FPA: World 3

The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3 is now live!

Hey Fancy Pants Fans!

So, where’s FPA: World 3? Don’t worry, I’ve been working on it! It’s not ready yet, but I want to keep everyone updated in the meantime.

As development progresses, I’ll be adding new content to the Sneak Peek, just enter the ‘Behind the Curtain’ door at the beginning of Squiggleville.

Here’s what’s been added to the Sneak Peek so far:

– Pencil Combat: Press A to wield the most powerful weapon in Squiggleville!
– Baddie Arena: I’ve been taking submissions and adding them to an arena, to make tweaking combat more fun for everyone. Shoot for a high score and help me tweak pencil combat!
– Pinball Experiment: A new gameplay experiment, using new platforms and Snailshell mechanics.

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And of course, play the updated Sneak Peek here.

I’m adding this page to try and consolidate all the information that’s currently available on my site about World 3 of the Fancy Pants Adventures.

World 3 is the upcoming 3rd chapter of the Fancy Pants Adventures. It is currently in production, and still has no date set, but will be released sometime after Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles, and be like the ‘lite’ online version.

New Characters


World 3 Videos

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