attack patterns, certain areas with higher concentration of baddies, stuff like that…

    @hamcheese362: Yeah, I honestly think that was a bug that that wasn’t in World 2. I didn’t worry about it too much since I still didn’t really like that clip… Need to reanimate that, should be a fun one.

    @gheith: About rolling, I’ve thought about that, but there’s a bit of loss of control there, not sure if it would really feel right. There’s a land running clip in there, and the land clip can move now also, so…

    @gheith: I hear you, and I’ve thought of the same thing. We’ll have to see, there’s size and bandwidth issues with Flash games…

  21. FoonySlugminni

    Brad, could you please answer my questions, too? I mostly asked if you needed any new enemy ideas, if Fancy Golfball and snails are still in the game, if you are still working on pencil animations, and if you have considered implementing the “race your ghost” mode from ME2D into World 3.

  22. FoonySlugminni

    I can’t tell you why you said that, but you are probably referring to the tenth and final Biblical plague, which killed first-born children.

  23. Vick

    @Hugh and j_m: The lamb’s blood was also put on the side posts not just overhead & I don’t think that the death of Egypts firstborn males had anything to do with this…

    -Reads posts again-

    Well, that was a lame joke πŸ™‚

  24. wallross

    I think that the progress report format should be reworked, so that Brad release the vid on a Friday, then of say a Wednesday he release a response to all the questions in the comments.

    It would be easier than jamming the reports full of fan questions.

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