World 3 is live!

World 3 is currently live around the internet on all your favorite sites! Armor Games, Kongregate, and Newgrounds, to name a few (I’ll post links when I get home).

I’m still updating the game, but there’s two major bugs that I keep reading about. One is, if a stunned baddie hits a scratch shot from a mouse, it’ll break. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix when I get a chance.

The other is, FPM becomes invincible at some point. I haven’t been able to reproduce this one, maybe you guys can help me out. Anyone have this happen to them? Any idea what could be causing it? Are you hitting anything specific before becoming incincible? Halp!

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  1. vp1998

    I found the game was remarkably easy.( The invincibility thing occurred to me on Armor games beta version.) Happened somewhere between the beach and the Princess pirate ship( the first time u see it, without the pencil) Srry i cant be more precise didnot notice it until i kept getting hit and didnt lose any health-conservative player;)

    • Sausagefanclub

      Hm… let’s see if Brad’s up for it.
      But, I know there’s a few other things he’s still got to finish… *cough*FrasersRide*cough*

      It would be awesum to make up ideas for World 4. But what if… WHAT IF we all combined our ideas for one specific level?

      …I’d better shut up before I get too far ahead of myself.

  2. Cacyboy

    I played through the game and I was invincible pretty much the entire time, from like the second level all the way through the end. Also I noticed that if you pencil the beard waves on the boss, they just freeze in place and stay there the rest of the boss battle. Other than that, it was one of the best flash games I have ever played. But what kind of town is squiggleville? They have a mayor and a king. Just Sayin

    (I sat there listening to the king say where he was going to sit for a while, there were some pretty good ones in there)

    • Brad

      Before the baddie pile?

      Baddie pile definitely was messing up the health, but I haven’t seen anything else do it. I’ll have to look around, though. If you figure out what you hit that first messes your health up, let me know.

      Glad you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Usoppu

    When beginning the 1.28 version. I went straight to continue on the right and I got a white screen instead of what is supposed to be there.

    • Brad

      Hm, happened to me a few times awhile ago, not sure if that was just my messed up variables from testing the game. I’ll check it out again, not too big of a deal, since you can just go to level select.

  4. fpaftw

    The first glitch happened to me a couple of times, but when i tried touching the bullet, it kept moving.
    The second glitch happened to me lots of times, but i don’t know exactly what causes it; because you don’t actually notice it until you get hit by something and your health doesn’t go down.

    • Brad

      Bullet should be fixed. If your health broke a lot, check it out for me once more. I added a protection to the hurting function, should stop any problems.

    • Brad

      Eh, it’s just one of those things that when I fix it, I’ll want it to look really good, and that’ll take awhile. So yeah, I’ll finsh animating that… Eventually…

  5. Minifig3D

    in the red key room, the parrot dropped one of the spiders off the right side of the screen. i couldn’t kill the spider, so i had to restart the room. not a big deal, but a little annoying.

  6. Fancy_b00st

    Glitch alert: I was in the red key room and then did a sliding attack into the left wall. The result: I slid under the wall and out of the game screen.I’m not that good at explaining things. ๐Ÿ™

      • Fancy_b00st

        I’m not sure, I think I was attacking a spider with a slide, so I think I was running.
        Edit: I tried it again, it seems to actually be doing a jump-slide and then you actually CLIMB off the side, like climbing off a eldge but off the floor. :I

  7. Parttimeninja

    Hey Brad, I was reading World 3’s comments on Armor Games and it looks like a lot of people want to be able to disable the sound effects and they also keep saying that they want to disable the music, so you should probably mention that you can press M in the description.

    Oh yeah, the people are saying it won’t load to.

  8. chrisspy1195

    I’m not sure if I missed something or not, but after I got the “Beard of Norris” I was transported back to the ship, and when I confronted Cutie again, she said the same thing as when I first got to her. Did you HAVE to get the circle shards with the keys?

  9. guidon

    Awesome game!! yet what we have to do with the snail’s shell in the first level ? and I can’t find the three stars in the pirate cave, are there 3 stars in this level?


  10. pompos2

    OMG Brad.After 1 and a half year waiting for the full world 3 to go out live,still the secret room in squiggeville is not finished at all.I mean like the grass outline borders,the little trampoline in the house which gets you at the left ledge and the zoom out when u bounce arent finished in that room like PS3 and Xbox360.Thats the only room I wanted to be done from the begining.:P

  11. WJUK

    Brad, just thought I’d point out that maybe you should update some of the information on your site…

    World 3 is the upcoming 3rd chapter of the Fancy Pants Adventures. It is currently in production, and still has no date set, but will be released sometime after Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles, and be like the โ€˜liteโ€™ online version.

  12. Random Comments

    I tried playing the game on a couple of sites and after it loaded, they all went to a blank gray screen with the words “Reset Controls” in the corner (clicking it does nothing).

  13. KCreator79

    Congratz on releasing the game Brad! :mrgreen: It lokks awesome, and there actually is a real main menu now! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    @Parttimeninja: Already beaten it, my highscore is 242! But that’s my sneak peek record though, so the controls might have been different back then, who knows ๐Ÿ˜›

    @ICARAX: Last week we learned about derivative, and that it is a part of the branch of mathematics called calculus… and you’ve been working with calculus for how long now??? ๐Ÿ˜• it’s not that derivation is crazy difficult or anything, but to think I have never even heard of it makes me kinda nervous… after all I’m two years older than you. (you’re 14, right?)

    Edit: I know, I should have just replied instead of doing this, but right now I’m too used to the old fashioned way of doing it, sorry xD

      • KCreator79

        Well, then I wish you a belated happy birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        So far I’m having no issues at all! Derivatoin is actually quite… fun OKAY IT’S NOT IT’S JUST OKAY, IT’S JUST MORE INTERESTING THAN OTHER.. MATH.. stuff.. we’ve been through! ^^;
        But I must admit that learning this is much more interesting than learning german… (sorry all german people, I’m just not that good at german grammar, that’s all ๐Ÿ™ )

  14. offtopic

    Hey Brad, I discovered a small irritating thing in the iOS game: If I’m playing FPA offline and go to the pause menu, a box pops up telling me that I’m not connected to the Internet every time. Could you fix it please?

  15. devilwerefox242

    Umm. I just wanted to say that I found another glitch. When you get the stars at the level “Island Express”, they don’t show up on the pause menu

  16. Teleknesis

    Although this question is slightly unrelated to World 3, will the XBLA/PSN title be updated to reflect the added effects on World 3, have a DLC (like a gauntlet of difficult stuff), or be updated for future worlds?

    Whew! That was long.

  17. offtopic

    @Brad: In the next iOS update, could you fix the pencil along with the “You’re offline” notification? It doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it is in the flash version. It also constantly misses the mouse’s bullets and jabbing and charging and hitting them(If it hits, which is once in a blue moon) does the same thing. Could you also add all of the updates, tweaks and animations from World 3 into it?

    • Brad

      Something we’re definitely talking about doing, since it’s way easier to update iOS games than console games. I had an extra year to tweak the combat, with all the feedback from the Sneak Peek.

  18. Teleknesis

    Great Game! But on Piraty Princess Ship, it doesn’t acknowledge that I got the white pants from the disco ball in other levels, even though I’m wearing them.

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