Where’s World 3?


Well, most of it, at least. The public beta is live! Play through the entire game and help me get World 3 ready for its full release.

A few menus and such still need to be added later, but World 3’s been in development for long enough, amirite??

Oh, and like always, let me know what’s broken.

Fixed so far:


– Changed how the challenge scores work, which should fix the Beach (no idea why it was like that, thought I already fixed it).
– Bottle was missing from Misplaced.
– Fixed the pants menu.
– Adjusted the reset controls button in the menus.


– Biggest change is the pants color selector from the pause menu
– Option to reset controls from the main menu, in case something goes wrong (and I forgot that the game’s background is white, not grey, whoops)
– There was an extra star or something in Misplaced? Weird.
– Fixed Bat Spider’s congrats
– NPCs now only change your pants automatically the first time they congratulate you after beating their challenge.


– Ducks and Parrots fixed
– Music overlapping fixed


– Manly Beard fixed
– Music tweaks
– ‘quick sounds’ fixed (swimming, sand and puddle footsteps)
– rest of the dialog fixed (fingers crossed)
– Attacking ‘beard shockwaves’


– Factory and Cave Plats fixed
– I broke some controls earlier, fixed them
– NPCs change your pants color after victory message
– Moved Mountain Goat Course finish line


– Falling off the level while rolling
– Sliding into crabs
– Quitting from Beach scoreboard glitch
– Bumper tweaks


– Beach fix
– QTP on throne fix
– Beta is now certified beatable!


– Bunch of fixes, I’ll list them later
– I did break progressing passed the beach, though, and Mochi’s not letting me upload a new build, I’ll have to upload tomorrow. Hopefully, most of you can just skip it for now.


– Beach sand effects
– All moving platforms
– Bottles pop up message
– Forest background
– Baddie pile and dialoge
– HUD during pirate ship
– Places where you could jump out the level (sorry, heh)
– Yellow key room
– Disco effects
– All far foreground animations (tub drain, getting pencil, a few others).
– Rainbowbeard’s text size
– Tub music fade in repeat

I’m sure I’ve missed something, check the build and let me know, just make sure that 0.7 is showing in the top right at the first menu screen, otherwise clear your cache and refresh the page.

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      • offtopic

        Nope, that’s cause I haven’t run into the game yet, after it loads it just shows a white screen. I said the award part because even after releasing it on 3 other platforms(Quite successfully, I might add), you released a free flash version. Most developers don’t do that.

        • Brad

          Sounds like a huge game breaking glitch to me, haha.

          Does it load eventually, or is your status bar showing an error?

          There should be a white screen with just a Mochi loading bar (yeah I’m lazy πŸ˜› ). It might take a really long time, it’s a 30 meg swf! (you don’t want to know how long it took me to get Flash to even export it πŸ™ )

  1. Usoppu

    Thanks for the beta.
    I can go through the top of the rocks at the end of the beach world. I can’t see the baddies in the pirate cove when they are trying to block me. I got super extreme fast dialogue in this room. I got a red square on my screen in the closet where we find the pen. And it’s not that bad but I can’t get out of the Disco room.

  2. Random Comments

    When i jump in the ship after getting the pencil, i am informed that i should get out of bed and i hit an invisible wall. also the music keeps going in and out and overlapping

    • ICARAX

      That is really weird, isnt it? LOL GET OUT OF BED.

      Also, with the blue and the red locks (those are the ones i can do, cuz YELLOW AINT WORKIN’) whenever you complete it, your squiggles glitch out and rocket up, the numbers keep changing.. 😐 thats really weird.

  3. Guilhermus Magnus

    In the entrace of the pirtes secret place, or somethin, the secret level, (attention spoiler) on the top of the cave, the platforms aren’t working. some aren’t solid, and some you can’t jump on them.

  4. AJ32

    Somebody out there hates me!

    My computer has no internet connection and my iPhone has no Flash support.

    FPA PSN – no PS3
    FPA XBLA – no XBOX
    FPA iOS – no iOS 4+ support
    FPA FLASH – no Internet

    Somebody out there hates me!

    • AJ32

      Good thing that I didn’t kill myself! It works now.
      Though it’s very buggy and I can’t beat the princess pirate ship level because the keys don’t work. And where’s rolling bayou?! I miss it. πŸ™
      But still cool. πŸ˜€

  5. jesus_minime

    Hooly crap, these new animations are beautiful. It looks way better than the console game! I’ve played all the way through the iOS and XBOX versions, and this is just fantastic.

    Glitches I found

    The door that used to lead to the “Behind the curtain” area doesn’t lead anywhere right now. You might want to just get rid of it… Probably

    When you talk rainbow beard for the first time, the cam zooms in way too far and makes his text box even bigger than the screen. Maybe make it so when you get up there FPM gets locked into a certain position like in the mayor of squiggleville cutscene at the beginning of world 2.

    Did you change something in the engine for this when it comes to wallrunning? It seems a lot harder now than it used to be.

