1. Batman

    this was my favorite challenge. i really thought i had won but alas i came in 3. i swore to gah i was going too fast for the level for the longest time but then i figured out how to clear the 3 ANGRYBIRDDRAGONTHINGS all at once and skip that whole rising platform. great challenge.

  2. evilfancypants

    Brad this challenge wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But keep up the great work!!!! So you think you can stop me eh? well let’s see if you have what it take’s to defeat me in world 4!!! MUHUHUHUHUHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE BRAD!!!!

  3. BassCannon

    The game doesn’t work for me. It shows the FPA World 1 Remix Loading screen, then after loading goes to a blank white screen but still plays game music. I’ve tried clicking, pressing jump, and reloading the page but nothing works. Can somebody help?

  4. Duron

    Hi Brad,

    As the all time leader in this challenge, it is disappointing that it no longer loads correctly and I can’t play anymore.

    Could you look into this?



  5. Andy42677

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