About Us

About the BorneGames Team

Brad (DrNeroCF)

Brad taught himself programming in college as a way to distract himself from doing actual schoolwork. Using the large pool of bored college students to his advantage he was able to test his newly found skill on several unsuspecting roommates and the few that wandered into his eyesight. After a few small flash games he developed what would eventually become his most popular title The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1. The main character of this series was based on a stick figure he used to draw in the pages of his notebook and (allegedly) his reading material in high school. That stick figure, Fancy Pants Man, was inspired by the old flip books and early frame by frame flash animations on sites such as Newgrounds. He has since gone on to add three more chapters to the series: World 2, The Fancy Pants Adventures (World 3), and the newly released Super Fancy Pants Adventures (4). Fancy Pants Adventures World 3 served as Brad’s first port to consoles and, eventually, mobile. He is currently in the middle of doing concepts for the next installment which is a continuation of Super Fancy Pants Adventures.

Other titles by Brad include: No Comment, Nuclear Eagle, Snow Blitz, Mirrors Edge 2D,

Ginna (FairlyObvious aka. Fairly)

Ginna was one of the unsuspecting victims of Brad’s flash testing days. Eventually she fell for his laid back demeanor and they got married. In the time of dating she became involved with testing as well as adding small things into the game. Her claim to fame is the addition of the horns in World 2 when Fancy Pants Man ducks repeatedly (headbanging). World 3 she came on as a dialogue writer as well as creating NPC concepts so Brad could concentrate more on the programming/animation side of the game. The design of Super Fancy Pants Adventures (World 4) did not call as much for her involvement except for a few dialogue segments, but she is on board for testing, side quest design, NPC concepts, and dialogue writing for the next installment of the series.

The Rest of the BorneGames Team

After Brad left college, his testing pool was depleted so he did the only logical thing. He married Fairly and had kids, three boys. Probably the most honest team of testers he’s ever had, their enthusiasm and interests serve as a catalyst for new ideas and crazy concepts. Occasionally he pulls them in on his livestreams to get an honest reaction to a game and some hilarity ensues.

The title of team cuddlers belongs to the two man cats, Chuck and Norris.

The title of shoulder schnauzer belongs to Maya.

Then we have the ever critical team of Morrow, the pretty yet judgmental cat. She spends her days glaring at Brad’s computer monitors and occasionally blocking them.