World 3 Report 11

A look at the new advanced mechanics added to World 2’s boring old moving platform system. And a revisit of a more polished parrot. And a glitch related to something I haven’t even shown off yet, oh joy!

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  1. jesus_minime

    man! that idea where you have to go into mini rooms and do stuff is genius! just makes me so much more excited about world 3!

    and yes.. the parrot is definitely holding the sword… i dunno wut teh uder peplz wur sayin.

  2. Brad

    @wallross: Well, the parrot one is.

    @jesus_minime: Heh, thanks. Yeah I’m just sort of doing whatever I want with the bonus rooms, trying to shake it up a little.

  3. hamcheese362

    nom-nom-nom-nom. better da 2nd time. world tree is gone be awsome. i cannot wait. I’m trying to do a fanart with my creations against brad’s. I really like da platforms, it adds life. it’d be nice to see a platform that tilts to one side when you land on it… like a see-saw!!! W3 just keeps gettin g better and better.

  4. Nyubis

    Are the checkmarks going to be the new way of getting pants? Or isn’t it decided yet? Those mushy-jump platforms are awesome, it’d be cool to do tricks on them like in those bonus rooms. Also, the parrot looks much better now, gratz.

  5. PONTO

    fantastic work on the platforms. By the way, have you guys played Metanet’s N? There are platforms in this report that behave a lot like the bouncing blocks in that game. Perhaps you want to look it up for inspiration. 😉

  6. Brad

    @Nyubis: Big difference between undecided and I don’t wanna tell anyone 😛

    @PONTO: *waves cane* Boy, I was playing N when you were still in diapers!

    Actually, true story, the SnailShell rolling properly off ledges is inspired by, but has absolutely nothing to do with, N’s magical maths based collision detection tutorials.

  7. hamcheese362

    what is metanet? is it fun??? why should brad make something to hold da platforms?
    quote: “why be realistic, when you could be fancy?”
    brad, what are those games called that aren’t sidescrollers, but are like the pokemon games???????? i needs ta know.
    @Fairly: I actually saved the picture as “brad&fairly’s gift”… guess i’ll have to change it to “fairly’s gift” 😛
    @Beeman: ….MINE WAS BETTER…. *cough*
    @ryan: lolz, we posted da same ting lololololololz.

    • FairlyObvious

      @hamcheese hahaha nice, it was FROM Brad and me just not DRAWN by Brad. He’s the artist in general but I was very proud of those lollipops. 😀

  8. FreedomForAll

    So, uh.. how about putting FPM is the header? or maybe I missed that.

    AWESOME REPORT, I really like the moving platforms AND the FPM wall run to back flip. COOL SHTUFF!

  9. hamcheese362

    FPF has returned!!! *takes FPF back, a clanging of swords are hear, hamcheese comes out alone*.
    @Fairly…Those were pretty awsome lollipops…ill have to change the name again… tnx 4 da lollipop again!

  10. Minifig3D

    Looking great!

    The edge grab anim looks kinda weird when grabbing it from a back-flip. Maybe he could roll onto the edge or something? I dunno.

    Also, one question. Is there a possibility of a battle mode? If there is already multiplayer, some sword/pencil fighting would be awesome.

    Keep up the good work! 😀

  11. wallross

    @Lego person man: As a great friend of mine will attest to this *cough* JM *cough* , coding multiplayer stuff in AS is stupidly boring, and kinda wasteful, as the buzz around the game will only surround it for about a month, and after then, even the hardcore fans will stop playing it.

    Plus, the amount of ad revenue developers get from games is silly. So slaving over non-necessary code is pointless.

    And using the same keyboard kinda multiplayer wouldn’t work, because of the placement of the jump and attack buttons in the game.

  12. Frito

    Awesome platforms. I love the springboard ones. If you jump 3,33333 times on the swinging ones, will they carry you up through the ceiling? Sounds like the the sort of glitch you might have… heh heh.

  13. Pandebus

    Today is one of those days where I just need W3. I just want to do something cool without having to think or move. (tired)

    oh, and thanks Brad, you’re grrreat 😀

  14. hamcheese362

    *round house kicks lolipops out of bee mans hands* we dont want ure saliva!!! brad is it possible 2 do uh 360 in the spinny platform?

  15. jesus_minime

    And using the same keyboard kinda multiplayer wouldn’t work, because of the placement of the jump and attack buttons in the game.

    BUT! since only NOOBS use actual keyboards! 😛
    (and yes, i’m calling myself a n00b)
    even so, it would still be insanely fun to play multiplayer fancy pants, even if it’s not online. competitive fancy pants-ing would be the bomb. hopefully he’ll at least add the “race your ghost” feature from mirrors edge in.

  16. hamcheese362

    @FPF: reread my comment and you’ll realize i didnt get excited… i assassinated you… *cough*

    How do you italacilalize letters?
    @JM: well JM said
    ” at least he’ll add the the race your ghost feature”
    what do you mean “at least”?!?!?!?!? the game is gonna be damn awsome!!!! psft at least… at least he’s letting you play it!

  17. Dirrwen

    well jm, not trying to sound the least bit hostile or negative, at all, but im fairly newer than you, as ive only been around, saaaayyyyy 2 weeks
    also, those strawberry-lemon-banana-wildberry-tropical-fusion-smoothy-blasts are good too, but i can nevar evar finds them, as they are all sold out, except that dusty one in the back with hair on it.(its no wonder they sold outs,im in brown county, ohio and we just got a new super kroger, as you may, or probly not, have herd about, and its HUGE, like, wit hudreds of peepl in and out daily

    also, who here watches ADVENTURE TIME!!! ?¿?¿

  18. DigThat

    It appears that you’ve started some kind of lollipop craze. You know, kind of like beanie babies, but less healthy. Maybe you should give out bananas instead.

  19. FreedomForAll

    *hulk smashes hamcheese*

    lollipops are overrated…

    I dont think anyone here watches cartoon network xD

    Fairly… LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. You either must take their lollipops away or pump them full of elephant tranquilizer.

  20. hamcheese362

    *ties everyone up (except FO and brad) to railroad and places lollipops infront of them to suffer, laughs evilly and rides away on horse*
    @fairly:whats ure favorite flavor?

  21. FreedomForAll

    *Uses multi-tool to cut himself loose and frees the others, then wait 4 more hours to see the train go by. Finds hamcheese and throws him in a 13′ hole and places a lollipop at the top.

    As JM finishes his reenactment of broke back mountain (LOL jk) he falls into hamcheese’s hole.

    Brad and Fairly watch all the insanity thinking their fans are insane… or hyped up on sugar.*

  22. hamcheese362

    *JM gives hamcheese a oost out of da hole, grabs the giant lollipop and whacks FFA, removes multi tool, and re-ties everyone to railroad, eexcept jm*

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