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Heads Up

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Sorry for the utter lack of updates on World 3 (though that seems to be the norm nowadays, eh?), keep a heads up, though, Ill be posting some new footage sometime tonight or tomorrow 😀

Good stuff, I promise.

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yay animating

Flash PlayerScreenSnapz006

I’ve been adding all the engine refinements from ME2D back into FPA. Crazy how much better the game looks with character rotational smoothing. No more jitters, yay!

Fancy Pants Man now has 3 separate run cycles, want to add a whole bunch of different jumps too. I’m nuts. Got a lot of animating ahead of me. Good thing I love animating.

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Fancy Metroid


So when I’m not doing concept work for World 3, I’ve been playig Super Metroid. Never beat it before, so I figured I should buy it from the Wii VC and do just that. Amazing game. So, I’ve gotten a few emails and such asking about puzzle elements in FPA, nothing overpowering, but what would you guys think of some sort of level or character progression in World 3?

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Getting married and all that

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been updating lately, even after promising that I was going to kick start updates (which did last for a little while there, especially with E3 providing some nice topics of conversation for anyone with their eyes on the gaming industry), but, well, Fairly and I have been crazy busy lately, as we’re getting married on July 11th (and you can check out the engagement post from some time back here). Yep, that’s this Saturday! Craziness! Just wanted to give one last blog post as a single dude, since there will probably be yet another period of broadcast silence after this post.

First off, there was a bit of progress made on World 3 that I announced earlier. I haven’t really had a chance to work on World 3 much since then, but development on World 3 will begin officially after Fairly and I get back from ComicCon at the end of this month. Hopefully there will be a whole bunch more updates once that starts, as I really want to keep everyone updated on World 3’s progress along the way, get feedback on the progression, and hopefully try to involve everyone out there in the development in some sort of way. Should be fun.

Click below to check out the rest of the post. Got a pic of the Newgrounds Tank Trophy in there!

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Some Cutie Pants

Releasing info before E3 seems like the cool thing to do, so here’s an early version of Cutie Pants’s run cycle so I can get some feedback on it and all that.

Hopeful there will be more test videos like this so you guys can see the progression of the animations.

Of course, watch it on itself for a much higher quality version…

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Game Mechanics

[quick edit, looks like the subscribe to posts page is working now, the plugin got updated, I think all new peoples are going to be automatically subscribed, if anyone has a problem with that, let me know, everyone else, click the new page tab at the top right there, you can select which categories you want notifications for]

Yo yo yo, just thought I’d do a quick post (okay, well, not as quick as that Sonic one, but also far less depressing!).

Getting back into the swing of working on FPA again, I’ve begun thinking about game mechanics, and analyzing games that I’m playing even more so than usual.

So I’d like to know, what’s your favorite game mechanics? This post got quite a bit longer than I thought it would, so click below for my answer, and some musings on saving in games and game difficulty…

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ME2D -> World 3

I’m gonna be gone for the weekend, but something came up in the comments of the last post that I thought deserved it’s own topic.

What features from Mirror’s Edge 2D do you think should be carried over to World 3? Any of the new moves? Time Trials? Replays?

On a completely unrelated note, the new Doves CD is out and it’s quite awesome.

Check it out here.

Doves Myspace

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Post 3/7

Yep! Still posting! A bit late today, but this one was a bit less than planned.

Before I start, there might have been a problem with an anti-bot plugin that I installed yesterday, but that’s fixed now, so if anyone wasn’t able to log in yesterday or earlier today to comment on Fairly’s post below, have at it!

Moving on…

So in the podcast I mention some tiny ninjas or something like that. But I wasn’t really serious. But apparently everyone wants ninjas in World 3, so let me introduce, the Toothpick Ninja Clan!

A Toothpick Ninja

Let’s face it, all games are made better by tiny, jumping ninjas, and World 3 needs more baddies (and I’ve been wanting to make some that jump), so why not?

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post 1 / 7!

Big long podcast interview on Game Developer’s Radio!

This could be good for anyone who missed the Flash Gaming Summit panel, though it’s much longer, but I talk a bit about World 3.

Download the mp3, load it up on your iPod, then come back here and tell me how much of an old man I am ranting about the game industry!

I would recommend clicking the more button after listening to the end of the podcast…
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