W3 Public Beta

Hi there! Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Flash gaming session!

Just going to skip right to an explanation…

Mochi Media has been shut down, World 3 was so huge game that it relied on Mochi’s Version Control system to deliver a large chunk of the game. Now that that’s shut down, all public versions of World 3 are reacting as if they were being accessed offline, and sending players here.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience! If you want to play World 3, you’ll need to play on a site that has the full version online.

Play World 3 now on Kongregate.com

Or, if you’d like more Fancy Pants Man on iOS, please check out Fancy Snowboarding, featuring unique touch screen controls and The Fancy Pant Adventure’s momentum-based gameplay!



I can only apologize profusely for intercepting your players. That wasn’t my plan, I can no longer control the behavior of the public version of World 3.

Update! New single swf version of World 3 is finally available! Please grab it from here.

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