Have I ever told you how much I love…


…Windows. And Flash?

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  1. wallross

    No, never.

    And the solution is pretty simple. Adobe should put in an auto save, so every time you press control/command enter it will save.
    I think that windows should buy up Adobe, Google and Mac, to save all these problems with technology and common sense

    Speaking of windows and flash, What about IE9 not having Flash support. That’s just ridiculous.

    BTW: Who’s comp was that?

  2. Nyubis

    Yeah, that sucks. I haven’t tried CS5, but my CS3 has had very few crashes the past year, idk how come. When I try it (or another version of Flash) on another pc it seems to crash more.

  3. hajg96

    I agree with DS
    I have XP (which is the best windows) and flash 8 crashes about every time I open it.
    Windows + Flash = Fail
    Mac + Flash = Success
    Hey Brad, didn’t you have a Mac? Why are you using the crappy OS (Windows)?

    • FairlyObvious

      Windows is simpler?? Really? Wooooooow, I’ve used both and the apple system is much simpler. May be more expensive but there is good reason for that. My grandparents have a Mac and they have NO issues navigating it. They absolutely love it. I mean, they’ve given up on cell phones because they are way too complicated but they are great on this computer.

  4. jesus_minime

    whoops, did i say windows was more simple? i mean’t mac is simpler, windows is more complex but a lot more customizable. plus a lot more companies support windows then mac. although, mac software has become a lot more wide ranged in the last couple of- years and halfs or so’s. windows is more complex, but a lot easier to use when you know what you’re doing. mac is more as I’ve said idiot proofed, so pretty much anyone can figure out how to use it, but it just gets on power users nerves… or at least, MOST power users :P. of course windows has its cons to.

  5. VideoGuy

    Mac is simpler in the way that they take out a lot of the controls that Windows gives you. So basically less opportunities to do the wrong thing, but less opportunities to do advanced stuff.

  6. Brad

    @Anyone who’s saying OS X has less options and features than Windows. Are you thinking about iPhone OS? Because OS X is built on top of Unix, you know, the hardcore nerdgasm of an OS? You can do ANYTHING with it. If you want customizability I think you’d want Linux, where you can literally mix and match your desktop experience… As for simply making the OS look different, ShapeShifter themes are going to let you customize the look way more than the Windows preferences…

    The only glaring problem with OS X is the awfulness of the video drivers, brought back into light by Steam for Mac. Hopefully that’ll drive Apple to get the OpenGL performance up to snuff… Oh, and video card options stink pretty bad.

  7. Brad

    Oh and Adobe can’t make a program for OS X to save their babies. Once you’ve really used a Final Cut workflow, everything else feels like it was coded by retarded jellyfish.

  8. jesus_minime

    thanks fairly,
    i’m sure none of us have EVER used a mac before. 😀
    i believe VG said it best.

    “Mac is simpler in the way that they take out a lot of the controls that Windows gives you. So basically less opportunities to do the wrong thing, but less opportunities to do advanced stuff.”

    mac is fine for flash, but it still doesn’t want to let you screw up your system! 😛 i prefer mac for some things, but i’d rather have windows as my main system. although, i’m considering looking into linux a bit more.

  9. jesus_minime

    wups 🙁 sorry to take you the wrong way.

    maybe i should read your/brad comment more thoroughly before replying to them. i’m not saying i don’t like macs, not in the least bit. i guess my opinion isn’t centered as much on “which is a better system” but more just what i’me used too. in all honesty, i just haven’t used mas enough to see what they have to offer. so far, i can understand the basics of mac, it just seems a whole lot harder to do more advanced stuff. when i’m using a mac, i feel like i’m in a lot less control over what goes on in the computer. windows seems to feel more accessible. eventually i’ll give mac a try, but till i’m that loaded with cash, i’m gonna have to settle with my li’l old out dated XP. 😛

    p.s. wait, you went to music collage?
    please elaborate! i didn’t know you did music.

    • FairlyObvious

      @JM – I’ve been singing on and off since I was 13 (didn’t take it seriously until I was around 21 or 22). I went to Loyola for a year for classical music (opera) but realized I loved sacred music more. I haven’t had much time to get into it around here because I’m not as familiar with the music atmosphere but I hope I can get back into it when I start school up again.

