Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is available on Steam, iOS, and Android

The original ‘World 4’ post below for archival purposes:

The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4 will be the next mainline adventure in the Fancy Pants game series.

It’ll be the start of an epic journey for Fancy Pants Man that will span the next few Worlds. What happening, where’s he going?? You’ll just have to wait and see!


The Fancy Pants engine has been rebuilt and mostly reanimated from the ground up. You can check out the new movement and animations in the World 1 Remix, or try out more specific World 4 features, like running through multiple backgrounds, in the World 4 early alpha.

The main priority in World 4 is focus. Previous games have added a lot of new features with every game, but I’d like to keep the game more focused this time, so that the movement and attacking better compliments each other, and moving through levels is more involved in a logical, streamlined way. I also want to better utilize features throughout the game, rather than piling on features that are used once or twice. I have some ideas that I’m really excited about that are still secret, so stay tuned!


As a bonus for key holders, the first created level of World 4 is available to play in the Remix, inside the World 4 Preview door and past the first level.

Still no release date, but I’ll be posting new information on the website as it’s available. You can subscribe to posts, join the Fancy Pants Adventures Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or come say hi in Discord!

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