World 3 Report 17

Busy busy busy, and I can’t show you guys any of it yet! Insanity! Oh well, enjoy some frog for now.

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  1. Nyubis

    Awesome animation, well implemented. One frog on a (rather) flat surface like here isn’t a big problem but I can imagine these guys being quite annoying when hopping onto platforms.

  2. wallross

    I think that you should show the frogs legs coming in after he lands, instead of them just appearing underneath his body in a puff of smoke. Btu other then that, the new frog looks brilliant.

  3. Minifig3D

    Lol, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a crazy wall-jumping ninja frog. I like the animation, but is he supposed to keep hopping in the same direction, or should he jump towards the character? (similar to the bunny in w2)

  4. Brad

    @wallross: Tried that at first but it looked weird, going to try it again later, though.

    @wingdemon: Haha, could be hilarious if they’re all desynced.

    @Beeman98: Probably to get everything, a straight runthrough shouldn’t be that long. Going to have to make sure that saving and loading is much better than World 2, though. More like ME2D with its continue button.

    @DumbKid: Frog turns into a spider still ๐Ÿ™

    @DaxterSpeed: I agree.

    @Minifig3D: Might try it out, but if there’e more than one, that might get obnoxious.

  5. Lazor

    Wow, I hadn’t checked this site in a while, and I didn’t realize you were working on World 3. Looks great so far, the only thing I could say is maybe rotate some of the tree trunks in the paralax BG to make it look more forest-y. So, yeah, awesome!

  6. wallross

    Yeah, the last background layer of trees is too evenly spaced. All the trees are straight up & down, and all the same colour, and if there is shading, it’s hard to see. You need to liven it up just a bit, so that layer isn’t too bland, but not make it too distracting form the rest of the level.

  7. klimtkiller

    this gives me an idea for a boss. there could be a high platform where the boss is, and you can’t jump up to it on your own. the only way is to jump up is on a frog at its highest point. but you can’t jump high enough to get on to the frog at its highest point, so you have to do a hard stomp on a spider so fancy pants man goes higher. it takes good timing. when you get to the top the screen moves up and the boss does something to you like charge at you. you just have to do a hard stomp on it, on a normal one then kick it away. you then drop back down again automatically. you have to do this 3 times. every time it gets harder. lets say the boss is a mole and it charges at you when you get to the top. after you hurt it once, when you get to the top again it charges at you faster. on the last time, it throws soil at you while you are trying to jump on the frog.

  8. wingdemon

    @Hyydghe, if you notice in every video brad says he has awesome stuff he’s doing but he’s keeping it a surprise, im forcing myself to believe that he’s gonna make an awesome cutie pants character, keep quite on the topic so everyone forgets about her, and when the game comes out everyone will be uber surprised/happy.

  9. wallross

    @ Hyydghe: Not necessarily. Valve currently isn’t letting Portal 2 be publicly beta-tested by anyone who has Steam. Why should Brad have to update us on every little thing he makes progress on.

  10. wingdemon

    @Hyysghe, i didn’t say he made a better animation, i said a better cutie pants, like with more animation involved, (perhaps he even made the kat kablooie swingy-thingy) read the post before you write a post. :P. oh, and last night i had a nightmare with frogzzzzzzzzz. wierdzzzzz.

  11. jesus_minime

    Heh, that would make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜› but it’s not going to happen.

    I have to admit, that frog looks pretty smooth. The way you animated it, it looks almost semi 3D. The one thing I’m concerned about is what you said, the art style in the frog, and the animation in it may be too good to suit the rest of the game. It might be to drastic of a change in art style from world 2. Hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate it in a way that won’t feel too different from the previous worlds.

  12. Aubrey

    wow, the frog turned out awesome. i love all the new baddies!
    just a suggestion, but the frog could work in the sand level. or not…

  13. hamcheese362

    Brad: wouldnt the frogs glitch up if u make a level full of them? anyways, does FPM have a new death animation like he did in w2?

    PS the frog in my opinion works really well with world 3 and the backround

  14. jesus_minime

    Hmmm, people still seem to be offering their ideas constantly.
    I guess I should repeat what has already been previously stated hundreds of times:

    Brad needs NO more ideas for bosses, new baddies etc.
    he only wants constructive criticism, such as problems with new concepts, or lighting or telling him what you liked in the latest progress report. he already has all of the bosses planned out as well ad the main story line.

  15. Frubban

    ehm…hehe… I knew that…

    No, but seriously, i did.
    I just ment that the bosses that he has allready planned to make, could be like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    EDIT: And why can’t i change my avatar? D:

  16. hamcheese362

    my favorite baddy was the crow dog thing. and the snail that never dies. both unique to there respective game.
    did i just say respective?

  17. hamcheese362

    @appwar: you’re really polite! I’m at the bar getting a virgin pina colada duh!

    FREE FOR ALL, YOU’RE BACK *runs over to free for all*.

    Where there any other enemies other than spider, mouse, snail, dragon dog thing, and bosses?

  18. wingdemon

    @Klimtkiller, im gonna try to be as nice as possible…ARMOR GAMES SPONSORS FANCY PANTS YOU DOLT, OFF COURSE ITS GONNA BE THERE! but it’ll prolly appear on NG and Kong also, Kong im not so sure, but im sure it’ll be on NG.

    @Brad, this may be a stupid question..but have you met Tom Fulp before?

  19. electron

    Hey Brad! I know people have probably told you this fifty times a day every day for the past five years, but I just wanted to say how much I love FPM. I’m pretty sure it’s literally the best game ever, certainly the best flash game ever, and definitely the best game series ever.
    I actually came up with a list of things it’s better than:
    -Sonic (see mario)
    -Fridays (the day, not the weird restaurant(although, actually that should be in the list too))
    -My game (D: sad but true)
    -Life itself
    -Lots of other things

    I just wanted you to know how much fancyfans all over the world appreciate this game. NAO MAEK WURLD 3!!!

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