  10. Brad

    @jesus_minime: Simpler? Seriously? We’re not talking about an Apple II here. You working on some stripped version in a school library or something?

    I just counted 60 different settings in my Windows 7 control panel. SIXTY. Most of them are really simple items that are grouped in OS X (separate items for mouse and keyboard? ‘Default programs’ AND Programs and features’, ‘Default Location’ AND ‘Location and Other Sensors’? ), and then further grouped by category, with all of the 3rd party (omgz yes you can install your own programs on a Mac!) System Preferences at the bottom.

    You say Macs are simpler, yet when I click on Networking in OS X, I’m given an extensive list of options for each networked device. When I click on Network and Sharing Settings, I get a list of hold-my-hand System Wizards. At least whenever OS X has a wizard, there’s a ‘manual setup’ button right next to it.

    Can I even turn off my wireless radio from the preferences? Forcing third party vendors to create their own software or adding buttons to the computer case itself, because the built in stuff is the design equivalent of ‘programmer art’ isn’t ‘more options’.

  11. Brad

    ‘so far, i can understand the basics of mac, it just seems a whole lot harder to do more advanced stuff’

    The ‘advanced stuff’ is under the ‘advanced tab’, pretty consistently. Not behind 3 wizards, 2 tabs, 4 details buttons, and 8 check boxes, right next to whether or not the driver is working.

  12. jesus_minime

    as i said, it’s not that Macs are ACTUALLY harder to use, i’m simply used to windows. i haven’t worked on macs “heavily” like you and jenn, i don’t even own one! I’ve used quite a few other peoples but haven’t really had the time to just sit down and figure out the system. even though windows is a lot more complicated, I’ve just grown up with them, so i’m a lot more inclined to toss my opinion their way. ma may be better, but as i haven’t really given them a chance yet, and obviously cannot be objectionable in this argument because of that; for now, i’ll agree with you and say mac is the bester. i really shouldn’t be debating something i haven’t hit the books on yet.

  13. DaxterSpeed

    Let me rephrase myself too.

    Mac is of course a good system. But I believe that Mac’s going the wrong way. Mac computers are of course good, but they are also overpriced. And Mac being a locked OS is wrong.

    The biggest problem with Windows is the company. Microsoft won’t allow the developers of Microsoft to re-build the whole OS. The core of Windows is still DOS. And that’s just plain wrong. If you’re supposed to make a great OS you’ll have to re-build it every other year. Computer technology is getting stronger and better every second. And that’s something you got to keep up with.

    I seriously believe that Microsoft should write a new core to their OS, and release the old core as “open-source”.

    Another opinion of mine is that the whole computer system in a general should be re-done. Technology is much smarter now. And being backward compatible is good, but not when you’re just slowing it all down. Designing a new way to handle graphics, CPU, memory etc. would be greater then anything. Writing a OS while re-doing this system would create an amazing thing. (No one is going to do anything relate to this paragraph in a few years though)

    The main problem is in the end rivalry. Companies fighting against each other will never improve to new standards. They will just try to copy each other and do the same thing over and over.

    And as a note on the general feeling W7 and OS X, I got to say that I like W7 more. I myself feel more in control by just looking at my desktop.

  14. Nats M. Sky

    Can I say something without taking side and/or getting ragesploded? Thanks.
    Compared to you smart-as-hell computer demons I’m a complete idiot when it comes to computers. I’ve been raised with PCs only (even at school!) simply because they’re more economical. But in 6th grade, when I moved to middle school, my new school used only Macs at school (and by Macs I mean the big, fat, old white ones; and even some REALLY ancient older ones that are blue and gray or green and grey!). It was really hard for me to get used to using Macs, especially since the computers were older than the PCs I used at home!
    Basically, I’m biased towards PCs half the time because I was raised with them, not because I think they’re necessarily “better”. Also, I think each system might better at doing different things, like maybe Macs are better for recording your own music in GarageBand, or Windows is better for programming DOS? (Correct me if I’m wrong, but NICELY!) I’m totally in love with the iPhone, even though it’s not really a fully functional computer (my Dad has one that I’ve played with a lot, but I don’t have one). Same goes for the iPad, although I don’t have practically any experience with it yet (I just played with it for the first time yesterday!). Apple seems to be better than Windows at making pretty-looking, user-intuitive gadgets that cause tech-revolutions and waves of fan boys/fan girls, and I gotta admit that’s something to respect. I’m just more used to PCs, that’s all.

