The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4 pt. 3

World 4 is the online release of Super Fancy Pants Adventures. It’s being split into parts because, well, it’s a big game! If you want to play all of Super right now, please check out the Kartridge, Steam, iOS, or Android versions.

Part 2

Arrows – Move
Down – Duck / Slide / Roll
Up – Open Door
S – Jump
A – Attack
D – Shoot


  1. Qwest44

    YES! Ink dash! It’s an awesome tool to add to your combos! I’m just gonna keep using it here in Part 3 while I wait for Part 4! Thanks so much, Mr. Borne!

    • ChocoToast

      There might be, although im pretty sure that there wont be a part 4, due to this world 4 series being part of brad’s other game, super fancy pants advemtures. games are hard to make, so buying the full game is a great way to support him so he can calmly allow releasing a part 4 and such.

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