Flappy DragonBirdThing

The real breakout star of The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 makes his triumphant, long overdue return!

Instructions: Press the things to do the stuff.

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  1. Fancy

    Brad?…is it bad I try to be better than you at everything? I dunno, it makes me feel awesome when I beat your scores to a pulp, but then I feel bad because you try really hard to get in the high score table…

    so is out of hate, or inspiration?

    • Brad

      Hahaha, that sounds like a challenge!

      Only 7? Better step up yo game!

      You shouldn’t feel bad in the slightest, you should beat all my scores then call me out so I’d be motivated to do better 😉

    • EchoesofaTigerRoar

      Oh, wait, never mind! It seems I have improved greatly over the past three days! 25, whoot!
      And gee, Fancyshirt, you should really not swear in comments. >:D

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