A New World

Hey guys, Brad finally here! Been wanting to post some art for awhile, there was supposed to be something for New Years but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would and spent too much time on it, heh (though part of it ended up as a cover photo).

I picked up an iPad Pro and have been able to finally draw and work on the game away from my desk, which is far better for the more creative stage of the project. Took a bit of time to adjust to a new workflow, but it definitely helps when I want to, say, drop new images with hints and such for you guys 😉

Got a lot more coming soon, so stay tuned!


  1. 0dieter0

    I just dont get it. Why you are making Fpa for the webbrowser and not for Steam. Dont add microtranactions just sell it on steam for 10$ like on the xbox and the ps3. Please dont screw your fans and make it more enjoy able for them. I think im not the only one who would buy fpa from steam. How about a collection like World 1-3+4 for Steam for i dont know 15-20$ ? please. Its would be better for everyone for you, for the fans, and for the franchise FPA itself.
    I hope you read this and i hope im not to rude. I love FPA and hope you gonna keep up the good work :pants:

    • FairlyObvious

      The last thing Brad would ever do is screw over his fans. I’m not sure if you’d remember but right around the time World 3 was released, EA launched Origin. They wouldn’t release on Steam but would release on Origin. Unfortunately, despite how awesome Over the Top is/was they were not familiar with coding for that platform.

      Brad cannot release World 3 on Steam because it was published through EA. The final decision was theirs, not his.

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