  15. DaxterSpeed

    Which practically does the same thing.

    There’s some other “styling” programs for Windows too, the biggest problem with those is that they style by being an extremely slow application and therefore killing your computer.

    I do recommend just doing the normal hack.

  16. atomic1fire

    I think the placement of the ipad right under the windows+flash post makes it funny.
    you have the
    sarcastic comment about windows and flash,
    then the Ipad is epic win+picture right under it.
    the joke is that the ipad has neither.

  17. dablue

    @VideoGuy: I’ve taken apart a mac before, with a dremel(If I remember correctly). Windows is better for people who know what their doing, MAC is better for people who don’t (Like my mom), end of disscussion.

  18. peterw

    windows is more original because it was the first computer system ever and it sells better then mac since bill gates, head of the windows company is the richest man in the world. in a short summary windows is better then mac.

  19. DaxterSpeed

    @peterw: you make me lol.

    I just read a simple review of a PC user that for a week is no longer allowed to use his PC and instead must use a new Mac. He loves it at first but after a while he understand how horrible it is to be a minority. Though, he is able to survive the week. But he goes on using his PC.

  20. Brad

    @DaxterSpeed: What’d he have to use Autocad? I honestly think it took me 5 minutes to get used to the first Powerbook I got (and 10 more minutes to be like ‘omgz iMovie is awsum i can mak videoz!!!’ I usually like to complain about games on OS X, but you won’t here me over the sound of how awesome Starcraft 2 is…

  21. DaxterSpeed

    I don’t think he had to use autocad or anything. He just got a macbook packed in it’s normal just bought box.

    Yesterday, I tried my first Mac / Mac OS. I tried it for a few minutes, and I was just lost. How do I make windows full-screen? How do I know what is an actual progress in the dock? And what is that small grey bar at the top? Mac OS is just very, VERY confusing.

  22. powerkid360

    I would LOVE the multiplayer room! anyway, i was going to say that Google is about to join the competition between Mac and Microsoft. I wonder when GooglePC comes out, but they’re doing EVERYTHING they can to beat the other two.

  23. Brad

    @powerkid360: Well, Google has ChromeOS, which is absolutely nothing but a browser, so it’s really not an OS at all. They also have Android, which runs a browser, and native 3rd party software. So why would I get a laptop that does nothing but browse the web when I can get an iPad or any other tablet that does a million things more? Or, well, just a netbook running Ubuntu or Windows 7 or anything else.

    Heh, Google, Apple, and MS have been in competition for a LONG time now. Android, iOS, Windows phones; Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer; Google search / ads / Admob, iAds, Bing…

  24. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: That’s actually ChromiumOS if you don’t mind. And it’s a cloud browser (see Jolicloud), so it IS different.
    Android if of course the Google thinga-jigger for the iPhone OS (possibly Win7 Mobile).

    Plus I got to say that even if I haven’t used Android as much as iOS, it is more stable. And hey, it’s not a Mac machine standardization (which means that if one machine lags, all other does too…)

    IMO, until Cloud apps get better and this world get’s a complete internet coverage, ChromiumOS is a little.. Ambitious.

  25. Brad

    A ‘cloud browser’? You do understand that ‘teh cloud’ is the internet, right? Since when did you need a special browser to access Google Apps? (the ‘cloud’ part of ChromiumOS, a nicer way of saying you can’t download anything.

    I have Chromium on a virtual machine in VMWare, anyone can download it, but it’s SLOW.

    More stable? Can’t say I ever found iOS to be less than stable (well, okay, the first big update was, when they made room for 3rd party apps and cleaned the entire thing up from being an OS X hack job). Not sure what you mean by lags, Apple updates their products in different cycles…

    I do like Android, though. I just wish it wasn’t a complete rip off of the iPhone, and more like what WM7 is trying to do (yeah, I know, MS finally innovates somethin, what’s up with that?? :O ).

  26. Vick

    I cant beleave this argument is still going on, Apple pulled way ahead with Tiger and the iPhone, headsniped Microsoft with Lepard and the iPhone 3GS, then they peed on the dead body with the iPhone 4, 3 TB/16-core MacPro & the Beatles‘ on iTunes, and you don’t wanna know what their doin to the body with the Verizon iPhone and their next OS (probably Couger).

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