FPA: W1 Remix


Move: Left and Right Arrow Keys
Jump: S
Duck: Down Arrow
Hold down while running to slide, while moving backwards to roll, or while landing to slide boost.
Stomp or slide into a baddie to stun them, run into a stunned baddie to kick.

Revisit Fancy Pants Man’s very first stomping grounds and get a preview of the new Flash game engine that will be powering future Fancy Pants Adventures games. Filled with new levels, secrets, surprises, hats, and pants, you’re sure to experience a fresh take on a familiar World!

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  1. Stitch

    there is a glitch when I try to configure my PS3 controller πŸ˜₯ … I think IΒ΄ll use my XBOX controller (it hurts my finger πŸ™ )

  2. zaya2214

    On the main menu, whenever I go into the extras door without a fancy key and then come out, the camera gets stuck and wont move πŸ™

  3. SoloZeroUchiha

    I been a fan of this game ever sine It’s first released and at that time I was about 4-5 and now i’m 17 wow…thats long. Me and my lil brother all ways played this game together. I came back to check if they were any new Fancy Pants Adventure game, and in the middle of the search I found out there was and I also found out who made Fancy Pants. Straight away I bought the season pants in World 1 remix and contributed money to this game because I thank Brad for making my childhood.. πŸ˜† :woot:

  4. Snowingeel472

    Awesome i hope world 4 is super good. im exited :woot: theres also the habit of there being MORE LEVELS THAN ALL FPA GAMES CONBINED 😯 well ill stay tuned for world 4 and great work keep doing what your doing :woot: :pants: :fpm:

  5. Kingliklik15

    When I first played fancy pants I did not want to stop playing it, I was probably 7 or 8 at the time. Right now I’m 15 and still playing this game. I hope that fancy pants 4 will be great. :woot: :woot: :woot: :mrgreen:

  6. Aslanex

    I would buy a key, but the game stucks on “Loading…” when logged in. Both in Firefox & Vivaldi, when not logged in, it works ok.

  7. Universal 22

    Hey Brad! I have a (kinda) important question. If I buy the Fancy Key on Kongregate (with Kreds), will I have all the features unlocked on your future games (and this one) on your/this site?

    By the way, the reason why I’m buying it with Kreds is because I already have a lot of them, so I don’t wanna pay more money for the Fancy Key (Sorry).


  8. Sylvegamer3

    Hey, uh, if this is getting updated again, you need to use something other than Parse for savedata for accounts. Parse shut down.

  9. Fancypantsmaster1

    Here’s a couple more challenges for you Fancy Pants-ers.

    Beat the Remix without harming any baddies (Boss level is an exception)
    Collect every Squiggle in the Remix. (What I call “Squiggles Get v2”)

    And for World 4 (When it comes out), I’ll be trying to do a “Be Fancy without being harmed” challenge after playing it many times.

      • Fancymaster1

        The squiggles challenge was possible in the old Remix, not so sure about the Super Remix. I could attempt the Squiggle challenge again with this version.
        Completing the squiggle challenge requires memorizing the levels, exploring every bit of each level, patience, and a lot of pressing [R] (dunno if possible on this Remix, need to check).

        also how did i post this i thought parse was dead by 02/2017 :V

  10. CalKyanite

    I’m having an issue where it’s getting stuck on the connecting screen and not loading. Anybody know what’s going on?
    I’m using Chrome on windows 10.

  11. Cole McCarthy

    Whenever I log into the site, I can’t access the World 1 Remix. Last time I commented on this issue, it stuck at the “connecting” screen, but now the game window doesn’t appear. I don’t know why the site doesn’t work, I haven’t gotten any replies suggesting it’s something I’ve done, I’ve deleted my cache on Chrome and Firefox, and it still stops working when I log into the site, and the problem hasn’t been fixed.

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