World 3 Report 9

No release date yet lawlz!

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  1. Verde Flash

    I’m not sure if you’ve ever played Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, but seeing the sword sticking out of the groud makes me think of my favorite unique mechanic from that.

    I know that you’re not looking for new ideas, but I kinda want to rave about it for a second.

    In WW, whenever an armed enemy would die, it would drop its weapon. You could then pick it up and swing it around or throw it. It was clunky, not too powerful, and difficult to land a hit, but ultimately very satisfying.

    Is there any chance that you’ll be doing anything with the swords that the pirates drop besides to mark their graves?

  2. wallross

    Wow, my parrott sugestion was put in the game. Hooray.

    I think you should separate the parrot and the pirate as two different enemies. That way you could replace the flying spiders in report 1. They just sorta look weird sitting on his shoulder…
    And please tell me you’re going to redo the parrot’s animation. It sucks!

    I think you should make the trees in the last parallax layer a bit more creative, rather then just straight up and down. Maybe a lopsided one, perhaps. Or a vine running from one to another.
    It just seems a little too bland.

    • FairlyObvious

      @wallross Brad thought up the parrot before y’all knew about the pirate, sorry 🙁

      He already knows what he’s going to do with it as an addition too. Y’all won’t be disappointed 😉

  3. rehyzi

    you can dance you can ji-ive having the time of your life! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo see that girl watch that scene dig in the dancing queen do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! YEAH!

  4. wallross

    @Rheyzi: Considering Brad hasn’t finished his flying animation, I doubt that the parrot has a death animation. Of course Brad will make him like an enemy, but give him a bit of time…

  5. FoonySlugminni

    Whoa… I did not expect Brad to add a dynamic like that, but the parrot enemy really seems like it will increase the enjoyability of gameplay, at least while fighting pirates! 😛 Now you gotta keep on your toes even more than before, AND the parrot (as stated) can be used as a bypass if you’re skillful. I hope we get to see some other new baddies in future progress reports! 😀

    Now concerning the forest level background, I really see what Brad means when he says it may detract from FPM, he IS supposed to be more than a pair of fancy pants. There’s supposed to be a little man in there, too, and those thicker black outlines seem like they might make the stickfigure aspect blend in. For this reason, I would suggest you continue working on “un-darkening” those tree outlines. I like the lighter browns and greens back there, but as people have said, the last layer seems a tiny bit shoddy. I’m sure you’ll change it anyways, but I just felt like mentioning it. 🙂

  6. Pieman

    The new level is awesome, not only that, but it gives me a sense of story, like FPM is supposed to be there. It’s better than opening a door to some random level with a theme that came out of nowhere.

  7. poker158149

    I really like the forest scene. I think the trees with the black outline look much better than the light brown.
    I also think the parrot was a great addition. Can’t wait to see it working!

  8. superanna

    K, I kind of like the black and kind of don’t. The black gives it a more prominent look but we loose FPM. Maybe if the game went a little slower we wouldn’t loose him but idk.

    That’s such a cute parrot! I can imagine a scene where Kitten-Kabootle is chasing after the parrot while Cutie Pants is begging her brother to let her keep it. =} Could the parrot come down and “claw” him while he’s attacking the pirate? And will we be able to jump on it and use the pencil with it or will he just fly away with the death of his master?

    And maybe could there be a swamp where FPM has to swim through it but it’s not see through, like mud… just a suggestion.



  9. VideoGuy

    @Lime: Well then leave. Brad gives us these updates to show us he’s working. They take an hour out of his week. They wouldn’t move up the game’s release.

    If you’re a troll then just leave.

  10. FreedomForAll


    I can’t really say much about what others should do, proper posting, etc.. because I’m new, but I’m sure that randomly posting non-topic related things like that aren’t only annoying but also unneeded. If I’m wrong correct me.

  11. medfoe

    I like the lighter outlines better, too. Anyways, can’t wait for your game-making tutorials. Or maybe I can…anyways, I’m excited about the idea of you making tutorials.

  12. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: As we forumérs have demanded custom tags for the forum, I have created such a plugin. The plugin I’ve created got a sarcasm tag, a spoiler tag and a facepalm tag. (Plus div and span).

    I’s like you to install this thing on the forum, so I’m going to send you and .zip file by email. Say what you want about it.

  13. hamcheese362

    we dont have a prog report today cuz chuck norris kicked it out of brads hands and poor brad is stuck looking for it with his panda.

    a cool idea would be make the inside of FPM’s kinda blur the backround, you get it?

  14. FreedomForAll

    Can’t Edit?

    Anyways in the previous progress reports, Brad clearly stated that he doesn’t want or need any new ideas. You should watch the videos.

  15. Brad

    Yeah, at a wedding this weekend. Tried to get a video ou last night but there wa too much I wanted to fix first. I’ll try to get a patented iPhone-cam video out tonight or tomorrow.

  16. Vick

    Hey, I don’t mind waiting, the way I look at it is the same way I would look at it if my favorite band (Bon Jovi or Lifehouse, take your pick) was going to release a new album on, say, Friday the 13th (I had to) and instead it came out on Tuesday the 17th (Tuesday the 17th is a Psych episode actually), would I be angry or upset? No, I’d be happy and content just knowing it was coming at all. So, don’t be hatin, it’s really not showing that your a fan if you expect everything when YOU want it, not when the artist (yes both games and videos CAN be art) is happy with it.

    Sorry for the rant, you probably were just teasing in good humor but that’s one of my pet-peeves and I’ve seen lot of it lately… Again, sorry 🙂

  17. Vick

    I started my rant before you said that, and again “you probably don’t deserve it”. And it wasn’t directed specifically at you.

    • FairlyObvious

      My cousin just got married (today well yesterday) and Friday was a hectic day because I was up at 7 and worked until 6:30 helping out and wouldn’t hold the iPhone for brad so he could get the video up in time. I was exhausted. I’ve been dragging brad around all weekend so NO one is allowed to be mad because he’s been utterly amazing with all the craziness!!!!

    • FairlyObvious

      @everyone who decided to mock me

      You’ve never had anything to do with a wedding. I guarantee you working on a farm would be much more pleasant, I’ve done hardcore mission work and it’s not even close to as stressful or tiring 😛

      I’ve also worked a job (not schoolwork a JOB) until 4 in the morning and got up at 7 for school the next day.

      I’ve also spent 4 to 5 hours chopping a tree down. Not as tiring as what I did this weekend.

      I’m not what you call lazy.

  18. FreedomForAll

    I think it’s funny how every one is putting up how hard they supposedly work to make other people think they have it rough and that their work is harder than others.

    I give cave tours… all day long. There are two different caves me and a co-worker switch between each tour. One has a couple hundred stairs (800+) going up and down constantly. The other has less (only about 4-500) but has doesn’t have as much of the beautiful scenery. Not a hard job. But then again I guess If you really love what you do then time just flies. I guess the worst part about it would be telling people’s little kids that they cant climb on the rail, spit over the 100ft drop, or touch absolutely everything I say they aren’t allowed to touch. Biggest pet peeve. The fun part is that all summer long I can work in a cave where it’s only about 50 degrees F whereas above ground it’s a 90 degree humid forest.

    Question: Could I start a topic like this on the forums? Like what do some of Brad’s fans do if they actually have a job? What they like about what they do and etc.

  19. fancy pants fiend

    dude what the hell its been over a week 9 days i need an update by the way is there any way that brad borne is gonna either release the game or the beta by july????

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