Hey guys!!! We are pleased to officially announce Brad’s partnership with EA to bring FPM to console!!!

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Edit, Edit: Hey guys just wanted to give a shout out to the creators of NyxQuest, Over the Top Games! They are truly an amazing team and we are SO happy to be working with them! Be sure to check out their site!

Over the Top Games


Halo Reach – Review by FairlyObvious

I was waiting forever for this game, FOREVER! After the beta I was nearly frothing at the mouth to get the game. I loved the new voting system online and I was very happy with the new weapons. It felt in general like I had more control over what I was playing and the game in general. The beta definitely helped my shooting skills too.

So, off the beta, to the game.
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Alice in Wonderland – DS


This was one of the games I borrowed while Brad and I were traveling. I was lucky enough to have someone offer to lend it to me while we were staying in this location which I will not slip up and expose. I can’t call this game a complete disappointment because I wasn’t expecting all too much out of it in the first place. Most games that are brought about because of a movie tend to fall short with the whole gaming experience. I do admire the decision to not stick strictly to the script (try to say that five times fast . . .) It’s basically a platformer with a bunch of puzzles thrown in and you have to use your characters strategically to manipulate the situation to your advantage.
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Alright guys, to try to simultaneously fan the flames and squash hopes at the same time here.

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’m super busy right now, which is bad for the weekly reports, but trust me, is very good for World 3 (a combination of working on really cool later levels, in addition to ???).

As for the beta / demo, got a few awesome surprises brewing right now that will be out first, so that’s still a bit of a ways off.

Going to try go get a video up this Friday (today?), but we’ll see, more important serious business to attend to first.

What could be a-brewing, though? Hmmmmm…

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World 3 Report 26

Man, I sound so out of it in this video. Crazy week, very very tired. Anyways, a look at the inbetweened mouse who can now look down, and some sketched concepts for some sea creatures. Which do you guys like best?

Sleep time! Catch you guys around.

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World 3 Report 24

-I’m going to sleep, but it wasn’t processed yet, so if it’s not working, check back in a few minutes-

A quick look at some early code that gets the baddies reacting to water, and a slightly more interesting look a the Angry Duck’s unique in water behavior. That little guy just never runs out of excuses to be angry.

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World 3 Report 18

Sorry about the wait, but it was a double-y special weekend! So here’s a big ol’ two part report to make up for it!

A few sketches and discussion, and a look at how I set up levels in FPA for the curious out there.

Probably should wait and make sure you’re watching it in HD…

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