Fraser’s Ride

Currently on hold until World 3 is released!

Fraser’s Ride is a collaboration between me, TommyLM, and Geier Arnold, inspired by Tommy’s animation, Fraser’s Hat.

I do really want to finish this game, it’s quite awesome. I still get asked about it from time to time, and once things calm down from FPA, we’ll finish it!

More images here.


  1. origamimangaka

    Excuse me, can you finish Fraser’s ride please?I’ve been waiting for a looooooooong time and apparently it was on hold till FPA world 3 was released…but that hasn’t happened. So please finish it!!!!!!!!!

  2. tell

    please you have to do this i beat all fancy pants adventures and they are so coll brad but can you please finish it’s 2017 ad brad i got a question for you when i click on a key it won’t let me do anything

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