World 4 Combat

Combat is going to have a much larger role in World 4, so it has to be really, really good!

What do you think of the new up swing attack?

Up Heavy Attack!

Now you can do a golf swing wherever you want, not just at the beginning of World 2!

But I’m sure you want to try it out for yourself, so stay tuned!


  1. gelukkig ik

    I really loved the king of the hill of fancy pants adventures and the smashbros type test, but it telt slightly empty so I am super stoked tot see this post! Loved it!

  2. Roxy868

    IM SO EXICTED FOR WORLD FOUR AND NEFARIUS! i cant donate to naferius because i dont have pay pall or that kind of stuff but im definitly going to buy it when it comes out!

  3. Batman

    Brad whats this noise about me not getting some of that fancy “bonus” material cuz i’m in college and cant afford dollars for my flash games. Can’t FPA for ps3 count? or how about that not so completed flash animation of the black mage (from games unknown, btw) i did for the baddie room on the sneak peak beta? And its not like i didn’t get TOTALLY the fourth best time on challenge 3.

    haha. i’m just rantin. i dont demand free stuff. love your new animation brad, i hope there will be some use of the flight-like-gliding animation from upswinging into the air in the new game. and bring back the advanced snail shell (all bouncing baddie) juggling controls! I still go back and play world 2 just to collect all the colors.

  4. Mark Broe

    I can’t wait till world 4 comes out! I didnt think of much at the series back in 2007 but about 2010 i looked at it again and from there i absoultly love this series its such good platforming, speed and momentum and i love the combat system added in i want to get a key cause i cant play this for free this is fantastic and wonderful animation but enough rambling brad keep up the good work!


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