    When you approach this mouse from the left side for the first time instead of underneath him, he breaks and doesn’t shoot at you. http://i.imgur.com/d3kPB.png

    Is the background supposed to be red in this level? http://i.imgur.com/vU7kF.png

    I can’t get the paper out of this bottle http://i.imgur.com/hx3C7.png
    The one I got in the previous level didn’t give me any message or anything either.

    You can slide through crabs when they have their claws sideways

    The sand platforms here don’t seem to work http://i.imgur.com/SioRB.png

      • AJ32

        Hmm, how many FPA mp3’s do I have now?
        36!! W00t Awsumness!!
        The music from the World 1 flash game, from the World 2 flash game, from the World 2 console game, from the World 3 console game and from TommyLM on Newgrounds (the never-used Bonus Bees music)!
        I also have the short and the long version of the cave music! (The long version is 4 seconds longer than the short version)

  6. guygie

    I love it, I really do BUT there is something i have to admit and i’m really sorry to say this but, it feels a little bit.. empty. take the beach level for example. it’s just some sand hills with some crabs and sand castles. you should add a lot of awesome objects and things. For example take a look at one of my favorite childhood games, jazz jackrabbit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efWlA9Sme6E add some parasols, life jackets shells i don’t know. just something to make it more.. thematised (if that’s a word, i am not english ;p )
    I hope you do something with it. Otherwise it’ll still be one of the, if not THE most awesome flash game on the internet!

    • Brad

      Sounds like you’d like the console version better. Since we had many more people working on that, levels like the beach have a ton more details in them. But, it’s just me making the Flash game, I didn’t have as much time to just doodle in it like World 2. Maybe I’ll go back and add a few things eventually, but, it’s certainly been in development long enough, heh.

  7. johnnyv

    Just played a few levels and right off the bat I noticed Soo many improvements to an already awesome game. I really hope the iOS version gets updated with these improvements soon

  8. Auad

    Eh.. it’s ok.. I just had an AWESOMENESS OVERDOSE!!!
    SO AWESOME!! CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY THE COMPLETE VERSION!(whithout all of those bugs I mean)

    btw, it’s impossible to open the yellow lock since there is nothing on the room. Is that supposed to happen?

  9. Minifig3D

    As mentioned previously, the mice are there but won’t shoot. Also, I am currently stuck at the level after the one where the girl gets carried off by pirates. When I try to jump down the hole, I die instantly. It’s as if the whole floor it made of spikes, not just the small section. Also, if I go through the door to the previous level, both the musics from the levels play at the same time.

  10. smileylover

    Awesome game! When I first saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to say “I’m sorry, it will be out in a month!” or something of that nature. Then I saw the link…. I’ve found a ton of glitches, etc, in the game, but I’ve already spent so much time doing this (and therefore not my homework) that I won’t report them now. Most of them have already been mentioned here already. Anyway, thanks for the game, it’s definitely worth the wait!

  11. Fancy_b00st

    I just went down the drain in the bathtub level. Didn’t know that was there.
    And I just found out I can jump on captain rainbow beard while he’s still talking!!! I also pwned him with the pencil)

    • Brad

      Haha, yeah, I added a few new little things like that to the game.

      On a similar note, anyone killed a spider with a bottle yet? (and I realized that bottles totally don’t even work right now).

  12. AJ32

    Also… will there be a FIRST boss fight (in the royal tub level)?
    And will there be a rolling bayou level?
    And will there be a high dive caverns level?

    • Brad

      Forgotten Island has also been simplified as well. I’m already running out of memory every time I try to export this giant swf, and I even have all the foregrounds and sounds precompiled.

      Seems to be why a lot of the animations were messing up, all of those were in front of the player, I’m replacing them in the master fla with the raw versions, all that should be fixed in 0.7.

      But, well, there does need to be some content that you can only get in the paid versions of FPA (with apologies to everyone without the equipment to run it).

  13. gelukkig ik

    You forgot a mutebutton! Even though I love the music I still want to be able to mute it while playing the game.

    When I tried to use the bottle for killing spiders i found it really annoying you can’t hit it when it’s flying in the air, you can only hit it on the ground.

    Also, It’s not a major bug, but when you leave the challenge level of outer squiggleville the display does not display your time, but 0000000.

    edit: also in outer squiggleville, the secret level is buggy. There are spikes on places they should not be.

    • Brad

      M mutes, same as W1 and 2 and Sneak Peek, heh. I need to put that in the real menus.

      Hm, I’ll check on that.

      Ah, the factory spikes are acting up? I’ll check the collision in there. They were perfect in my debug build πŸ™

  14. next one

    Glitch: In the room where I get the weapon, it’s just a rom with a big red line in the middle where we are supposed to talk, and if I press up, the guy speaks nonstop and Iget the pencil superfast.

  15. super fancypants

    Hey brad will there be more pirates in world 3 because the pencil seems useless with out them. But the games is awesome I can’t playing it.

    • Auad

      Useless? No way!!
      Hm.. I guess you get used to play with it with time..
      I played a lot of times the Sneak Peek and I got used to use it..
      ..I think..

  16. thelimedart

    yea, on the first tilting platform, when you jump, you get frozen in fall mode, and the platform won’t tip. i was trying to work around it, but i haven’t figured out a way.

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